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Wednesday July 11, 2018

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: The Wellington whale – have you been down to see it?

Peter Wilkinson, Churton Park “No, but I probably will … it’s been the weather.”

Maji Peramune, Newlands “No … I’ve seen whales anyway.”

Adela Edwards, Karori “No … it should be left alone.”

Melissa Dehar, Johnsonville “Not yet.. I’ve been away. But I will.”

Becky Casson, Johnsonville “By accident early on … on a school bus trip along the motorway. The children were so excited.”

Zander Phillips, Johnsonville “No. But I want to!”

EYE ON CRIME In Johnsonville a garage located underneath a house in Woodland Road was entered through a double glass sliding door. A key was left in the lock. Two large speakers and an amplifier were stolen. A bright yellow three fin surfboard was stolen from a white Chrysler PT Cruiser parked overnight on the street in Middleton Road, while a vehicle parked overnight on the road in Cunliffe Street had its petrol tank

drained. Offenders removed the plug under the car and inserted a length of hose into the tank, which was left at the scene but the petrol tank cap is missing. In Newlands the sliding door at the rear of a house in Baylands Drive was jemmied open to gain access. Every room in the house appears to have been searched and the contents of drawers scattered on the floor. Items listed as stolen include a TV set, Xbox 360 and controller, Toshiba

laptop and an Iphone charger, other electronic accessories, two mink blankets, a bag of pregnancy related items, binoculars, several jewellery items, clothing and cash. A boarded door at a house under construction in Grumman Lane was forced open and power tools were stolen. Two vehicles left in the garage of a house in Rice Crescent while the owner is away were removed and both returned later, damaged.

A blue Mitsubishi Pajero stationwagon parked unlocked in Dunmail Way during the early evening was entered by an intruder. A wallet containing a driver’s licence and bank credit and debit cards were stolen and used fraudulently several times. In Khandallah a house in Ganges Road was entered through an unlocked rear door leading to the laundry. Items for washing were removed from the washing machine which was then discon-

nected and stolen. In Churton Park a house in Wantwood Grove was broken into just after 9am, after the resident had left the property. A neighbour saw a young female drive onto the property and knock on the door. As there was no response the female returned to her car and returned with an object which it was later discovered had been used to prise open a window. A list of stolen property is being drawn up.

LETTERS to the editor

MP’s comments challenged Dear Editor National list-MP Brett Hudson should be a bit more honest with his comments. (“Toll another cost says MP” Herald, July 4) He complains of tolls on top of a likely regional fuel tax. No mention that the former National Government also increased fuel taxes to help fund its roading extravaganza. The Public Private Partnership building Transmission Gully has not “saved taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars”. Future generations will be paying this thing off over 25 years, at a far higher cost than the sum to build it now.

Mr Hudson’s claim that “people are more prepared to be stuck in queues of traffic on the existing SH1 than take the train”, is at odds with surging rail patronage which has necessitated the putting-on of extra trains. If drivers aren’t prepared to pay a modest toll for using Transmission Gully, alarm bells should ring over its cost justification. And if road tolls to encourage people onto public transport are so “ludicrous”, perhaps a better answer is simply to make the trains free too! David Bond, Ngaio

Independent Herald 11-07-18  

Independent Herald 11-07-18

Independent Herald 11-07-18  

Independent Herald 11-07-18