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FRIDAY August 8 2014 Issue 1072

Mum donates part of liver to great-nephew Beachlands mother of three, Conny Kiteley, is recovering well after donating part of her liver to save the life of her baby great-nephew last month. The popular office lady at MaraetaiBeachlands Kindergarten, Conny is now almost fully fit, a month after surgeons transplanted part of her liver into her great-nephew Felix Alderson of Whangamata. Conny is well-known by many Pohutukawa Coast families for her care of pre-schoolers at the kindergarten where she has worked for eight years as part time teacher aide and parttime administrator. But her love for little ones was taken to another level this year when her nephew Paul, and his wife Tammy, started looking for someone to save their baby’s life Felix, now 14-months-old, was born with biliary atresia, a rare condition of the liver that requires surgical intervention and often transplant. Felix struggled through infancy, fighting to reach the weight required to go on the transplant list, until May this year when the family put out a call for help to family and friends. Liver transplant donors do not need to be genetically related, nor necessarily a blood type match. In this case Felix is related through Conny’s husband Jason’s side of the family. But Conny knew as a non-drinker, a non-smoker and a rare blood type donor, that she wanted to put herself

Kayak race to Flat Island A Captain Hook and Tiger Lily kayak race from Sunkist Bay Beachlands to Flat Island (Motukaraka) and back is on Sunday 17 August. Hosted by Energy Experience, the race is “a bit of mid-winter fun”. Enter a team of three - 2 kayakers plus one sprinter. All equipment will be provided and the race will be led and supervised by Auckland council’s Outdoor Experience crew. Tickets per team cost $99 including hot soup and rolls for lunch.There will also be a treasure hunt for little pirate and tiger lily spectators. Race starts from the Beachlands Log Cabin at 10am. For more info call Energy Experience on 536-4524. TRUST EQUALS PEACE OF MIND! If you are looking at selling your home, with the Most Trusted Brand, as voted by New Zealanders, give me a call today! Office: 09 536 6121 MOB: 021 256 2547 E: michelle.mondriaan@harcourts.co.nz

Conny Kiteley and great-nephew Felix before his liver transplant. forward if there was any chance she could help. Initially Felix’s father Paul was found to be compatible but his liver was too large, then another potential donor went through the process but was not a match. After that, Conny reconfirmed her strong interest, and was invited in for a battery of tests which kept coming out positive. The process of arranging testing was both arduous and exciting, explains Conny. By far

the greatest moment in the process was announcing to her nephew that she was a match for baby Felix. “The Transplant Centre said I could call him myself and I did that right away, in the car, it was humbling to be able to give him the news,” she says. Meanwhile, young Felix’s health was deteriorating. Having just achieved the required • TO PAGE 3

Memorial plan for Beachlands Planning is underway for a Beachlands War Memorial community garden. The project is being led by Beachlands Anzac Day organiser John Harris, who served with the British Army in Berlin during the Cold War. “Over the years when Colin Carr was running the Anzac Parade he would talk about how we should have our own memorial. It was brought up again this year, so I said to the committee ‘why don’t we do it’. They told me to see what I could do,” says John. The question was then: where would the garden be located? John visited both the Clevedon and Howick war memorials, and talked to a number of people about the project. Based on what he saw, and advice received, he has decided on the area between the turning circle and the clifftop at the end of Wakelin Rd, next to the Sunkist Bay reserve. “When you drive past these memorials that are needles pointing

at the sky, no one notices. They think nothing of them until Anzac Day. So rather than having something like that, I thought it would be better to have a garden that people could sit in and enjoy.” The plan is for a square shaped area that will have a child-safe water feature in the middle. This will be in marble and one side will be the Anzac ode “They shall not grow old…” with a soldier and poppy. On the other wide will be a cross and a Bible quote from John 15:13 “Greater love has no-one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends…” There would also be a natural stone wall with seats on either side. As there are no Beachlands-Maraetai war dead (they were little more than bach settlements at that time), there will instead be campaigns the Anzacs have fought listed on the inside curve of the wall. The area will be flanked by gardens and seating with a flagpole in • TO PAGE 8

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2 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (August 8th 2014)

Restless night dreaming of John Key... THE EDITOR SAYS BY DUNCAN PARDON duncan@pctimes.co.nz I tossed and turned a lot during what proved to be a restless sleep on Sunday. This was because I had images of a smiling John Key flashing past my eyes in a seemingly endless loop. Over the weekend Fran and I drove to Rotorua and back. At what seemed like every couple of hundred metres or so along the journey, he was there -- John Key, smiling at us from his big blue hoardings for kilometre after kilometre after… Sometimes he was on his own, sometimes with National candidates. Along our local roads he appears with the vowel-less Mr Bayly. Elsewhere down the line he is interchanged with a variety of other candidates as each electorate blends into the next. By the time we’d reached the top of the Mamakus I was frothing at the mouth and gnawing on the steering wheel


Dear Math, please grow up and solve your own problems, I’m tired of solving them for you. ~ Anonymous

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LOOKING BACK From the files of the Pohutukawa Coast Times From the Pohutukawa Coast Times of August 6 1999... • An attempt is being made to hand over the management of the Kawakawa Bay Hall to the community. Manukau City Council has asked the Kawakawa Bay Community Association if it would be willing to manage the hall. But association president Mike Mullane says his members are not impressed. “This means the community having to fund a $10,000 (for a part time manager) salary in return for an annual income of $500 from the hall. It doesn’t sound like a great business offer,” says Mike. • The Whitford Quarry will help keep rates down, says Manukau City Council. That’s the argument being used by the council to justify its decision to spend $320,000 looking at the feasibility of expanding the operation.

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while yelling: “Yes, John, I promise I’ll Party Vote National, anything…but please MAKE IT STOP!” And then, suddenly, it did. As we entered the outskirts of Rotorua there was a hoarding with David Cunliffe on it, looking like he was desperately trying to find someone to apologise to, while telling us to “Vote Positive.” I’d love to, but there isn’t a “positive” or “negative” option available on the voting paper, so at some stage David is going to have to take a deep breath and ask people to vote for, well, HIM! Then I was hit by sun strike. At least that’s what I thought it was until I realised it was the sun reflecting off Tamati Coffey’s teeth. Clearly, his hoardings must be made by the same person who air-brushed Helen Clark during the 2008 election campaign. Other non-National hoardings started to appear. Interestingly, the Maori candidates for both Labour and the Maori Party felt compelled to use some props. They appeared on their hoardings wearing a cowboy hat, holding a baby, in front of a random group of other people and so on. The most mysterious is the Maori Party hoarding near here, on the corner of Ormiston and Murphys Rd. The



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T H E B I B L E SAY S : Blessed are they who keep his statutes and seek him with all their heart. (Psalm 119:2).

candidate is holding a….err… heck, I’ve no idea what he’s holding! Send me an email if you know. Back at Rotorua, the Green Party then put in an appearance. I nearly mistook their hoarding for an antilitter campaign. It had a nice environmental message with lots of stuff going on in the background and a small, very discreet Green Party logo in one corner. Trust the Greens to spoil the fun and actually put a political message on their hoardings. The most budget looking hoarding was a simple black and white one for the Internet Mana Party, somewhat ironic when you consider who is backing the campaign. I was disappointed that the hoarding didn’t feature a photo of Kim Dotcom but then I suppose even he couldn’t afford the wood needed to accommodate that. All too soon, it was time to go home and once again run the gauntlet of smiling John Keys all the way back to Auckland. Still, I suppose it could have been worse. It could have been Conservative Party hoardings with Colin Craig looking like he’s the first victim of the zombie apocalypse.

Erosion plantings all about people working together YOUR COUNCILLOR SAYS BY BILL CASHMORE Auckland councillor for Franklin The PC Times printed an article a couple of weeks ago about the planting in Kawakawa Bay that was a community initiative to try and prevent coastal erosion. Thirty people, or there abouts, planted 1400 specimens in 3 hours. A great effort. The test will be how successful the plants are and how well they slow down the encroachment of the sea towards the road. It has taken time to put this together and thanks have to go to the Franklin Local Board for its continued support and perseverance. The Kawakawa Bay Community Association had been advocating for this project for years. Finally there is a start. So a big well done to Mary and Stephen and Phil and Jan, and to all involved. Omana resident Logan Kemp has sent through a history of erosion control measures trialled in the Beachlands and Maraetai area. It’s a very interest-

ing read. Some projects have had more success than others but the intent has been consistent – people working together to help preserve what is special to their community. Brigid Glass has been interested in coastal erosion protection measures on our eastern coastline. Brigid’s energy in this area will be welcomed in the coming discussion about this special part of our ward. One of the great positives of Franklin is the community spirit as exhibited on the planting day, as shown on the Waiuku estuary with the mangrove clean up and the coastal walk way projects. As is shown by the Awhitu Landcare Group in their plantings, the Clevedon Landcare, the volunteers in the Hunua Ranges. Our community associations are an essential part of the fabric that makes our Ward such a great place to live and play. Franklin is a huge area with an extremely di-

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verse range of population. Having groups of enthusiastic and capable people advocating for their communities is a real benefit and enabler to get things done. Yes the processes can be slow and cumbersome, even frustrating. But occasionally there is a success and one success will lead to others. Hopefully the next one will be erosion protection planting on the Maraetai-Beachlands coast supported by a keen and vigorous community group. No matter what their skill level, experience or age everyone has something to offer, to contribute and enable a more positive community. I look forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones when we plant the foreshore on our eastern coast. Remember, a stranger is only a friend I have not yet met.

Council reduces building numbers Auckland Council is in the process of reducing the number of its council buildings in the central city from seven to three to save money and create more efficient and productive work spaces. The council purchased the former ASB Tower at 135 Albert Street in July 2012 for $104m and staff are presently moving in. The move to 135 Albert Street will result in savings of about $2.7m a year over the next 10 years.

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Functions - School Holiday Programme - Gymnastics ww.tepuru.co.nz (09) 536 5360 Sport / Fitness

Science programme excites Clevedon School students An innovative science and technology programme at Clevedon School is proving popular with pupils and parents alike. “We had a very generous local benefactor who gave the school a sizable donation to set up the new programme,” says school principal Julie Schumacher. “It’s a whole new integrated look at science and technology and it makes it more authentic for the pupils.” Parent feedback has been positive. “Parents tell us that their children are excited and enthusiastic about coming to school and being involved,” says Julie. “Our boys love it - their engagement has been fantastic.” Julie comments that girls tend to “engage with anything” but it generally takes more to capture the interest of boys. The programme is run one day a week with Years 5 and 6 pupils in a previously under-utilized multi-purpose classroom that was built in 2008. “We are now able to provide the resources and specilised skills that we cannot provide in a general classroom,” explains Julie. “The programme also complements and supports units being taught in the classroom.” The programme is being taught by Melvin Din, a secondary science and

technology teacher with close to 40 years’ experience who shares his expertise between Clevedon School, Takanini School and South Auckland Middle School. Melvin has not only been involved with the technology curriculum since it was introduced in 1992, but he has also helped write the New Zealand curriculum and trained technology teachers. He believes the programme ignites children’s interest in science and technology at a young age and builds their enquiry cycle. “It inspires them to come up with ideas and it encourages them to make something they have a desire and dream to do,” says Melvin. “It also integrates other learning areas, for example artwork and information technology.” He takes half a class at a time so they get pelenty of one on one assistance. Projects have included electronic basketball hoops, hidden drawers, steady hand games, doll houses and robotic cars. Pupils also keep a journal of their weekly progress. Melvin also takes the years 7 and 8s for science on Wednesday afternoons. A group of 20 G and T students are also working with Melvin before school on CRESTA (Creative Science and Tchnology Awards) projects.

Clevedon School students Tama Brookes (10) (left), Maritha Sword (10) and Jake Watson (9) working with their science and technology teacher Melvin Din. Julie and Melvin are keen to extend the new programme to include Years 3 and 4 next year. “We’re hoping their might be more benefactors out there in the community to help us continue with the programme,” says Julie.

‘It’s been quite a journey’ says liver donor • FROM PAGE 1 weight to qualify for transplant, he was hit with the debilitating rotavirus. After vomiting until he brought up blood, the rapidly failing tot was airlifted to Waikato hospital where he saw out the rest of the virus, losing 800 precious grams in the process. By the time the match with Conny was confirmed on June 18th, Felix was on a ward at Starship hospital, having spent two days in the paediatric intensive care unit. He was a remarkable shade of yellow and the doctors admitted the need for his transplant was urgent. However, even early on the morning of the planned surgery there were still variables, says Conny, involving blood suitability, a potential deceased donor being thrown in the mix then discounted, and the availability of surgeons. After a four-hour operation, under surgeon Peter Johnston, Conny woke to find Felix had only just started his surgery, which took about five hours with surgeon

Adam Bartlett. While still in intensive care, Conny learned that Felix had come through his operation well and his health was already beginning to improve. She also received a massive compliment from Mr Bartlett, who described her liver as the healthiest he had ever seen. “I don’t like beetroot and I don’t like kale, but I grew it in the garden and drank the healthy juice to give Felix the best possible liver I could, “ she says.“ I truly think being a non-drinker and a non-smoker helps too,” Conny spent a week in hospital, before returning home to continue her recovery. She says the support from family and friends has been amazing, including the Auckland Kindergarten Association and her colleagues at MaraetaiBeachlands Kindergarten. Biliary atresia is the same condition suffered by Pohutukawa Coast schoolgirl Lara Sutherland, whom Conny knows well. “When I was asked did I know what biliary

atresia was, I thought yes, I do. I know Lara and Samantha and all the struggles the Sutherlands have been through,” says Conny. “Samantha has been amazing, she has helped me so much with this process, despite Lara recently having been hospitalised too.” Felix and his family remain at Ronald McDonald house where he is improving daily. His complexion has returned to that of a healthy child, and last week he took his first steps. Like Lara, little Felix will need to take immunosuppressant medication for the rest of his life but could otherwise enjoy a normal life. Now well on the way back to her own trademark wellness and boasting a very tidy abdominal scar, Conny has already started exercising, and is looking forward to soon returning to work. She is also looking forward to a holiday in Fiji with husband Jason later this year, having missed out on a planned family holiday with their three teenage sons and her sister’s family at the time of her surgery and Felix’s transplant.

“It’s been quite a journey, but I would do it again in a flash,” says Conny, of her part as donor. “If I could give any message to people about

this, it would be to register as a donor on your driver’s licence - the more deceased donors there are, the fewer live donors are needed.”


Rates notices go out Auckland ratepayers will receive their rates notice for the 2013/2014 rating year from this week, the third year of Auckland’s three-year move to a single rating system. Over time, all Auckland properties of similar value and use will be charged a similar amount of rates, regardless of where ratepayers live or work in the region. Rates are used to pay for things such as public transport, events, parks and other community facilities. There are different payment options available, as well as ways to help people manage their payments, including rebates, remissions and postponement schemes. Council approved its 2014/2015 annual plan in June. This included an average 2.5% rates

increase across Auckland, which is an average increase of 0.1% for businesses and 3.7% for residents. This year’s average increase is below the 4.9% forecast in the council’s Long-term Plan.

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Learn to Sail starts new season Maraetai Sailing Club will be building on the success of its new Learn to Sail programme introduced in September last year. “We have had great feedback and we are going to continue this programme again this year,” says Mike Clark, the Sailing Master at Maraetai Sailing Club, who is in charge of the revitalised junior sailing programme “We taught the students to sail over a number of weeks with our beginner sailors being coached by six parent coaches and our level 2 and above sailors being coached by three professional coaches, to much success,” says Mike. The coaching programme was developed in conjunction with Andrew Brown, a top yachting coach, from Force Racing. Andrew has coached many class types from Optimist through to Olympic classes. This year the sailing club has seven parents who have volunteered their time to become

Yachting New Zealand qualified coaches to help run the Learn to Sail programme for beginner sailors on Sunday mornings. The club will also continue its experienced junior sailing coaching programme. This year the experienced sailors will be split up into three groups: 1. Optimists and Starling sailors who have just completed Learn to Sail and are confident on the water; 2. Optimist sailors who are advanced in their confidence on the water; 3. Starling sailors who are advanced in their confidence on the water. “We are going to coach these three groups with professional coaches recommended by Andrew Brown using funds from the regattas we have held at Maraetai Sailing Club and grants. Thank you to the wider community that has supported us,” says Mark. Season registration has been combined with the Learn to Sail briefing


Optimist sail training dinghies at Maraetai Sailing Club. for the upcoming season on Sunday August 24 at 3pm in the downstairs bar at the Maraetai Beach Boat Club. The briefing will explain planned coaching activities further plus

sailors can register then and also secure an Optimist hire boat. Limited Optimist hire is available on a first-in-first serve basis. . Interested parties, beginners, intermediate

and advanced sailors are welcome. Current or ex international, national or top youth sailor will be particularly welcome.

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SEE BILL AND HIS TEAM FOR ALL YOUR AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS! Sunday 24 August 2014 starts 3pm In the downstairs bar at the Maraetai Beach Boat Club Learn about our sailing programme and register while you’re here. Limited spaces & hire available – first in, first serve. All beginners, ages, experienced sailors welcome Sailing Commences Sunday 28 September Ph Office 536 6649 ext 2 for more details Email: admin@maraetaiboatclub.org.nz www.maraetaisailingclub.org.nz

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The annual Girl Guide biscuits campaign is nearly over but the Te Puru Guides, Brownies and Pippins still have a few boxes left to sell. “We’re nearing the end of the annual appeal so we’re having a big push to get rid of the rest . We’re aiming to sell them in box lots,” says Michelle Berriman. The biscuits come in plain or mini chocolate. “We’ve had a fantastic response but still have a few more to sell. This is the last opportunity this year to buy them.” Funds raised from sale of the iconic biscuits are used to help keep the girls’ fees affordable. The Te Puru unit has 15 Brownies and Pippins, and 12 Guides and Rangers. Michelle says anyone wanting a box of biscuits can have them delivered to their door. Phone 536 4235 or 0274 962 504 or email lmberriman@ihug. co.nz Pictured are leaders Helen Barrett (left) and Jo Norcott (right) with girls from the Te Puru Guides group and boxes of biscuits for sale.

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BEACHLANDS & MARAETAI Racing a Tuk Tuk across India for charity

One of Beachlands’ most adventurous exports, 21 year old Sophie Moore, has just hit the road again, this time in the name of charity and fun, on a TukTuk race across India. Sophie left last month for the subcontinent, where she is meeting up with five friends who are splitting into teams of three for a 3500km race in a seven horsepower three wheel TukTuk. The two groups are racing each other as a fundraiser through British Charity, Virgin Money, which collects and donates money to various international charities. Through sponsorship, Sophie and each of her friends – who she met at a camp in Australia – each hope to raise 800 pounds, through Virgin Moneygiving, whilst travelling on a shoestring and making their way across India in the

TukTuk. The group visited the Taj Mahal and had a quick look at some of India’s sights before they headed off the beaten track to the town of Shillong o be matched with their TukTuk and given driver training. They then have a plan to meet up in the town of Cochin within three weeks. “So the TukTuk only has three wheels and it doesn’t go faster than 50km, but we are confident,” Sophie told the PC Times prior to her journey. “There are no rules on where to go and what do to, where to stay. We are going to wing it.” “Everyone I have talked to thinks this is crazy, and no I have never done anything like this before, but I’m not scared,” says Sophie. “I don’t really know what to expect, I am go-


Maraetai AFC soccer club results, August 2-3: First

Team won by default against Mangere Utd Taveuni in the Counties Manukau Knockout Cup; Over 35 Lions beat Ellerslie Mustangs 2-0 in the Masters Knockout Cup, POD Nick Lee; Over 35 Legionnaires lost to Papatoetoe 2-1, POD Campbell; 9th Grade Coastal Kickers beat 9th Grade Barracudas 7-0, POD Mason Holroyd; 9th Grade Jedi Knights lost to Papatoetoe Cougars 4-2, POD Duncan Ramsey; 9th Grade Barracudas lost to 9th Grade Coastal Kickers 7-0, POD Mitchell Clarke; 9th Grade Girls/Dynamos lost to Waiuku Vipers 9-2, POD Hannah; 10th Grade Gunners beat Manu-

Beachlands Maraetai junior rugby results, Results from August 2:

U6 Navy drew with Manurewa Green, Player of the Day (POD) James Anderson, Rip of the Day (ROD) KanonTaituha; U6 White lost to Karaka White 15-9, POD Jayden Monk, ROD Carter Miller; U6 Orange drew with Karaka Red10-All, POD Will Price, ROD Brooklyn Tohill; U7 Navy lost to Drury Gold 14-13, POD Max King, Try of the Day Sam Marsh; U7 Orange drew with Manurewa Green 11-All, POD Dylan Pedersen, MVP Daniel Ritchie; U8 Navy beatWeymouth 12-6, POD Callum Irvine, Tackler of the DayLogan Roxburgh; U8 Orange lost to Ardmore Marist Yellow,POD Jackson Brown, TOD Charlie Gilchrist; U9 BYE; U10lost to Bombay Gold, PODs Oliver Rooks & Quinn Murphy;U11 lost to Pukekohe Black, POD Alexandre Fargier, Play of the Day Eli Pearce; U12 lost to Waiuku 3026, Forward of the Day Matthew Turner, Back of the Day Jack Gapes.


www.pctimes.co.nz (updated every Thursday) Also visit our facebook page - Pohutukawa Coast Times

ing to have an open mind about it so that when things go wrong I’m not like: ‘This should be perfect.’” Sophie has barely seen home since she went to Indonesia to teach English after leaving school, well and truly falling for the travel bug. She has so far escaped all the bugs and accidents that go with travelling and feels confident she can do the same in India. “I have not been sick and I am not going to get sick. People have got hurt on the TukTuk run before but nothing serious.” Some of Sophie’s confidence is based on the firm friendships she has with the boys, two Australians and three Englishmen, after working as instructors with them at The Great Aussie British Camp last year. Don’t expect to see Sophie back in Beachlands

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“Christ-Centred & Community-Facing” CHURCH SERVICES Meeting temporarily in the Beachlands Anglican Church on Wakelin Rd. Each Sunday at 11am. You are very welcome to come along and join with us as we learn more about what faith means in everyday life.

Sophie has caught the travel bug. anytime soon, though. ily will be keeping track After the Indian adven- of their adventurous girl ture, she and the Aus- by electronic means. tralian boys have work “My parents are really visas for the UK and plan supportive, my brothers to pick up some work, are both tradies. It is and “keep travelling.” just me that’s out there,” Meanwhile the Beach- Sophie said. lands based Moore fam-

kau City 4-0, POD Corey Davey; 10th Grade Spartans lost to South Auckland Rangers Titans 5-0, POD Carson Mills; 11th Grade Thunder lost to Drury Dragons 2-1; 11th Grade Tigers lost to Pukekohe Blue 2-1, POD Enzo Ropers; 11th Grade Sharks lost to Manurewa Pumas 2-1, POD Sam Britton; 12th Grade Girls/Enforcers beat Metro Spirit 2-0, POD Sharysse Caudwell; 12th Grade Coasters beat Clendon Lions 1-0, POD Thomas Wood; 13th Grade All Stars lost to Manukau City 4-0, POD Alex Kanzig; 14th Grade Girls/Steelers beat Bay Olympic The Stars 4-0, POD Kristy Attenberger; 17th Grade beat Western Springs Spartans 5-4, POD Jesse Kaars; Senior Women beat Onehunga Mangere Lion Queens 1-0, POD Sophie Fromont

PROPERTY WISE ON THE COAST Winter a great time to list your home With winter in full swing many people have asked us is this a good time to be selling their home. Many believe that holding off until spring is the right thing to do, but don’t be fooled, winter is still a great time to sell. There are plenty of buyers out there keen and ready to go. There is never enough property to show people in this growing community. Generally fewer listing in winter can be an advantage as it opens your home up to greater exposure. A lack of listings can also create buyer competition. Often colder weather can see ‘Tyre Kickers’ staying home leaving the serious buyers to give serious consideration to the merits your home offers. Two great features sure to showcase your property is the use of heating and lighting during the cold months. Buyers often ask themselves if a home felt cold when looking through a house, so now is a great time to show off your winter heating. It can be of particular appeal if you are selling an older home and can be a pivotal factor when a buyer looks to make their home buying decision. With the shorter days and less natural light people who are thinking of attending open homes will drive past at night and nothing looks better than a house lit up and sparkling; therefore it may be a good idea to set up a timer for those night time passers-by. *Statistics New Zealand

By Peter Brinkley Principal READ ONLINE www.pctimes.co.nz Beachlands (updated every Thursday)

Real Estate WAKELIN ROAD, BEACHLANDS. Phone: 536 6121 Also visit our facebook page - Pohutukawa Coast Times

July events include... Sunday 6th July: Shared lunch at 12.30 pm in Church Hall Saturday 19th July: Winter Craft Fair in St Hilda’s Church Hall from 10am till 3pm. Come and learn a craft, knitting, crochet, sewing, stamp collecting, spinning or purchase craft items from the stall. Adults $10 /Children $5. Do as many workshops as you like for one fee. Contact Barbara 536 5922 Weekly events include: • Small groups for men and women • Friendship group • Prayer Group • Youth Bible Study We have a variety of speakers joining us each Sunday morning. July is the start of our monthly shared lunches come and join us. Contact us for support, information about our weekly small groups, helpful prayer, special celebrations for your children, weddings etc. We're here to help! Please contact us mob 021 135 3643 email pcpchurch@gmail.com


PH: 536-6006 FAX 536-6724


PH: 536-5292

The Ministry of Health is expecting a late outbreak of Flu.

The Flu Vaccination programme has been extended to 31st August Free to eligable patients $30 to others by Nurse appointment


Square, Diagonal & Venetian Made on Premises Standard Sizes & Made to Order Quality Materials Quality Workmanship Stainless Steel Staples Competitive Pricing

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 8am-4pm, Sun 9am-3pm READ ONLINE www.pctimes.co.nz (updated every Thursday) Ph: 536 6567

42 Bell Rd, Also visit our facebookBeachlands page - Pohutukawa Coast Times

6 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (August 8st 2014)

Annual Beachlands Ball Saturday

Scholarship for young farmer

The annual Beachlands Community Fundraiser Ball kicks off at Te Puru Community Centre this Saturday August 9 to raise funds for Beachlands School. Ball organisers say this year will be the best yet and promise a great evening of delicious food, dancing and fantastic entertainment. “This is our biggest fundraising initiative for the year, so anything that can help us raise money for the school is really important. Whether its literacy and mathematics aids, sports equipment or other resources, the kids will benefit in so many ways which means a lot to local families,” says Beachlands PTA chairperson Rachel Perfect. “Every little bit counts, and our loyal supporters

This year’s recipient of the $4000 Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) Telford Agribusiness Scholarship, Ryan Roberts from Clevedon, has a clear goal. He plans a hands-on career in the beef industry – ideally within the stud scene – before eventually moving back to the family property. The 19-year-old completed a Certificate in Agriculture last year and is now halfway through the one-year Diploma in Agriculture at Telford – A Division of Lincoln University. Ryan grew up on a 240-hectare horse stud and beef property at Clevedon. He studied at Howick College in Auckland, before heading south to Telford. Ryan says the scholarship will help a lot. “It was quite difficult last year and this funding will make a big difference.” In line with Ryan’s clear goals, he can tell you exactly where he plans to be in 2024. “I’d like to be managing a beef farm or stud, then eventually move back home to farm.” Immediately after his studies, Ryan is plan-

and helpers never cease to amaze me.” This year’s charity auction includes a donation by local resident and All Black legend Grant Fox, who generously donated a signed June 2014 team All Blacks jersey. “We’ve also got an awesome 6 piece live band Rocket to get people on their feet, countless mystery envelopes and other great auction prizes available as well,” says Rachel. Last year the Community Fundraiser Ball raised $15,000 for Beachlands School and was attended by over 200 people. Rachel hopes ticket sales exceed last year ‘because the money raised is going to a very good cause’. Tickets cost $55 per person and are available from the Beachlands Post Shop. The Egyptian-themed evening includes delicious canapés and dinner by local professional chef, Thomas Barta from Food4You. Transport to Te Puru is available through Coastal Shuttles, $2 per person each way. Pick up is from 6:45pm at Beachlands Chartered Club or Maraetai Bakery. Return shuttles depart from Te Puru to Beachlands/ Maraetai from 11:45pm onwards. Check out the Beachlands Community Ball on Facebook for more information.

Clevedon FC soccer results

Clevedon FC soccer club results, August 2:

9th Grade Clashers lost to Manukau City 0-7, POD Liam Chapman; 10th Grade Cheetahs beat Pukekohe Unbeatables 6-1, POD Tobin Wood; 11th Grade Chix lost to Bucklands Beach Snoad 1-4, POD Aria Tohill; 12th Grade Coyotes lost to Western Springs West Ham 1-2, POD Mark Habraken; 13th Grade Crocs lost to Manurewa Gold 1-7, POD Sam Clark; 13th Grade Crystals drew with Three Kings Easton 1-1, POD Emma Parkes; CFC M6 lost to Waiuku M8 3-5, POD Jarrad Harnett.

Pohutukawa Coast Netball Club results Pohutukawa Coast Netball Club results, August 2:

Seniors:S1 lost to Pakuranga United S1, 34-45 POD Tracey McIntosh S2 beat Pakuranga United S6, 24-19 POD Vanessa Vincent College:C2 beat Waiheke Dolphins C1, 16-11 POD Whole Team C3 beat Sancta Maria C5, 19-13 POD Jess Brannagan C4 beat Sancta Marica C7, 16-14 POD Paige Guthrie Juniors: J1 beat Sunnyhills J3, 35-6 POD Dayna Todd J2 lost to Sancta Maria J3, 11-16 POD Maya Louw J3 beat Willowbank J2, 21-6 & lost to Howick 19-20 POD Lucy Strawbridge J4 lost to Waka Aranga J3, 8-10 POD Caitlin Brown J6 beat Elim J4, 6-2 POD Vienna McDowell & Kaley.

This year’s Beef + Lamb New Zealand Telford Agribusiness Scholarship recipient Ryan Roberts, with his dog Tom. ning to find work in the South Island on a beef property, ideally an Angus or Hereford stud. The passion for beef genetics may, in fact, be an example of Ryan’s own genetics revealing themselves. Ryan’s grandfather, Charles Roberts owns the successful Woodlands standardbred horse stud. B+LNZ Southern

South Island Extension Manager Paul McCauley says Ryan stood out because of his passion for the industry and his well-thought-out goal setting. “Ryan is someone that you could go back to in 10 years and he will still be in the industry, still be achieving and still be a great role model.”

FRANKLIN VETS BEACHLANDS Opening Hours: Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri 9am to 5pm | Wed 9am to 6pm | Sat 9am to 12noon

Stockists of Eukanuba, Royal Canin and Hills Science Diet Premium nutrition with 100% money back guarantee Stockists of a range of veterinary recommended flea products – talk to our team on the recommended product for your pet. ®


09 538 0010 | beachlands@fvs.co.nz | 42 Wakelin Road, Beachlands 2018


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Are your pets suffering Dental from bad breath? Month

What we can do to help: ✔ Oral health checks ✔ Veterinary dental care advice ✔ Reduced pain and discomfort with dentistry

– Free Dental Checks + 20% OFF any dental work This month we are offering FREE during August dental checks and 20% off all dentistry (by appointment only)

Bay sewerage wins award Watercare’s Kawakawa Bay wastewater system has received one of three Environment and Sustainability Awards for large projects presented by IPENZ, Auckland Branch at the prestigious Arthur Mead Awards Function. Named after long-serving Auckland City Waterworks Engineer, botanist, and outdoorsman Arthur Mead, who was responsible for the initial survey and design work on the Upper Nihotupu and Huia Dams, the awards are presented annually to the projects that best address sustainability, potential adverse environmental effects, waste management and community involvement. Watercare Acting Chief Executive Raveen Jaduram said continuing to improve the company’s wastewater treatment services in order to enhance the health of Auckland’s harbours, estuaries and waterways remained one of Watercare’s main objectives and a key focus of the company’s capital investment plans. The Kawakawa Bay project also illustrated the close working relationships Watercare maintained with iwi, residents, and community groups across Auckland. Designed by Australasian engineering consultancy Harrison Grierson, and constructed by Fulton Hogan, who also managed the network during its first year of operation, the Kawakawa Bay system was handed over to Watercare last year. The system enabled the removal of aging septic tanks that had over time polluted groundwater and local streams, leading to the Bay being declared unsafe for swimming in 2002. Its safe-forswimming status was restored in November 2012. READ Harrison Grierson Technical Director Colin Cranfield ONLINE said the use of a vacuum system, which was a first www.pctimes.co.nz for New Zealand, allowed shallow pipelines to be (updated every Thursday) constructed quickly, minimising disturbance to the Also visit our facebook page residents. - Pohutukawa Coast Times “The spread out nature of the development over four kilometres of coastline, the sandy soils, and the high water table, made a vacuum system the best option for the Bay,” he said. POHUTUKAWA COASTsystem, TIMES wastewater from In a vacuum collection READ drains ONLINEto a pit and is then drawn individual properties www.pctimes.co.nz into the vacuum(updated pipeeverynetwork through the operation Thursday) Also visit our facebook page of a pneumatically controlled vacuum interface valve - Pohutukawa Coast Times

in the pit. Once in the network, wastewater moves along the pipeline to the vacuum pump station by the differential pressure that is created by the opening and closing of the vacuum valves throughout the pipe network. Wastewater is subsequently conveyed from the collection tank at the vacuum pump station to the treatment plant via positive displacement pumps and a pressure rising main. The Kawakawa Bay treatment plant employs an advanced, four-stage treatment process similar to that used at Watercare’s larger Mangere and Rosedale facilities. Wastewater passes through alternating oxygen-rich and oxygen-depleted environments, enabling a range of different bacteria to break down organic contaminants. Residual organic contaminants and nitrogen are removed in a biological membrane reactor; bacteria and viruses by ultrafiltration. The treated effluent then flows to storage lagoons from where it is used to spray irrigate forest behind the treatment plant, more than two kilometres from the foreshore.

Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Parish

Welcomes you to Mass at 5pm Saturday

POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (August 8st 2014) 7

Brookby blokes shelter from the rain.

Still time to hire a Brookby bloke

It wasn’t the greatest weather, but that didn’t stop the blokes from BEP demolishing a shed last weekend. The men from the Brookby Environment Protection Society are hiring out their labour to raise funds to fight the Pascoes clean fill and Brookby Quarry expansion applications in the Environment court. “We’ve had very positive feedback and are booked to quote on a few jobs this week which is great,” says spokesperson Leanne Chamberlin. The blokes demolished an old shed and repaired a fenceline for Brookby resident Jill Menzies. Says Jill: “It’s great to get a big job like this done for a reduced rate, and it’s also nice to know the money is going to a good cause. They did a good job too!” The Blokes from BEPS are looking for more jobs – even in the pouring rain! Phone Craig on 0274 368 224.


• Children’s Liturgy and • Sacramental programmes READ ONLINE www.pctimes.co.nz (updated every Thursday) • Returning or New Catholics programme



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(updated every Thursd

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Beachlands Hall, 49 Wakelin Road



READ ONLINE www.pctimes.co.nz (updated every Thursday) Also visit our facebook page - Pohutukawa Coast Times

POHUTUKAWA FEATURE COAST PROPERTY: TIMES August 8, 2014 READ ONLINE Maraetai - Expressions of Interest www.pctimes.co.nz (updated every Thursday)

Also visit our facebook page - Pohutukawa Coast Times

This property is only 700sq m but it feels much bigger. A lot of effort has gone into designing a home that makes full use of the space available, maximises the sun and takes advantage of a magnificent view of Rangitoto with the Omana Regional Park in the foreground. On the far horizon you can even see the large skyscraper on the Takapuna skyline (whoever gave permission for that to be built should be lined up and shot!).

of the desk.



The rest of the hallway leads to three double bedrooms, each with its own wardrobe organiser. A small s-shaped (updated every Thursday) It’s a Stonewood home of brick, linear cladding stairway takes the hallway to the fourth bedroom, and aluminium joinery, double glazed throughout -- the master, which has walk in wardrobe and ensuite although it’s hard to imagine Fantail Cres ever being including his ‘n’ hers shower, and with outside access Also our Afacebook page - Pohutukawa to visit the deck. separate toilet is adjacent to a modernCoast Tim noisy. Wooden decks allow for easy indoor-outdoor flow bathroom, with huge bath. and create a small courtyard at the front entrance. Stacker doors take you into the informal open plan A big laundry comes with plenty of storage and family room and kitchen. The square shaped family cupboard space. There’s outside access to a service area is surrounded by lots of glass giving it a light and area along the back of the house, featuring pebbles and airy feel. A feature is the polished concrete floor that pavers and several garden sheds. retains warmth and is a feature in a number of rooms The end of the hallway has internal access to a big two READ ONLINE www.pctimes.co.nz throughout the house. car garage with storage at the rear. (updated Outsideevery is aThursday) large Also visit our facebook page - Pohutukawa Coast Times area. The kitchen is big with heaps of cupboard space, gas concrete turning hob, wall oven and rangehood. The bench is made of Then there’s all the extras: central vacuum system, composite stone which means you can put hot pots and burglar alarm, waste master, outdoor speakers, extractor pans straight on to it. fans, a shared water bore etc.


A dining area leads via cavity sliders through to the formal lounge with a modern and minimalist gas fire that heats the whole house. The other side of the dining area leads into a hallway with an office space at one end, though it’s hard to see how you would get any work done given the view in front

The whole package adds up to a modern home on a modern subdivision that demands a modern family willing and able to take full advantage of the indooroutdoor lifestyle on offer. ~ Duncan Pardon

17 Fantail Crescent, Maraetai Expressions of Interest to be received by 4:00pm Wednesday 27 August 2014 (unless sold prior) Open Saturday & Sunday 2:00 - 2:30pm rwlighthouse.co.nz/BCH20052

Brianne Bignell rwlighthouse.co.nz

021 400 979 ah 536 6922 brianne.bignell@raywhite.com

8 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (August 8st 2014)

Clevedon School admires Britten bike

Clevedon School was abuzz with motorcycle fever when the world famous Britten Superbike made a guest appearance at school assembly. Students Reuben and Ethan Claridge shared the inspiring story of Christchurch-born man John Britten’s life, from a school-boy who struggled at school, to a man who went on to design what is often referred to as the most advanced motorcycle ever built in the world, in the 1990’s. The Britten was designed and developed by John and a small team of friends out of his garage in Christchurch, and, after thousands of hours of hard work, trials, adversity and heartbreak, went on to beat the world’s best superbikes in Daytona, as well

as breaking world records – some of which still stand today. Around 150 Clevedon school children (and some parents and teachers!) experienced the rare opportunity to have their photos taken on the Britten, raising $300 for the school and creating life-long memories. The only time most people will ever get to see a Britten bike is at Te Papa Museum, and you aren’t allowed to touch it! LEFT: The Britten with students (from rear left) Jake Watson, Riley Boyle, Toby Wheeler, Reuben Claridge. Front: Luke Ahern, James Michaelides, Ethan Claridge.

Ceremony at new gardens could be in time for April • FROM PAGE 1 one corner for use during Anzac Day parades. John hopes local school children will maintain and look after the gardens. On Anzac Day, the parade would march to the gardens for the flag raising ceremony. The adjacent Sunkist Bay Reserve would provide plenty of room for residents to gather and marquees would be used if the weather was wet. A sub committee has been formed and John has the support of the Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust and Franklin Local Board member Malcolm Bell. He will also be seeking Howick RSA approval. John hopes to have the project in place in time for next year’s Anzac Day Parade. The time frame is short, but he believes there are plenty of organisations willing to fund projects that would mark the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings in April next year. The biggest challenge might be getting Auckland Council to agree to having the reserve used for the memorial garden project before next April.

42 Wakelin Road, Beachlands Phone 536 4990 www.barfoot.co.nz AUCTION



Beachlands 9 Pine Harbour Parade Built by the reputable Dempsey Morton Builders, this quality family friendly brick and linea home boasts 5 brms, 2 bthrms plus a downstairs powder room. The lounge, family room, open plan kitchen and dining areas all open out onto the large north facing 701m² flat lawn and outdoor entertaining area. Auction: 12:00pm 2 Sep 2014 at Manukau Sports Bowl (unless sold prior) View: Saturday/Sunday 2:00 - 2:30pm www.barfoot.co.nz/526307

Beachlands 52 Intrepid Crescent Get Set...Go!!! Stand out in this stylish contemporary home in Spinnaker Bay. A single level floor area in excess of 214sqm offers up all the comforts of modern living with loads of extras AND the chance to purchase at an excellent price. Our Vendors have bought and are keen to sell! Looking for a cool and very easy home to live in, then you need to get on track NOW!





Auction: 12:00pm 2 Sep 2014 at Conference Centre, Manukau Sports Bowl (unless sold prior) View: Saturday and Sunday 1:00 - 1:30pm www.barfoot.co.nz/526795 Mark Van Etten M 027 523 2245 P 09 536 7284 E mark.vanetten@barfoot.co.nz Beachlands 09 536 4990 Ian Boswell M 027 285 9314 A/H 09 530 8403 E i.boswell@barfoot.co.nz Beachlands 09 536 4990

Ian Boswell M 027 285 9314 A/H 09 530 8403 E i.boswell@barfoot.co.nz Beachlands 09 536 4990 Nicolette Hale M 027 702 9157 E n.hale@barfoot.co.nz Beachlands 09 536 4990

POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (August 8st 2014) 9

HarcourtsBeachlands List and Sell your property exclusively with us, upon settlement you will receive a $2000 Noel Leeming Gift Card plus preferential pricing storewide. If you are thinking of Selling your property or needing real estate advice, please contact the team here at Harcourts Beachlands, with their extensive knowledge of the area and high level of professionalism you will get the results you are looking for. Going forward we want to provide a fresh new outlook and be your number 1 local on the Pohutukawa Coast.

Shop 2, 42 Third View Avenue Beachlands 09 536 6121 beachlands@harcourts.co.nz

10 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (August 8th 2014)

lovegrove realty ltd licensed real estate agent

Hot Property - In an Affordable Price Range - Auction ION!



Located in a cul-de-sac with the beach close by sits this super tidy re-decorated home boasting brand new carpet, wallpaper and flooring throughout. Elevated in a row, it offers excellent flat off-street parking, wide garage eaves offering extra undercover shelter and double internal access garaging. Our vendors built this home 12 years ago and now it is superfluous to their needs - here is an opportunity to secure a good kiwi favourite. Be at our on-site Auction! Open: Sat & Sun 3:30 - 4:00pm Auction Saturday 16th August 2014 at 2:30pm Address: 11 Albacore Way View Online www.lovegroverealty.co.nz ID#PMK12908

m: 021 448 191

e: karen.hay@professionals.co.nz Professionals Lovegrove Realty Ltd Pohutukawa Coast Office

lovegrove realty ltd


licensed real estate agent

lovegrove realty ltd 2 1 2 licensed real estate agent







Look while you cook from the open plan kitchen which captures a pretty view that many would envy. A unique rustic home, a bit different, it oozes character with timber floors, a settler style open fire and hand-crafted native wooden doors. The clever design using wide sliding cedar windows and french doors means you maximise the bush and sea views and enjoy the sun-soaked decking. Located in First View Avenue makes it prime position, just across the road is beautiful Sunkist Bay Beach with the boat club and playground to enjoy. The master suite faces North to the view and is equipped with a funky ensuite with a big double shower. There is room for cars and toys too, the garaging is extensive and offers excellent storage space also. If a prime position is paramount to you, this home on a quarter acre site is a property you must inspect. Our vendors are on the move and motivated to see that sold sign!


GET INTO TOP GEAR - SERIOUS SELLERS $989,000 • A well set out H&I with separate power, phone, water & parking • Excellent extended family accommodation by the beach or • Could include the “Snapperrock Holiday Home” a profitable little business

Consisting of: • Main House: Sea views, spacious 3 bedrooms, study nook, 2 bathrooms, int garaging plus double c/port for boat/campervan storage • Rear House: Totally self-contained, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, laundry, off-street parking Our Vendors are re-locating and are eager! Get a move on and secure your families future now. Open homes commence this Sunday.

Open: Sat & Sun 2:30 - 3:00pm Auction Sunday 24th August 2014 at 11:00am Address: 61 First View Avenue View Online www.lovegroverealty.co.nz ID#PMK12910 Professionals Lovegrove Realty Ltd Pohutukawa Coast Office

Karen Hay ddi: 09 555 9136 mob: 021 448 191

Open: Sunday 1:30 - 2:00pm Address: 30 Pohutukawa Road View Online www.lovegroverealty.co.nz ID#PMK12927 Professionals Lovegrove Realty Ltd Pohutukawa Coast Office

Karen Hay ddi: 09 555 9136 mob: 021 448 191

POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (August 8th 2014) 11

Coastguard Maraetai reflects on another busy year

Frank Schomaker (left) receives his award from Rowan Muir, President of the Pohutukawa Coast Sea Rescue Trust. The annual awards were presented. It also company James Smith evening was the chance recognised outstanding has joined the unit as an for Coastguard Marae- contributions, for which operational member and tai to reflect on a year specific awards were donated $5000. Ray White Lighthouse which saw a 56% jump given. The gathering was Real Estate also continin the number of resalso addressed by David ue to provide sponsorcues. It was noted that over Tommas from Coast- ship. Volunteer of the Year the last year there had guard Northern Region been 170 rescues, and who congratulated the was Frank Schomaker 460 people had been as- unit on its achievements for his contribution to sisted – 69% more than and noted specifically events organisation and the outstanding progress IT contribution to the the previous year. Saturday July 26 saw it had made over a rela- unit’s computer systems. Trainee of the year was Coastguard Maraetai tively short number of Kara Gribble who has hold its Awards Evening years. at the Maraetai Beach He said it was now also taken on the considBoating Club. among the best opera- erable responsibility of the unit’s Crew Chief. The evening was to tions in the region. The President’s Award recognise the qualifiThe evening was also cations achieved by an opportunity to recog- went to Mark Glover, members of the Unit nise a new sponsor, the unit’s President, for an outstanding contriand the time given, Blueprint Diesel. The director of the bution to and leadership for which certificates

Lawrence Oldershaw recounts how he managed to fall off the rescue boat. of Coastguard Maraetai over the last three years. Under the Unit’s constitution he is obliged to stand down but will assume the position of Im-

mediate Past President and provide support for his successor. Mark’s wife was also recognised for the support she has given him over the

period There was also a lighthearted speech from Lawrence Oldershaw who received recognition for having fallen off

Maraetai Rescue One! Christine Muir spoke about the roles families provided in supporting and encouraging the rescue volunteers.

Are you the one we’re looking for?


• What does it take to become a Real Estate Agent? • What does it mean to be successful in this industry? If you’re thinking about a career change – and looking to work in a great environment locally, then come along to this event.


Pepperjacks Restaurant Pine Harbour Marina 190 Jack Lachlan Drive Beachlands

When: Tuesday 12th August 2014 @ 7pm RSVP:

Please e-mail Kirsten.hyde@professionals.co.nz

lovegrove realty ltd MREINZ licensed real estate agent REAA 2008


12 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (August 8th 2014)

The Pohutukawa Coast...facing the future On August 20 the Pohutukawa Coast Community Association will hold its AGM. At that meeting the PCCA will be seeking the opinion of local residents on what issues it should address as the district enters a new stage of development. The discussion will be in the context of the PCCA’s online survey (go to www. pcca.org.nz). Over the next couple of weeks, the PC Times has invited a number of people to present their point of view on a variety of local issues, in the hope of stimulating discussion about the future direction of the community we all love...

2. How important is it to upgrade our main roads? By Lance Gedge Glorified farm tracks...a phrase often used to describe our local roads. An over the top statement but I think there is a lot of truth contained within. Pot holed and narrow, poorly sealed and subsided roads with no cycle lanes. Very limited public transport opportunities and many gaps in the footpath network. A fair assessment? As development explodes across the Coast our roads – already busy – will not cope. How many new homes should we expect? With current development levels, expect at least 1300. The average household in New Zealand has two cars, so the possibility of an extra 2600 cars on the local roads is a sobering thought. Also add increased school buses, quarry and water trucks. Is now the time for a major roading upgrade? At a bare minimum a roundabout at the intersection of Jack Lachlan and Whitford Maraetai road is required now! Is funding available? There is if Auckland Council uses contributions made in local developments for local projects. I hope council won’t do their usual by reacting only in the face of tragedy. • Lance is a resident on Whitford Maraetai Rd.


0800 957 868

By Neil Hamilton Q: How many men does it take to change a roll of toilet paper?? A: Don’t know. It’s never been done!. The essence of this joke is perhaps a bit harsh (especially from a male perspective), but the under lying theme to this and the other change jokes I have just read is that people generally dislike change. It’s far more comfortable to settle for what’s known, tried and true. It’s hard enough for an individual or a family to cope with change, it’s a completely different dynamic when a whole community is thrust into the context of the type of change the communities of Beachlands and Maraetai are about to face. Change is a part of the world we live in, and given the absolute beauty of the area we all live in, continued development of our bit of paradise is certain. For far too long I’ve been hearing a “head in the sand” conversation that laments the reluctance of change and how we like our world just the way it is. It is time for all of us to make friends with this “change” word and become positive voices in partnering with business leaders in our community, with Auckland Council, developers, local community groups, churches, and the community at large. Collectively, our voices will result in a phenomenal outcome that future generations will be proud of. A voice of division and discontent will not be The Pohutukawa Coast Community taken seriously and will Association’s Annual General Meeting is on be over looked by key Wednesday 20th August in the Beachlands decision makers. Hall starting at 7pm. Following on will be a We are one of the play brief update on foreshore stabilisation in the grounds of South Auckarea, by Brigid Glass. land. Our future must embrace this reality. The main event will be a discussion between Surely tourism and the Hunua Electorate candidates for recreation are part of National, Labour and NZ First and a panel of our future. community leaders including Councillor Bill More commercial Cashmore, Beachlands Community Trust’s space must open up to Jenny Carter, Pastor Neil Hamilton and a create local employment representative from the local schools, giving and service the needs of their views on issues raised in the PCCA’s a growing community. online community survey. Roading needs to get back on the agenda. The needs of the elderly have been overlooked for too long. Reticulated water must be considered as considered as the community grows. The question is: how do we action this kind of change? The starting point for my suggested solution is the kind of synergy I have described above. Synergy is about deliberate co operation and collective strategy. Let’s embrace the future of our area with a sense of pride and excitement. • Neil is pastor of the Beachlands Baptist Church.

By Jenny Carter In a time when society tells us that “me” is so much more important than “us”, I rarely see the mention of our children or our grandchildren in the plan for Beachlands-Maraetai. We need to plan for our future generations. I have seen bad community development and have worked in areas where we try to put people back together again. Our plans need to be robust and forward thinking, not opportunities for excessive consumerism just because there are more people. What community, economic and social opportunities do each of these development stages bring? How will it benefit our grandchildren? Are there enough quality made houses to shelter our families, rich and poor? Does it stop the rats scurrying in the rafters, or chewing through the gib, like poorer families have to cope with today in this community? Retirement facilities, youth facilities, any age facilities: where are the plans? Our sleepy little hollow is expanding and the social ills are already starting to show. It’s too late for the fence at the top of the cliff, the bodies are being mended at the bottom now. So how critical are local halls and a new library? I would ask how critical is it to have places that create a sense of belonging – drop in in places that don’t cost money but have a heart? How about public gardens and parks where you can rest awhile from the stresses of life. The pace of life is getting faster in Beachlands/Pine Harbour/ Spinnaker Bay. People have moved here for the lifestyle but have brought their city pace with them. How will new infrastructure enhance this lifestyle? How will we engage our community to give a little of “me” to make a difference for “us”. We need community facilities that are easy to access, meet the needs of the most vulnerable of our community and fit in with what Beachlands is. Celebrate the arts, the environment and our community; believe that everyone has something of value to offer, and create an environment to allow this to happen. • Jenny Carter is manager of the Beachlands Community Trust.

3. Should there be a road bridge from Spinnaker Bay to Third View Ave?

ph: (09) 2928 064 mob: (0274) 957 868 Fax: (09) 2928 063 TDWKKC@xtra.co.nz



what’s on ?

sunday services

Traditional Service – 9.30 am Family Service – 11.00 am with Kids Friendly Kidz Club

friday youth

JCYG (Years 7 - 8) – 4.30 - 6.00 pm CYG (Years 9 - 13) – 7.30 - 10.00 pm Mon

1. Does our community need new facilities and social services?

the family centre

10.00am - Lactation consultant Breast Feeding support Gabi England Tues Intercultural event Wed 9.30 am Sewing and Craft- Elvene Stevenson 2.30pm-4pm JP available to sign documents Jan Sinclair

Thur 9.15 am Senior Exercise - Cath Neike 10.15 am Senior Event - Merv Russell shares son Brian’s contribution to the Chilean Mine rescue Fri 9.00 am Tai Chi Jack Jin 10.30 am Art Class – New members welcome -Marian Sharp

New brochure of term’s events now available for more info Heather hchapman@clevedonpresy.co.nz church ph 2928 061 family centre ph 292 3085 www.clevedonpresy.co.nz

By Bill Gulik YES: I support a road bridge from Spinnaker Bay to Third View Ave, Beachlands. . Primarily I think that the provision of a second road exit/entry to Spinnaker Bay is a health and safety issue. The number of houses in Spinnaker Bay has been rapidly increasing and there are over a hundred yet to come . This increasingly busy neighbourhood is served by only one access road – Constellation Drive. This directly connects with the busiest road in Beachlands, Beachlands Rd. The intersection of Constellation Drive and Beachlands Rd will come under even more pressure when the supermarket is built adjacent to the intersection. If there is any emergency in Spinnaker Bay requir-

ing the ambulance or fire service there is only one way in and that is via the intersection with busy Beachlands Rd. It is simply asking for trouble and bad planning to have only one access to Spinnaker Bay . As the housing intensifies, Spinnaker Bay people feel increasingly hemmed in. We need to have another connection to Beachlands which is more direct than Constellation Drive . A road linkage to Third View Ave would be a great asset for parents taking their children to Beachlands School which at present they can access only by taking the busier and longer Beachlands Rd route. A road link though Third View Ave would be a safer and shorter route. This was always envisaged in the initial plans for Spinnaker Bay subdivision and should be put in place now. • Bill is a resident of Spinnaker Bay.

NO: I oppose the construction of a road bridge connection between Third View Ave and Spinnaker Bay. Third View Ave was not built as a thoroughfare. It is now, and was built as, a no exit street. It is a very narrow road where it is difficult in places for two cars to pass and impossible if there are cars parked on the roadside. Council officers have advised residents that if the road bridge is built there is no likelihood of Council spending money to widen Third View Ave. It would be impossible and dangerous for Third View Ave to cope with the inevitable increased traffic volume without being widened. The connection could be made only if Third View Ave is upgraded. At present some of the residences have very steep drive ways. If the volume of traffic increased it would be even more difficult to get in and out of our houses

If Council reconsidered and decided to widen the road this would not improve access from our driveways on to Third View. The berm would be narrowed and our driveways would be made shorter and steeper and more difficult to negotiate. There are high voltage (1000 volts ) power lines feeding the pumping station at the end of the road . They hang quite low and would have to be repositioned It is not that I think there should be no connection with Spinnaker Bay , but the more suitable way would be to build a pedestrian and cycle bridge. This would have far less impact on the reserve which it passes over. Third View Ave is a quiet pleasant street and we value its character. This would be retained if a pedestrian /cycleway was built but destroyed if it were made into a road thoroughfare. • Name withheld by request.


FRIDAY AUGUST 8: Maraetai Beachlands Playgroup meets at the Maraetai Hall, Rewa Road. 9.30am until 11.30am. Every Friday during term. Playtime session for children under 5 years and babies. Come for a coffee/ tea and chat with other parents or caregivers. Indoor and outdoor play area with lots of toys. Any further info contact Louise 536 4281 or Sarah 536 5013. FRIDAY AUGUST 8: St Mark’s Anglican Church, 104 Maraetai Drive: Sing along to your favourite old songs from the 1940’s - 1970’s, when songs were still singable! 1.30pm - 3.30pm with Afternoon Tea; $2 donation. All welcome. Need transport? Call Christine 530 8601. SATURDAY AUGUST 9: Beachlands Community Fundraiser Ball, 7pm until late at Te Puru Sports Hall.$55 per person Tickets On Sale from July 1 from Beachlands Post Shop. Canapés, dinner, cash bar, mystery envelopes, charity auction and live band. MONDAY AUGUST 11: 10am at the Clevedon Family Centre, Breastfeeding support with Lactation Consultant Gabi England. Informal discussion and individual support. Plenty of time for questions and answers. Ideal for pregnant or breastfeeding Mums. Contact Heather Chapman 2923 085 or email hchapman@clevedonpresy.co.nz MONDAY AUGUST 11: Pohutukawa Coast Plunket Playgroup meets Mondays 10am-12pm during term time at Beachlands Memorial Hall, Wakelin Road. Bookings now open for our baby fair being held on 19 October. Do you have kids and baby gear that they’ve grown out of, then book a table at our annual baby fair. Please call Tania to hire a table 5365780. Tables are from $20 and you keep the proceeds from your sales. MONDAY AUGUST 11: Dances Of Peace, Dances Of The Heart; 7.30pm - 9pm at Flatbush Old School Hall, cnr Murphys Rd & Flatbush School Rd, East Tamaki. These Dances of the Heart are simple, meditative, joyous and uplifting multicultural circle dances with chants from many sacred traditions of the earth. All welcome! No partner or experience needed! Contact Sally 0212 352 386 sally4peace@gmail.com THURSDAY AUGUST 14: Beachlands-Maraetai Country and Variety Music Club meets 7:30 pm at the Maraetai Bowling Club, cnr Te Pene Road and Maraetai Drive. Club meets fortnightly. Come along for a night of music. Everyone welcome – sing, play or listen ! For further information phone Mary 536-5098 . THURSDAY AUGUST 14: The Pohutukawa Coast Probus Club is holding its monthly meeting at the Maraetai Beach Boating club at 10 am. Speaker for the day is John Hartley. John is a policeman and has entitled his talk “Old Fashioned Policeman to Modern Day Cop”.

SUNDAY AUGUST 17: Free Breakfast at 9.30am at St Hilda Community Hall, 3 Wakelin Road. Limited space. Please book your place by calling Shiu on 2737182 THURSDAY AUGUST 21: at 10.15 am at the Clevedon Family Centre. Influenza –an unfurling story. Dr Ken Shortridge Emeritus Professor the University of Hong Kong shares his life time research which was crucial to the early detection of the Bird Flu outbreak in 1997, potentially saving incalculable lives. Bookings essential. Contact Heather Chapman 2923085 or email hchapman@clevedonpresy.co.nz SUNDAY AUGUST 24: 3pm downstairs bar of Maraetai Boating Club, Info Day and Registration day for the new summer season for sailing/windsurfing/ paddleboarding. We are changing the format for registration day this year and combining it with a presentation. Come along to hear about our upcoming season’s coaching programme for all those newbies keen to learn to sail. Level 2 and above sailors and all ages welcome. Then register for the upcoming sailing season which starts on September 28. Limited Opti hire available - on a first in first serve basis. WEDNESDAY AUGUST 20: 7pm Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Dave Upfold, Somerville Intermediate School Hall. (Howick College Underwater Hockey Fundraiser for Nationals) Tickets $20 from Briar txt 021 0253 8144 or online @Eventfinder, search Dave Upfold SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 20: Ardmore School Agricultural Day, 10.30am - 2.30pm. Ardmore School, PapakuraClevedon Road, Ardmore. Come and enjoy a traditional country school fair, where the students get a chance to showcase their animals, and budding artistic talent! Lots of fun for the family including Stalls, Auctions, Raffles, Bouncy Castles, Gala Games, Kidz Zone and much more! Tasty hot and cold food, drinks and Eftpos available. Entry: FREEContact: 299 6228 or www.ardmore.school.nz



Rental required. for family of 4 and 1 little cavoodle while renovations carried out. Non smokers. From end Aug/Sept for 3 months. Please call Toni 021 0220 1247 or 536 5238.



Two items. Dresser by Du Bois and Corner unit by Hubbard & Blue. Both

circa 1970. Both quality kauri hand crafted and only ever oiled and waxed. Views and offers invited. Omana Ph 5366222 or 027 5365504

POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (August 8th 2014) 13



50% OFF!


FERTILISER: Chicken manure fertiliser supplied, carted and spread. Also lime spreading. Ph: Neil 021 724 327/ 299 6486 SHAVINGS: In woolsacks - sawdust also available. Ideal for horse stables and calf pens. Ph: Ph: Neil 021 724 327 or 299 6486.

94 Picton St, Howick. Ph: 534 8716 • www.howickoptometrists.co.nz

14 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (August 8th 2014) ACCOMMODATION CLEVEDON ANIMAL FARM: Walks and rides BUY & SELL $12.50, children’s parties PAGE 13

Pohutukawa Coast Community Association


Wed 20 August, Beachlands Hall



for hire. Split your own wood now. Dry hire or with operators. Ph: Leighton 021 752 687.



beauty room

beauty therapy / make-up • Blend Method Electrolysis • Facials using Sothy’s products • Waxing • Lash/Brow Tinting • Manicures & Pedicures • Make-up for Weddings or Special Occasion using MAC Cosmetics • Gift Vouchers available. Call: Julie 09 536 4484 or 021 175 1644


An Energy Experience for inner and outer health. We are now taking bookiings for a day out - mothers and daughter kayaking trip on Saturday 13 September. For a fun and healthy outing not to be missed Ph: 536-4524. YOGA: Inward Bound Yoga, Te Puru Community Centre. Evening Classes Tues/Thurs 6.30pm; Day classes Friday 9am. Restorative Yoga Friday 10am. Ph: Dee 536-5240


Mobile Footcare. Nail clipping and filing, corn and hard skin removal, ingrown toenails, footbath and massage. Professional treatment in your own home for men and women.. N.S.I. Qualified. Ph: Nicolle Janssen on (09) 291 9298 or 021 134 1575


In Winter it’s still important to come for a groom Overgrown feet means muddy floors in your living room Thick knotty coats and shaggy ears when it’s cold and wet Will be uncomfortable and painful and make an unhappy pet .. Phone Denise 09 536 4639


Fiona Bailey. Qualified Dog Trainer. Flexible Training Options Available. Ph: 536 5388 and Mob 021 243 8089

VEHICLES 4 SALE RAV 4: 1996 auto, petrol,

2lt, 3 door hatch, blue. Removable tow ball. Been in family since new. $4,000 ono. Ph: 536 6763 or 0274 863 391


and show $15. www.clevedonanimalfarm.co.nz Ph: Lynn 292-9231 Clevedon.

SHOTOKAN KARATE Maraetai Beach School Hall Maraetai Drive Every Monday evening: • 6-7pm White-Green Juniors • 7-8pm Blue-Black Seniors

Sunday 3rd August 2014 at 2pm. This will be held in the clubrooms at Sunkist Bay, Beachlands. Doors will be closed from 2:30pm Admittance to the AGM is to financial members Only


7pm Business Meeting 7.30pm Meet the election candidates and panel discussion on the Future of Beachlands -Maraetai


See our website: www.countiesshotokan.com Ph: Murray 0274 725 047

Property management and letting specialists Professional, Competitive,Hassle Free




www.robsonkerr.co.nz robsonkerr@robsonkerr.co.nz

0508 762 766

MONDAY TO FRIDAY LUNCH MENU JUST $10! Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheJollyRoger

PINE HARBOUR MARINA • 536 6535 www.the jollyrogerpub.co.nz

If you are keen on playing Senior Interclub in the upcoming season, register your interest now at: maraetai.tennis@gmail.com


Service Centre

Eddie Gausel

Beachlands Chartered Club

M: 0274 308 538 Fx: 536 7084 A/H: 536 7083 Email: pumpservicecentre@xtra.co.nz

• Sales & Service • Domestic Pumps • Filters • UV Purification

Phone: 536-6649 ext 2 www.maraetaiboatclub.org.nz


Mediterraneo... by the sea FULLY LICENCED & BYOW


Main of the day + Side + Glass of wine ALL FOR ONLY $24.50 PP HOURS: • TUES-FRI 5pm onwards for dinner • SAT/SUN 11am onwards for breakfast, lunch & dinner

Sunday 24TH August 10.00am Held at Club Premises, Crn Third View & Wakelin Road Beachlands


251 Maraetai Dr, Waterfront


Ruean Thong

Ph: 536 5749 or 536 5719


Whitford Village


week Mid- ER N WI T IAL SPEC

ALL MAINS ~ $17 WEDNESDAY NIGHTS New Menu here now! Tues: 10am-4pm Wed-Fri: 10am till late Sat/Sun: 9am till late

Also available for private functions/weddings


Phone: 530-8437 Fax: 530-8160 info@generalstorerestaurant.co.nz

ING - Pink Ladies’ Nights COM S: T EVEN Tues. 12 August & Tues. 9 Sept

Friday’s from 4pm till late Italian Pizza Night small plates, platters, wine tasting, events Also available for private functions/weddings sales@turangacreek.co.nz 133 Whitford Park Road, Whitford PH 530 8936 www.turangacreek.co.nz


Join us next Tuesday for our monthly Pink Ladies’ event themed Energy and Healing. Guest speaker Sally from Energy Experience in Beachlands will showcase her total healthcare concept from natural healing to outdoor adventure. PLUS Karen Philipsen-Brown of Healing Ways will share the magic and healing power of Laughter Yoga .

THEN... on Tuesday 9 September join us for a Pink Ladies’ Make Over evening! This is a great evening for Mothers and Daughters. Kerry Finlay of Mirror Mirror Image Consultants and the Nutrimetics team will show you what to wear and how to wear it from clothes to makeup to suit your season and body type. We will be demonstrating on real women! A great girls’ night for all ages. D



530 8872

Down to Earth Wine Bar


Thai food combo only $15 a main Also Chicken Pad Thai only $12 a main Dine-in or Takeaway

Complete Water Treatment Systems


~FREE delivery every day except Fri & Sat, minimum order $50~


Pumps, Filters & Bores Install & Service

Ph: 266 8774 or Fax: 267 1104 Email: darrylsmithstain@actrix.co.nz

OR F CHEF JOHN JUGUM’S WINTER SPECIALS! HIT Come and try our delicious mid-week winter warmers! W D HE OUN UT Wednesdays - Curry and Beer ~ $20 T R BO Thursdays - Ribs and Beer ~ $20 BY -A BAR HOURS: MON - FRI FROM 3PM, SAT/SUN FROM 10AM. BAR MEALS ALWAYS AVAILABLE


Fresh, Healthy and Delicious


• Alloy Boat Repairs • Alterations & Custom-made Accessories a Specialty, Including Architectural Alloy, Stainless Steel & Steel Fabrications

You will also be treated to a glass of Bubbles, Nibbles & a Goodie bag. Tickets $20 available from The General Store, No5 Design or Spirit Hair. For more info call Julie 021 1630 174.

Ph: 536-5023

42 Wakelin Rd, Beachlands

Ph: 538 0010 E:beachlands@fvs.co.nz www.franklinvets.co.nz



Restaurant open from 5.30pm Thurs to Sun and public holidays. Menu changes weekly and bar snacks available

Become a community member to dine in our restaurant.

Franklin Vets Beachlands

OPEN: Mon,Tues,Thurs, Fri 9am-5pm Wed 9am-6pm; Sat 9am-12 noon VET ON PREMISES: Mon, Fri, Sat 9am-12 noon; Tues 9am-11.30am,Wed 2-6pm

Malmaks Water Shop


Hire the club for private functions or conferences Mon,Tues, Wed & Sat. Members & guests welcome.




The JOLLY ROGER Pub Enjoy a 12” pizza for $12 on Monday nights (choose your three favourite toppings) Quiz Night every Tuesday

      

Suitable all ages 5 and above

Beachlands Boating Club



Great range of


2/5 MARAETAI SCHOOL RD Sun – Mon 11.30am to 8pm Tues – 3.30 to 8pm Wed – 11.30am to 8pm Thurs – Sat 11.30am to 8.30pm

Ph: 536 4400

FREE delivery Beachlands & Maraetai for orders over $40

where hopes are fulfilled For a delicous taste of authentic Indian cuisine Ph: 536 5689 Dine In • Takeaway • Delivery

TUE & WED DINNER SPECIAL $12.99 Curry, rice and plain naan bread cnr Wakelin Road and Third View Ave, Beachlands

POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (August 8th 2014) 15

Mature Bar Staff Part-time Must be available to work flexibe hours including evening and weekends Experience preferred but not essential Ph: Jackie on 021 2844 250


moved, or chipped for mulch or landscaping. Inorganic removal and section clearing. Ph: 536 5955, 021 056 0793 ALL TREE WORKS: All tree work and removals, stump grinding, hedge trimming, section clearing, green removal and mulcher hire, reasonable rates. For a free quote: 536 5621 mob 027 308 7777 Carpenter: Odd jobs, gib fixing, door locks, window and door easing, waterblasting, tank cleaning, gutter cleaning, site rubbish removal. Ph: Marty 027 6888 082.



For repairs to: Fisher & Paykel and all major brands of stoves, fridges, dishwashers,washing machines, dryers etc For prompt reliable service

Authorised Whirpool service centre



3, 4.5, 6 & 9 metre bins 3, 4.5 metre hardfill bins We are reliable and we recycle! Ph: 0800 PINK BINS (746-524)

Email: bins@pinkbins.co.nz


WHITE WASTE LTD ph: 0800 720 710

Your Local Skip Bin Supplier

09 536 5605 or 021 263 4101 kath@landscapestudio.co.nz

www.marinadentists.co.nz LEGAL

We are dedicated to your personal well-being through dental health • Teeth whitening • All ceramic tooth filling materials using Cerec3 cad-cam 3D technology • Permanent tooth replacements with dental implants • For gum health and maintencance call our hygienist Shelley Chadwick • All aspects of general dentistry


The Family Trust Specialist Jacques Vannoort, LLM

tel 273 2173 www.sanctuarytrustlaw.co.nz


Julie’s Home Grown Nursery

For a FREE Quote:

Josh on 021 367 431

18 First View Ave, BEACHLANDS

Email: josh@hackdrainage.co.nz Web: www.hackdrainage.co,nz

OPEN 10am – 4pm WED TO SUN • Potted Colour • Shrubs • Topiaries • Grasses • Trees • Bedding Plants

536 4266 Mob 027 270 6792 email: juleez@xtra.co.nz

"Proud to be Sponsors of the Beachlands Fishing Competition"

ELECTRICIAN Your Local Registered Electricians


Ph 536 6800

Phone Aaron Ross, Beachlands. Ph: 021 0233 2673


For prompt professional electrical services with a smile • www.awe.co.nz • help@awe.co.nz • free quotes



Providing electrical services on the Pohutukawa Coast & throughout Auckland

Licensed builder available for new homes, renovations, additions, re-cladding, decks and all other aspects of the building trade

0800 949 344 www.abbotts.co.nz

JACK OF ALL TRADES Honest & Reliable Trade Certified Builder

MOB 021. 769. 964 - PH 09. 536. 4076

Quality workmanship no matter the size of the job • Renovations • New Homes • Pumps • Spouting • Hot Water Cylinders • All Plumbing Repairs

• Decks • Bathrooms • Tiling • Painting • Gibstopping

PHONE TONY 021 919 101 or 536 6686

Call SHAY on 0212 767 797


DENTAL Opening Hours:


Mon & Wed: 8am - 6pm Tues & Thurs: 8am - 8pm Fri: 9am - 6pm Sat: 9am - 5pm

you should love visiting the dentist...


We offer:

Online Booking Available www.sanctuarydental.co.nz

• Sleep dentistry for relaxation and anxiety • Holistic and amalgam free dentistry • Free dental treatment for young adults from year 9 to 18 years old* • Payment options: GE, Farmers, Q Card *Terms and conditions apply, contact us for full details


Certifying Plumber & Gas Fitter More than 20 years’ experience

• All Plumbing Maintenance • Pumps & Filters For ALL Domestic • Water Tanks & Commercial Work • UV Sterilisation • Rain Water Harvesting

• All Gas Maintenance • Electric Hot Water Cylinders • Gas Water Heating • Gas Fire Places • New & Existing Housing

Ford Plumbing x

Opening Hours:

Mon & Wed: 8am - 6pm Tues & Thurs: 8am - 8pm Fri: 9am - 6pm Sat: 9am - 5pm

Unit 20, 2 Bishop Dunn Place Pensioner Discounts Botany, Auckland Local Beachlands-Maraetai Craftsman Plumber 09 273 2173 you should love visiting the dentist...

09 273 2173


Call BRETT on 021 501 421 or 536-6592



Unit 20, 2 Bishop Dunn Place Botany, Auckland

Full Comprehensive Dental Assessment including: 2 x-rays & Panoramic OPG Imaging (Full Mouth Digital X-ray)

Window’s in/out,exterior house wash,gutter clearing. Exp operator, Ph Keith at Panoramics 0272 453 444 or 530 8136



• Odd jobs – Doors/Windows Eased • Holes Plastered • Rotten Boards Replaced • Roof Repairs • Floors Repaired

• Drain Unblocking • Vacuum Loading • CCTV Video Survey & Tractor camera • Plumbing • Gasfitting • Roofing • Drainlaying • Pipe Relining – Nuflow

YOUR plumber living on the Coast!

Ph Neil 021 079 2589


Wood chipping service. Up to 60mm dia branches. Full service, cutting, chipping, spreading and clearing available. Ph Gary 021 90 30 20

P: 536 5830 M: 021 072 7799

Make the right choice about your dental care

• All Drainage Requirements • Water Tanks Supply and Install • Retaining Walls • Concrete Work • Truck & Digger Hire




E: pineharbour@marinadentists.co.nz


David Cain B.D.S (UK) Rick Parfitt B.D.S. Shelley Chadwick

You name it... gardening, retaining, fencing, landscaping, trellis, light building and maintenance work. Ph Gary 021 90 30 20.


After Hours Appts by Arrangement Dr Alex Mechkov Dr Juliane Techima

Evening appointments available Call us now on 530 8461 or 530 8271 Whitford Village, Whitford, Auckland


No job too small! Gib stop & paint, brick & block laying, tiling, paving, property maintenance. Ph: Dean 536 5164 or 0221 361 620 ROOFER: Qualified roofer, Stephen Perfect, 12yrs experience in metal roofing offers free quotes to fix or re-roof, also specialises in gutters, repairs & maintenance. Ph 027 389 5253, a/h 536 5527 VENTILATION: DVS Home ventilation systems Full supply and installation service. Smartvent NZ made 5 year parts warranty. Act before winter. Ph Gary 021 903 020


HOURS: Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm; Sat 9.30am-2.30pm

Ph: 536 4361

• Tree Pruning & Removal • Mulching • Stump Grinding & Planting • Firewood Deliveries • PENSIONER RATES



Clean your carpets now to NZ standard. 2 brm unit cleaned from as little as $79, 3 brm from $99. Single rooms, upholstery, rugs. Free deodorise. Ph: Shane 536 6397 or mob 0800 747 262


MARINA Visit your LOCAL dentist for all your dental needs

BDS DENTAL SURGEON, BSc, Dip.Dent.Technology


gine repairs, mowers, ride-on mowers, chainsaws, weedtrimmers, and chain saw sharpening. No job too small. Free pick-up local area only. Ph: 536 5621 or mob 027 308 7777 PAINTER: Interior/ exterior, repaints waterblasting. All work guaranteed. 30 years exp. Refs available. Ph Rob 021 184 8173.



The Jolly Roger requires

Professional & Trade Services Guide





Call Mark on

022 601 3216

Full Comprehensive Dental www.fordplumbing.co.nz

Lawn mowing • General gardening Tree trimming & removal • Pruning Spraying • Chipping 021 2921 679 Your local garden specialist james@thekeanegardener.co.nz W www.thekeanegardener.co.nz

Assessment including: 2 x-rays & Panoramic OPG Imaging (Full Mouth Digital X-ray)



We offer:

• Sleep dentistry for relaxation and anxiety • Gib Stop & Paint • Brick free & Block Laying • Holistic and amalgam dentistry • Tiling for young • Paving • Free dental treatment adults from year 9 to 18 years old* • Property Maintenance NO JOB TOO SMALL! Online Booking Available • Payment options available www.sanctuarydental.co.nz *Terms and conditions us for full details Phone Dean on 536 5164apply, or contact 0221 361 620

16 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (August 8th 2014)

Business Listing - phone 536 5715 or fax 536 5714

ACCOUNTING SERVICES Sheryl Lane, chartered accountant 530 8219 Ian McLennan, CA www.iwm.co.nz 536 6715 Diane Myers CA, diane@myersca.co.nz 2929 470 Beanies2U, call Tanya chartered accountant 536 6297 ACCOUNTING & BOOK KEEPING Fair Value Accounting, Natasha www.fairvalue.co.nz 536 5195 AERIALS, TV & HOME THEATRE Smart Home Technology. Freeview, aerials, phone jacks, TV outlets, home theatre, new home prewire. Phone Sunny 0800 786 266 or 027 2841 325 Auckland Wide Electrical 536 6800, 021 998 665 AGGREGATES Beachlands Building & Hire Centre 536 6567 ALUMINUM WINDOWS: www.windowrenovations.co.nz Repairs and Replacements 021 297 2320 APPLIANCE SERVICING Axial appliance servicing Service@axial.co.nz 573 0877 ARCHITECTS Peter Diprose www.diprose.co.nz 530 9065, 021 125 1498 ARCHITECTURAL PLAN & DESIGN Ross J Willoughby 530 9358 ASPHALT Asphalt & Civil Projects Ltd 527 8718 or 0274 969 817 AUTO ELECTRICIAN Mobile Auto & Marine 0800 662 352 Alert Auto Electrical, Alan 021 176 4214 BEACHLANDS STORES Go to Mo’s 536 6505 Liquorland Beachlands 536 6345 Beachlands Building & Hire Centre - hardware, hire and garden centre 536 6567 Karishma Foodmarket 536 6601 Meat to Please 536 6866 BEAUTY THERAPY Maraetai Day Spa 536 4453 or 021 036 6237 BED & BREAKFAST Brookwood Lodge (Beachlands) 536 6975 BOBCAT & TRUCK HIRE Clevedon Bobcats, Dennis Marx 021 275 8544 BRICK & BLOCK LAYING Dave Stones 021 287 0188 Coastal Blocklayers Ltd - Clinton 0272 856 912 2922 939 BUILDERS Kelvin Storm LBP 536 6119 or 0274 745 039 Bryant Builders Ltd 0274 935 507 or 2928 777 Neal McKendrick Builders 2928 583 0274 374 896 Xact Construction, Greg Waterhouse 530 9032, 021 878 071 Dean Hartshorne Builders Ltd 536 5645 or 027 536 5645 Homing Instincts Ltd, ph Gareth Price 021 618 181, 536 6422 Michael Nootebos LBP 536 6628 or 0274 799 776 Cleave Building & Civil Ltd 577 3193 or 021 322 258 specialistbuilders.co.nz Craig 0800 54 64 64 or 021 392 092 NAS builders Ltd Neil 021 079 2589 BUILDING CERTIFIERS Compass Building Consultants Ltd 272 2269 BUILDERS SUPPLIES Morton Timber Co. Clevedon 292 8656 Dysart Timbers Drury ITM 294 9410 Dysart Timbers ITM 521 3609 or 021 928 941 CARPET CLEANING Carpet, upholstery cleaning services Ph Supakleen 536 5090 CARPET & VINYL SUPPLY & LAY Eddie 536 5218 or 0274 889 150 CHANDLERY Pine Harbour Marina 536 5157 CHILD CARE CENTRES Lilly’s Locker Montessori preschool 530 8697 CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU Botany CAB for free, confidential advice & information 271 5382 (Botany CAB) 576 8331 (Pakuranga CAB) COMPUTER SERVICES Andrew: WhatWhyWhen.com 0210 230 7897 or 536 6514 CONCRETE WORK Trumps Concreting Ltd 0274 589 899, a/h 536 4172 Asphalt & Civil Projects Ltd 5278718 or 0274 969817 DANCE STUDIO Coastal School of Dance (Danielle Saunders) 536 6371 DECKING Deckreation 0800 2 QUOTE, 536 4948 www.deckreation.co.nz DENTISTS Sanctuary Dental 273 2173 – Dr Yvonne Vannoort, Dr Abraham Thavamani, Dr Sylvia Hong – Dr Shayeste Irani – Hygienists Michelle Felton, Caron Thorne, Helen Lu Whitford Dental Group 530 8461 or 530 8271 – Dr Rick Parfitt & Dr David Cain – Hygienist – Shelley Chadwick 530 8461 or 530 8271 Anthony Hunt Dental Ltd, Dr Anthony Hunt, Clevedon 292 9071 Marina Dentists Pine Harbour 536 4361 DENTURES Howick Denture Services 534 8113 DIGGER & TRUCK HIRE www.hollandlandscaping.co.nz 292 8109 Entwood Enterprises 021 767 743 or 534 2481 The Little Digger 027 278 0335 or 536 4424 DOCTOR Beachlands Medical Centre 536 6006 Maraetai Beach Medical Clinic 536 5292 DOGS, CATS & PETS Clevedon Kennels and Cattery 292 8789 Howick Country Kennels & Cattery 530 8664 Brookby Lodge accom. for dogs & cats 530 8675 Fairfield Boarding Kennels & Cattery, Clevedon 2928 852 Noah’s Ark mobile inhome pet care 530 8136 Riverlee Pet Lodge, Clevedon 292 8789

DOG GROOMING Bracks Dog Grooming www.brackscats.co.nz 536 4639 DRAINLAYERS Mike Forde Contracting Ltd (reg. drainlayer) 021 636 816 J & R Hack Drainage 021 367 431 Bay Earthworks 0274 925 771 DRILLING Drillforce – water bores, divining, pump advice 09 267 9100 EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION B/M Playcentre Mon-Fri. 9am-12 536 6015 in Beachlands School grounds Whitford Pre-School Centre 530 8726 Clevedon Kidz Early Childhood Centre 2928 358 PORSE in-Home Childcare 262 4044 Coastal Kids 536 6737 Coastal Kids Pre-School 536 5313 Stems From Home Professional In-Home Child Care 536 7103 Connections In The Home (In-Home Child Care) 533 3512 EARTH MOVING CONTRACTORS Henri & Lynda Habraken 0274 961 472, 536 6806 Coast2Coast Earthworx Ltd 536 4536 or 021 364 536 Mike Forde Contracting Ltd 021 636 816 Padlie-Hall Ltd 533 0917 or 027 243 7156 John Minnee 1.5 tonne digger 530 8998 or 021 993 863 Cleave Building & Civil Ltd 577 3193 or 021 923 076 www.brookbycontracting.co.nz 3.5t w Augers 530 9290 027 530 9290 ELECTRICIANS Auckland Electrical Services 536 4074, 0274 741 579 Auckland Wide Electrical 536 6800, 021 998 665 Pohutukawa Electrical 536 4076, mob 021 769 964 Positive Electrical Services 021 801 606 Powered Up Electrical 021 660 065 , 299 1122 ENGINEERING & WELDING M & K Anderson, onsite engineering 09 948 2160 or 021 02677369 Amediate Engineering Ltd 09 265 2200 or 021 725 609 ENGINEERS - CIVIL/ENVIRONMENTAL/ STRUCTURAL CLC Consulting Group Ltd 576 3276 FARM KILLS Kevin Rogers 292 4725 FARM SUPPLIES/STOCK FEED/HARDWARE Clevedon Rural Supplies 292 8404 Farmlands Pukekohe 09 238 8853, fax 09 238 8688 FENCING CONTRACTORS Craig McLeod 027 292 5844 Shilo Urlich 027 256 6813 White Fencing 2928 064 or 0274 957 868 FIREWOOD Phone John anytime 530 8462 Eastern Firewood 534 6299 Ignition Firewood 0800 WOOD NOW FLOORING All About Floors, Darrel 570 5300, 021 688 875 FLORIST Clevedon Flowers, www.clevedonflowers.co.nz 292 9540 FRAMERS Howick Frames & Gallery 534 1307 FUNERAL DIRECTORS Resthaven Funeral Services Rachel Benns & Raewyn Proctor 533 7493 & 267 2530 Papatoetoe Funeral Cottage 279 9098 Fountains Funeral Directors & Monumentalists Papakura, Franklin and Manurewa 298 2957 or 266 6177 Ensom Funerals (John Ensom) 09 266 9942 or 09 524 6765 Souly Cremations Beachlands 0800 47 68 59 GARAGE DOORS Repairs & Service, Metro Garage Doors 263 6608 GEOTECHNICAL SERVICES Fraser Thomas Ltd 278 7078 GIBSTOPPING Alpha Drywall, Geoff 022 027 0290 or 536 6653 Wayne Mackenzie 021 882 276 or ah 530 9031 Greg Brown 021 067 6104, ah536 5989 Tony Hardyment -stopping & painting 0274 966 394 or 536 6477 specialistlinings.co.nz We fix, stop, and paint 0800 54 64 64 Mark Mangham, small to large jobs: Phoenixplasterers@gmail.com 021 456 275 ah 536 4140 GIFTS, SOUVENIRS, FLOWERS Clevedon Woolshed Crafts/Gifts 2928 615 GLASS AND GLAZING Manurewa Glass 266 7794 Howick Glass 535 4180 GRAPHIC DESIGN Nikki Croxford www.clickcreative.co.nz 536 7142, 021 920 630 Kirsty Black www.kgb-folio.co.nz 536 5421, 021 549 193 Joanna Beasley www.joannabeasley.co.nz 536 6497, 021 148 8613 HAIRDRESSING Les Chevaux Hair Salon 536 5559 Hair 4 You - hair salon 536 6658 Spirit Hair-Makeup-SprayTanning 536 6855 Nobel Hair Design 536 5805 Hair Do’s @ Maraetai ph Denise 536 4571 Look @ Me, Whitford, ph Charlotte 530 8939 Cooper Hairdressing, 16 Te Pene Rd, Maraetai 027 329 1781 HANDYMAN SERVICES Local Handyman: 536 5050 or 021 156 7370 Oakes Landscaping/Building Services, Ph Gary 021 903 020 Lifestyle Property Services Ltd 536 6735 or 0272 533 336 HAY & HAYLAGE CONTRACTOR McInnes Contractors Ltd 0274 992 648 HEALTH & FITNESS Perform Fitness 536 7231 HIRE & GARDEN CENTRE Beachlands Building & Hire Centre 536 6567

HOME APPLIANCE REPAIRS Graymac Appliances 535 5093 HOME CLEANING SERVICE Phone Meky 022 653 1465 HORSES Manufacturing Horse Leads 021 653 041 IMMIGRATION ADVICE Licensed Advisor - Lisa Seaborn 0210 229 9588 INTERIOR DESIGN Design consultant Toni Hedgland 536 7018, 0274-597301 (home furnishings, drapes, colour consultant) KITCHENS La Bella Kitchens Ltd, www. labellakitchens.co.nz 530 9092 Kitchen Craft Ltd www.kitchencraft.co.nz 09 274 4221 ~ For Sizzling Kitchen Design & Cabinetry – Ph Warren Inhouse Design & Concepts Ltd 021 272 1974 or 536 4625 LANDSCAPING Cornerstone Landscapes Ltd – for all aspects of landscaping 530 9126 or 021 312 266 or 021 412 110 LANDSCAPING/GARDEN SERVICES www.hollandlandscaping.co.n 292 8109 Eastside Landscapes 021 484 158 LAUNDROMAT 7 DAYS, at GAS Maraetai, 536 4218 131 Maraetai Drive, Maraetai LAWNMOWING & GARDENING SERVICES Pohutukawa Coast Lawns 536 5830, 021 072 7799 The Keane Gardener, phone James on 021 292 1679 Greenacres – Stephen Howe 292 4165, 021 2266 753 Ride On Mowing - Scott 021 02475434 / 537 2966 Henry & Max Lawn & Garden Service 533 6018, 0210 556 309 LAWNMOWERS SALES/ SERVICE/ REPAIRS Stihl Shop, 18 Harris Rd, East Tamaki 274 6238 B’lnds/M’tai mower/chainsaw repairs 536 5621,027 308 7777 Reliable Lawnmower Services 278 5592 LAWNMOWING (LARGE AREAS) Holland Landscaping 292 8109 www.hollandlandscaping.co.nz Kingcraft Mowing & Gardening 021 447 095 LEGAL SERVICES Swayne McDonald & Co (Beachlands/Maraetai/Whitford) 265 2700 John Burton - Maraetai & Beachlands 536 5279 or 299 7780 Sanctuary Trust Law, Jacques Vannoort, LLM 273 2173 LOCKSMITHS Local Locksmith - Tony 536 5050 or 021 156 7370 Armstrong Smarter Security 0800 506 111 MARQUEE HIRE Megan www.maraetaimarquee.co.nz 536 5771/0274 385130 MARRIAGE CELEBRANT Helen Rutledge 027 245 5837 or 536 5981 Neil Hamilton 027 224 2265 Lyn Buchanan 021 135 3643 or 536 6774 MASSAGE THERAPY Brookby Massage Studio -Sports, deep tissue, trigger point, relaxation 530 9129 Tracy Henderson - Massage therapy/Naturopathy 536 6605 Holistic Therapeutic Practitioner available, Whitford For appointments phone 021 749 517 MECHANICAL REPAIRS Clevedon Automotive 292 8441 Maraetai Service Station 1996 Ltd 536 6542 Pohutukawa Motors, 57 Third View Ave, Beachlands 536 6664 Clevedon Garage & Tyres Ltd 2928 289 Clevedon Motorcyles & Machinery 2928 927 or 021 2544 686 MIRRORS Howick Glass 535 4180 ORGANIC PRODUCTS Shop from home: www.moonwillow.mionegroup.com 2924 080 OUTBOARD REPAIRS / MARINE ENGINEERING Eastern Marine ~ Outboard, Petrol & Diesel Motors 536 6252 PAINTERS & DECORATORS DTS Wright Contracting Ltd 536 5239 or 021 40 1094 S.T. Taylor, Member of Master Painters 021 912 515 Mustills Painting Services 536 4356, 027 619 2619 4U2C Decorators 027 648 3565 specialistlinings.co.nz We fix, stop, and paint 0800 54 64 64 PANELBEATERS & PAINTERS Whitford Panelbeaters 530 8695 Pristine Autobody, Panel & Paint 262 3757 Auto Collision Panel & Paint 534 2190 PERSONAL TRAINING WOWFIT Personal Training-James 0800WOWFIT, 021 771015 Envision Personal Training, Garyth 536 6327, 021 299 1482 PEST CONTROL Coastal Pest Solutions (including rats, rabbits,possums, wild cats, pest birds, wasps & bees) 536 6020, 0273 932 125 Pestblasters-R-Us 0800 888 338 PHOTOGRAPHER Timeless Images Photography 021 022 19653, 950 4675 PHYSIOTHERAPIST Ultimate Physio unit 4 45 Wakelin Rd, Beachlands 536 5904, 272 9294 PLASTERING (SOLID) Bruce Parsons 021 981 812 PLUMBERS SMS Plumbing 0212 767 797 Pohutukawa Plumbing 536 6879, 0275 366 879 Call The Plumber Ltd 24/7 service 536 5516, 027 202 3212 Abbotts Plumbing & Drainage 0800 949 344 Ford Plumbing - 24 hour callout - phone Mark on 022 601 3216 PLUMBERS & GASFITTERS Ashby Plumbing & Gas 2922 445, 0272 553 499 K. Dadzie Plumbing/Gas call Brett on 021 501 421, 536 6592 Pohutukawa Plumbing 536 6879, 0275 366 879 PRINTER C&D Print 2929 167 or 021 107 6750

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Harcourts Beachlands Real Estate 536 6121, 0276 480 240 Rent People Ltd 0800 426 580 RobsonKerr Property Management 0508 762 766 PUMP SALES & REPAIRS Auckland Electrical Services 536 4074, 0274 741 579 Pump Service Centre 536 7083, 0274 308 538 Water Pump Specialists 536 5447, 0274 982 419 Clevedon Pumps & Engineering 2928 404, 0274 797 741 Malmaks Water Sho 530 8872, 021 353 158 Pohutukawa Plumbing 536 6879, 0275 366 879 REAL ESTATE AGENTS Harcourts Beachlands Real Estate 536 6121 Barfoot & Thompson Clevedon 2928 348 Barfoot & Thompson Whitford 530 8292 Barfoot & Thompson Beachlands 536 4990 Ray White Lighthouse Licensed Real Estate 536 7011 Professionals 555 9136 ROOFING SERVICES Eastern Roofing Services, ph Steve 536 5875, 021 865 615 SCAFFOLDING Scaffold Connect Ltd 09 215 4855 SECURITY SYSTEMS ADS Security Ltd (alarms & monitoring) 536 6860 Armstrong Smarter Security and Alarms 09 274 0999 SEPTIC TANK CLEANING SST Services phone Rob 09 2947611 or 0274 967430 SHEEP SHEARING Mr Clip Ltd - sheep, goats, 276 1219, 0274 853 234 SHUTTLES Coast Shuttle-local hire & airport trips 536 6488, 0274 722 613 Omana Shuttles - Airport Transfers 536-5935 SPRAY TAN SPECIALISTS Colour Me In 536 6766 Mob 027 662 9897 SURVEYORS - LAND Hollier Greig & Associates 2928 745 McInnes, Read & Lucas Ltd 2987 288 Fraser Thomas Ltd 2787 078 Churchill Land Development Services Ltd 2734 182 CLC Consulting Group Ltd 576 3276 SWIMMING POOLS Peninsula Pools Ltd 0274 958 861, a/h 530 9115 Bluestone Pools Ltd 021 2731 779, ah 536 7125 Partridge Pool & Spa 299 8659 Oasis Heat Pumps Mob: 021 605 557 Office: 535 8891 TANK CLEANING John’s Farmlet Services 0800 327 653 TREE WORK S.T.H. (stumps, trees, hedges) 536 5621 or 027 308 7777 Tree stump grinding (NZAT) 530 8741 or 0274 989 080 TYPESETTING & GRAPHIC ART Steve 536 5276 TYRES - SALES & SERVICE Maraetai Service Station 536 6542 UPHOLSTERY & CANVAS Stackpole’s Upholstery Ltd 274 8585 VALUERS-PROPERTY Property Valuations Ltd, Papakura 299 7406, fax 299 6152 Seagar & Partners Ltd, Charlene 272 9660 or 021 945 806 VETERINARY SERVICES Franklin Vets (Beachlands) 538 0010 WALLPAPERING Wallpapering 021 1748 466 or 536 5899 WATER DELIVERY Beachlands/Maraetai Water Supply 273 9763 Beachlands Water Service 536 6508 Clevedon Water 292 8099 Whitford Water Supplies 530 8164 Rural Water, freephone 0508 787 254 or 021 765 628 John’s Farmlet Services & Water Supplies 0800 327 653 The Original Johns Water Supplies 536 6696 or 530 8155 Maraetai Blue Ltd 536 6437, 027 536 6437 Carlton Haulage 0800 420 246 Coastal Water Cartage 0508 COASTAL, 021 0757 757 Todd Wheeler Transport Ltd 0508 426 246 or 0274 752 832 Seaview Water 0508 732 843 – $250 for 17,000 litres; $225 for 13,500; $180 for 10,000 WET AZZ – keeping it local 0800 WET AZZ (0800 938 299) Local Water (Beachlands & Maraetai) 536 5683 WATER TANK CLEANING & REPAIRS Green Clean Co ($100) 0274 982 419 or 536 5447 Rural Water, freephone 0508 787 254 or 021 765 628 John’s Farmlet Services 0800 327 653 WATER TREATMENT Anthony Preston Ltd 534 5127, fax 535 6353 167 Moore St, Howick Malmaks Water Shop 530 8872, 021 353 158 NZ Water Filters Ltd 576 9649 or 021 138 7679 WEDDING VENUE Te Puru Centre 536 5360 Maraetai Beach Boating Club 536 6649 Brookwood Lodge, Beachlands. Garden setting. Ceremony only. 536 6975 or 0274 796 453 WEIGHT LOSS HYPNOTHERAPY Virtual Gastric Band www.avrilcarpenter.com 021 626 805 WINDOWS www.windowrenovations.co.nz Repairs and Replacements 021 297 2320 WINDOW CLEANING/HOUSE WASHING Panoramics 530 8136 or 027 245 3444 BEST Property Services 0508 932 532 or 021 366 615

The Pohutukawa Coast Times is published by Pohutukawa Publishing (NZ) Ltd and printed by Beacon Print, 5 Pohutu Street, Whakatane 3120

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