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Thursday October 4, 2018

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Q: Could a four-day working week with five days of pay boost productivity?

Tracy Murphy, Kingston It will improve family time as you’ve got extra hours, so you have got less stress. There’s always going to be some employers who will be unhappy about it.

Jonathan Hunt, Miramar If they are all putting their best into it then in an ideal world they could work harmoniously for 32 hours. It’s an incentive for them to work harder.

Thomas O’Farrell, Miramar In some industries it’s easy to quantify how productivity matches the time spent. I wouldn’t think it would work in construction but in offices, maybe.

Sue Burke, Seatoun I’m an employer. It wouldn’t work for our business as our clients could be let down if we couldn’t cover for the day off. It’s not “one size fits all”.

Tony Coard, Kilbirnie Of course it could. People only work six productive hours a day anyway, so it would mean 30 out of 32 instead.

Les Collins, Wadestown Yep. Productivity will remain the same or be slightly higher. Businesses would be better off, especially offices.

LETTERS to the editor Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Metlink projecting same attitude as Trump Dear Editor, Mornington has only one bus route now when it used to have two. Metlink’s new hub and route design ignores most of the upper Mornington suburb; residents have to walk up and down to Kingston to catch a No 23. The reason why hubs were not previously used was because Wellington had wise bus routes for the commuters needs, but Metlink decided those needs were not moderncompany useful.

Metlink projects the same arrogant attitudes as Trump – no changes to bus hubs, routes will occur until the end of the bus drivers contract year, while Chris Laidlaw is reluctant to admit his deliberate incompetence; he believes the new bus system is working just great and does not need changing! He was a better RNZ announcer than an All Black or councillor. Martin Beck Mornington

Higher interest rates needed for pensioners It is time for NZ business to show gratitude to superannuants for helping them out. Ever since the Reserve Bank, at the request of the Government, announced a lower rate of bank interest, ordinary people who try to save by

Night bus change means I have to hitchhike Dear Editor, I live in Miramar North Road. I used to be able to go to my nearest bus stop and get on the number 2 and go into town. With the changes, I now have to get on the number 18 and get off the bus at Miramar shops and get on the number 2 just to get into town. I have a quiz on a Thursday night at The Realm it finishes about 9.30 I used to be able to hop on the bus and get off in Park Road, not anymore I now have to hitchhike home instead. Nicki Brewer-Mann Miramar

‘America First’ dream far from reality Dear Editor, Mr Trump projected a Mohammad Ali like attitude at the recent UN Gen Meet – I am the greatest! Float like a bumble bee, sting like a butterfly. Trump cannot talk without waving his hands around, you just can’t take him seriously, and he won’t be the American president forever! First Trump declared there was no trade war with China, now he’s proclaiming he is winning the trade war with China. Yeah right! Everyone will suffer as a consequence. While global media bounce from one distracting Trump tweet to the next, sound people question what exactly has evolved to make America great

putting some money in the bank have been penalised by a zero or almost zero rate of interest. By acquiescing to the low bank rate, so that business can profit while telling the National Party that their confidence is down, we are suffering.

again? Have new car assembly plants suddenly re-established in Detroit by Ford, GM or Japanese car companies? Are lots of Asian clothing sweat shops beating a path to set up business in America? China will continue to manufacture cheap clothing for America and NZ for many years to come! Has NZ’s Fonterra opened in the USA? What is the real level of American-paid jobs and unemployment? Making America’s elite rich able to extract great wealth again - is what it’s all about. Martin Beck Mornington

We are depending on our savings, supposedly safe in the bank, while CEOs are being rewarded with thousands. Did I say thousands, we can’t even comprehend millions! Paul Franken Strathmore Park

Roads are for driving on, not parking on 24-hour parking in Miramar South may well suit the residents who like a law for themselves During the weekends you can always find over half a dozen cars overnight parked in driveways, blocking the footpath and with their rear ends with towbars sticking over the road to trap bicycles keeping to the left. Why are cars allowed to park on the roads anyway? They are for traffic, not as

free parking areas. Some areas even are reserved for residents only to park; they are not a road anymore and should be advertised just like any town-belt area redesignated for private use. Any car parked on the roadside should have their parking lights on to dissuade long-term parking. Paul Franken Strathmore Park

Work remains to cut homicide: Victim Support While New Zealand’s homicide rate is falling, too many families are still facing the trauma of homicide, says Victim Support Chief Executive Kevin Tso. New Zealand Police released figures today showing the provisional number of homicides for 2017 was 48 – the lowest in 40 years. Victim Support data mirrored the trend, with the organisation supporting 1617 people bereaved by homicide in 2017/18, down from 1707 the year prior,

and 1989 in 2015/16. Kevin says every homicide leaves many victims. “Behind each death is a family and community scarred,” he said. “To lose a loved one to homicide is one the most devastating losses anyone can experience, and its impact lasts a lifetime.” He also said it remained critical to keep up the momentum on reducing the causes of homicide, particularly family violence.

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