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Thursday June 28, 2018

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Newtown public joins Muslims to celebrate end of Ramadan Continued from page 1. “New Zealand is changing and this is one of the things we can do celebrate our diversity.” Eid (full name Eid al-Fitr) marks the end of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar when Muslims worldwide refrain from eating between dawn and dusk as an act of worship to the Prophet Muhammad. The festivity usually involves a feast that can last three days and in some countries it is a

public holiday. At the library there was indeed a feast, with a long table displaying the array of food participants brought for the occasion. To add to the ethnic theme, music included the playing of an Egyptian Oud and there was painting of traditional henna tattoos on offer. Imams Khaled Abbas, of the Alameen Mosque in Newlands, and Mohammed Zewada, of the Kilbirnie Mosque, were on hand to educate the children about the

meaning of Eid. Khaled says the fasting of Ramadan is not just about going without food. “It’s about empathy for people by choosing to go hungry. Eid is about giving food to the poor and needy.” He believes there is no such thing as a “lonely Muslim” in Wellington, as those here are treated like one family. Imam Mohammed Zewada, of Kilbirnie Islamic Centre, says the Newtown Library event was

the first Eid held in Wellington that was for the whole public. “Parliament has held it for 13 years. Some embassies do celebrations as well. “We usually do it every year – last year it was at Wellington High School - but only within the Muslim community. It’s the first time a Wellington library has celebrated it. “We are looking forward to maybe having a Wellington Eid at Westpac Stadium where we could have up to 25,000 people.”

Mission calls for bag donations for winter The Wellington City Mission is encouraging the public to get involved with the Brown Paper Bag Collection as winter starts to bite. The Mission says that during winter too many Wellingtonians are forced to choose between paying for heating or rent, or between getting groceries or warm clothes. Donors can get involved by either filling a shopping bag with goods and dropping them off at any Z Energy Station, where the special Brown Paper Bags are also available, or by getting in touch with the Mission to request some. They can also donate online at the Mission’s website. Specially marked envelopes are also available at Z stations for making financial donations. “Generous support of the Brown Paper Bag Collection will help the Mission provide food parcels for families on low incomes, so they don’t have to choose between food and heating this winter,” communication co-ordinator Kelly Henderson says. “You’ll provide financial mentoring to help people avoid falling into crippling debt because they can’t pay a large power bill. “You’ll ensure the Mission’s Drop-in Centre can offer hot meals, daytime shelter and a place of community for people facing social isolation or homelessness. “The impact of this support often goes much further than we realise. Along with helping people get through the challenging winter months, it sets them up for a better future too.” Last year the Mission provided over 3500 food parcels from its Foodbank and over 23,000 meal servings in its Drop-in Centre. The Brown Paper Bag Collection runs until July 31.

City Missioner Murray Edridge among the Brown Paper Bags filled with donated items for the Mission’s winter appeal. PHOTO: Jamie Adams

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Cook Strait News 28-06-18  

Cook Strait News 28-06-18

Cook Strait News 28-06-18  

Cook Strait News 28-06-18