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Wednesday October 3, 2018

inbrief news Animal welfare Regulations to strengthen our animal welfare system come into effect from today, Minister of Agriculture Damien O’Connor says. From today, Animal Welfare Inspectors from MPI and SPCA can issue fines for certain actions, such as allowing dogs in cars to get heat stressed, or failing to provide tethered goats with access to water and shelter. Some of the regulations are infringement offences, with a set fine, while others are prosecutable offences, which could result in a larger fine and criminal conviction. Farmers also need to be aware of the new regulations, which cover on-farm practices and transporting livestock.

Wellington’s buildings secured Of the 113 Wellington buildings with dangerous facades, all but one has completed their reinforcing work within their deadline. One building owner has failed to meet their deadline. However, this work is due to be completed today, Monday 1 October 2018. All building owners who met their deadline are eligible for funding support from the Government and Wellington City Council. Unreinforced masonry is clay brick, concrete block or stone units bound together using lime or cement mortar, without any reinforcing elements such as steel bars.

Johnsonville Fire Station open day By Brian Sheppard

A sunny day and a chance to see fire trucks close-up attracted queues of families at the Johnsonville Fire Station’s open day on September 29. Volunteer firefighter Dave Knubley explained that the station has two fire trucks: one operated by the Johnsonville Volunteer Fire Brigade and the other by career firefighters. Their work is coordinated and managed by Fire and Emergency NZ. The truck with career firefighters acts as first responder to a call out, leaving the Volunteer Brigade to provide support if needed or to respond to another emergency. Firefighters from around Wel l i n g t o n s h owe d visitors around their fire trucks and gave demonstrations on fire safety. They used a video display and artificial reality goggles to show how to plan for escaping from a burning house and a

crawl-though tunnel to teach children the need to keep close to the ground if crawling from a smokefilled building. A popular demonstration in a mock-up kitchen showed how a fire in an overheated pan of oil can be put out before the fire gets too large. Firefighter Margaret Tahuna from the Johnsonville Volunteer Brigade used a saucepan lid to starve the fire of air before turning off the heat source and leaving the oil to cool. She repeated the demonstration with an oven slide and then showed why water must not be used on an oil fire. Just a cup of water caused a violent explosion, spraying burning oil around the kitchen. The people watching this demonstration were left to wonder what this would have meant if it happened in their kitchen. Combining these important lessons with fun for all ages made this a great family outing.

ABOVE: Firefighter Kapu lets Luca and Kaylee Baird hold the fire hose. LEFT: Samuel and Zoe Dobson practice driving the fire truck. PHOTOS: Brian Sheppard

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Wellington Young Actors (WYA) are to make a double whammy this coming October, performing two classic Shakespearean comedies. A condensed version of both The Merchant of Venice and The Winter’s Tale will be performed 20th-22nd of October at Wellington Girls College. Based out of Island Bay and Churton Park, they have been working hard since July, learning the art of performing Shakespeare to bring audi-

ences the best performance that they can. The 12-18 year old youth theatre company members don’t just perform in their shows, they run them. All aspects of the show including design, budgeting, publicity, and fundraising are run by the teenagers with guidance from teacher and director, Deborah Rea. The Churton Park-based group hit a devastating snag when two of their actors, including a lead, left the produc-

tion just seven weeks before the show. The group bounded together, picked themselves up, recast the roles and did some urgent fundraising for more rehearsal time and managed to save the show. Along with tackling the production roles, working with Shakespearean form was a new challenge for the teens. Wellington Young Actors is the capital’s youngest awardwinning theatre company. In the 2015 Wellington Fringe


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Festival they won the Best Newcomer award and were nominated for Outstanding Ensemble with their devised piece, To Sunder. For the past five years, they have continued to create professional level performances, proving that young people are just as capable as putting on amazing, professional performances as their older counterparts. The youth company have been trained by local actor/ director, Deborah Rea.

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