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Thursday August 2, 2018

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True community is based on upon equality, mutuality, and reciprocity. It affirms the richness of individual diversity as well as the common human ties that bind us together.


Property Scouts We provide a guarantee because that’s how confident we are in our proven processes and the services we provide. If a tenant is unable to pay their

rent, we will simply make the payment on their behalf. This not only ensures peace of mind for landlords, it also puts the onus on us to not just find any

tenants but the best tenants for your property. Propertyscouts is now right across the country, with 12 branches from Auckland to Invercargill.

observe and diagnose problems in gait. When you book an appointment bring both the school schools and trainers so we can give advice regarding fit and selection. Young ones should not have to suffer pain or sit on the sidelines at

sport so make an appointment today and get stuck into winter sports pain free this year! Call 473 8696 for an appointment at our office on the Terrace or Ngaio Medical Centre. Website

No longer do you need to have a vein stripped, requiring a hospital stay and general anaesthetic. Our vascular surgeons – Kes Wicks and Dr Lupe offer the latest treatments for varicose veins including radiofrequency ablation of varicose veins and injections. These are walk-in walk-out day procedures under local anaesthetic, which minimizes your down time

while maximizing results. Our vascular surgeons also treat patients with arterial diseases like aneurysms, blockages in your neck arteries (this can cause strokes), DVTs and leg ulcers. SVH are Southern Cross affiliated Providers and also offer Q card finance to help with payments. Phone 0800 83-46-43.

a popular destination for those beyond. All food is made on site from original recipes, as well as a superb blend of coffee and other drinks.

The Chocolate Frog caters to every preference including gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian, and is great for the kids with books and toys available!

Active Feet Do you have concerns about how your children’s feet are developing? When you watch them walk do they roll in at the ankles? Do they 06/05/17 PUBLISHING of complain sore legs or feet? There PUBLICATION YOUR WEEKEND DPT is help at hand. Our Podiatrists SECTION RUN OF PRESS Dr Halpine and Cathy Wright can SIZE 7.2X14 FAX

Specialist Vein Health


Wicks are two surgeons who set up and run Specialist Vein Health (SVH). • All food m ade on-site We offer: Consultation with a Vascu• Kid-frien dly lar Surgeon in 5 locations, Vascular • Great co ffee Ultrasound Lab for diagnosing, LTD CUSTOMER THE VEIN PUBLISHING 06/05/17 • Plenty of SPECIALISTS parking YOUR WEEKENDvein DPT treatSALES REP SCHRISTENSEN PUBLICATION Non-invasive varicose G DESIGNER OUTSOURCER SECTION RUN OF PRESS ment, PROOFED 4/05/2017 10:31:37 a.m. 7.2X14 SpiderSIZE vein treatment with our RegisAD ID WE-7625516AB (100%) FAX tered Nurses, and Compression stocking therapy. IS AD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. NOTE THAT ANY ALTERATIONS BE FINALISED BY OUR MATERIAL DEADLINE.


Chocolate Frog

3 8 823 04-38

Located in Palmers Garden Centre Miramar 69 Miramar Avenue, Wellington Open 7 days 8.30am-4.30pm

Charlotte and Mike have run the Chocolate Frog cafe, in Palmers Garden Centre, Miramar, for 5 years. The cafe is a favourite stop for the residents of Miramar and

Active Feet Podiatry

Active Feet Podiatry

“Caring for walkers of all ages!”

“Caring for walkers of all ages!”

Varicose Vein Treatments

Summer legS are Artery Conditions made in winter

Services We Offer Services We Offer Services We OfferWe Include: Services We Offer Services Off er Include: Include: Include: • Sports injuries • Sports injuries Include: SportsFoot injuries •• Family Care injuries Sports •• Family Foot Care Family Footinjuries Care • Sports ••Verrucae Family Foot Care ••Verrucae Verrucae •• Skin and Nail problems • Family Foot Care • Verrucae Skin and Nail problems •• Orthotic Services Skin•and Nail problems • Verrucae •• Orthotic Services • Orthotic Services Skin and Nail problems Dr. •Tim Halpine Skin and Nail

Spider & Facial Vein Treatment Non invasive and minimal pain

to make an appointment


Wellington - Lower Hutt - Kapiti Palmerston North - Nelson Varicose Vein Treatments Varicose Vein Treatments Artery Conditions specialistveinhealth 2vascularsurgeons Spider &Conditions Facial Vein Treatment Artery Southern Cross Insurance invasive AffiliatedNon Providers. Criteria may and apply. minimal pain

Spider & Facial Vein Treatment Non invasive and minimal pain

Call 0800 83 46 43 to make an appointment


Wellington - Lower Hutt - Kapiti specialistveinhealth 2vascularsurgeons Palmerston North - Nelson

• for Orthotic Caring your feetServices Dr. Tim Halpine Dr. Tim Halpine problems Caring for your feet

MIRAMAR AUTO CENTRE Diagnostic, mechanical & auto-electrical repairs • WOF • COF • Servicing

• Brakes • Steering • Suspension

(04) 260 3332 eate advertisements to meet your specific needs. Please note in some instances we may be unable

Caring for your feet Dr. Tim Halpine • Orthotic Services Caring for your feet

8007641AA 72.H

Call 0800 83 46 43

Harbour City Tower, 29 Brandon Street Wellington & Ngaio Medical Centre Ph: 04 473 Phone: 869604 473 8696 • Harbour City Tower, 29 Brandon Email: 85 The Terrace, Wellington

Propertyscouts offers landlords: • Full property management • Casual let service • Rental guarantee

Street Level 2, Wellington & Ngaio Medical Centre (opposite Solnet House and Aurora Terrace). We have a special in treating Ph:interest 04 473 8696children Phone: 04 473 8696 • - We have a special interest inTerrace, treating children Email:r Level w w w .2, ac 85 t iv eThe f e e t po diat . c Wellington om

8007641AA 72.H



Dr. Tim Halpine Caring for your feet

Visit our website at (opposite House and Aurora Terrace).children We have aSolnet special interest in treating

Ph: 04 473 8696 - We have a special interest in treating children - for more information. w w w . a c t ive f e e t p o d i a t r y . c o m Level 2, 85 The Terrace Wellington

(opposite Solnet House and Aurora Terrace).

Contact the WELLINGTON team on 022 098 7942

- We have a special interest in treating children -

or 027 270 1609

Cook Strait News 02-08-18  

Cook Strait News 02-08-18

Cook Strait News 02-08-18  

Cook Strait News 02-08-18