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Thursday June 21, 2018

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: How do you think the city council is performing so far in its term?

Lyn Wood, Kilbirnie “I think they’re putting too much focus on cycling. Too much money has gone into cycleways.”

Elizabeth Neilsen, Kilbirnie “There needs to be a little bit more investment in social housing, probably more in the suburbs.”

LETTERS to the editor

Apa Hut, Kilbirnie “There are still a lot of homeless people on the street and yet money goes all over the show. It would be great if they had more money.”

Ewan Smith, Mornington “B+. Their intentions are good, they’ve made some good decisions, but sometimes they go on halfcock. It really concerns me that they are pushing for light rail with not enough regard for the costs.”

John Mataban, Berhampore “Barely a pass. The Tory St precinct was a waste of money and the Island Bay cycleway is still a mess and it’s not safe.”

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Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Council officers should be put in mobility bus and leave town Dear Editor, We are pleased that the Council have come to their senses and reversed their thoughts of slam-dunking the Citizens Advice Bureau. It is such an awesome free advisory-cum-consultation service with many dedicated experience volunteers. Councilor Dawson will lose his seat at the next election as we will not forget.

Also it’s really time to have these high-paid council officers put to the cross. Are they this far out of touch as to the merits of the CAB, to warrant the recommended funding cuts, when on the other hand in the same building the Council wants to run with billions of dollars to “move Wellington forward”? It’s the Council officers who should be put in a mobile travelling bus to

Not getting value for money from zealous Council staff Dear Editor Thank you my God that the CAB is being protected rather than being slashed to pieces like some zealous Council officers wanted, as well as an out of touch Councillor Dawson! I call for a review of the Council officers structure as we are not getting value for money when crazy recom-

Sharron Guy, Newtown “A notable difference is they seem to be looking for more community collaboration. They surveyed what women wanted and sponsored some artists for Matariki. They’re reaching out a bit more.”

mendations like this come about. Just $220,000 for the five wonderful CAB outlets is peanuts for what the Mayor is asking us ratepayers to stump up for the billions we have to spend in his updated LTP for projects that foster the developers! On another point I see H Westfold (CSN 14 June) adds to

Council move scared off by petition number Dear Editor Well the online petition of more than 4500 signatures certainly scared the Councillors who wanted to shaft the CAB! The model suggested mobile CABs (we already have taxi cabs) should now be investigated for all Council staff as the staff numbers have grown out of proportion by this overpaid CEO! Perhaps the clear example going forward is to have all wards with a front office like the “Kia Ora Newtown” one that is proving to be great for communications for local real people to link to those council officers who live in the glass place of the CBD. Also the ex-Rev Dawson has to become an ex-councillor as he already is on some other planet! Anita Vogt Newtown

his dislike list as he doesn’t appreciate falcons but I for one think they are beautiful birds and I hope they attack all the awful pigeons around, as well as the odd Christian and defunct Kiwibank managers! Rose Wu Kilbirnie

deliver their edits, and we hope the bus leaves town. Under this present CEO the staff numbers have jumped from 1000 to 1500, and we have one of the highest ratio of officers to poor ratepayers. Susan & Bruce Dryberg Te Aro

Service too good for them to close Dear Editor, As a now retired, but long-term volunteer at the Eastern Suburbs Citizen’s Advice Bureau, I too am appalled at the suggestion any of the bureau should be closed. The Citizen’s Advice Bureaux provide a vital service, keeping people with basic problems, expert, free financial and legal advice, and referring people to the

correct agencies when necessary. The bureau are especially useful to immigrants, newcomers to Wellington and the elderly, who may have difficulty accessing the help they need. It is unbelievable that the Council is considering closing any of the bureaux. Ann Harris, Kilbirnie

Down with Lotteries Commission Dear Editor, Our NZ Lotteries Commission is contrived and corrupt and it needs to be disbanded, closed down by the new Coalition Government. The Lotteries Commissioner has a very high salary and high office running costs, they spend many millions employing staff and advertising under the great auspice that they provide funding for school children’s sports equipment, yet most parents and schools are busy fundraising in their spare time themselves! The millions that the Lotteries Commission claim to be providing does not actually reach the NZ

school children’s sporting needs. Poor venerable New Zealanders suffer most from a corrupt and fraudulent Lotto gaming system run by clever crooked accountants with very sophisticated computing technologies with absolutely no police supervision while spending millions on advertising in projecting itself as the great charitable benefactor. Yet in reality the Lotteries Commission runs the game on a bankrupt budget - many of the big prizes simply disappear back into the Lotto kitty. Lotto uses grand extra prize lures to boost and cover their weekly debt expenditures – umpteen thousands

of so-called extra Christmas, cars, prizes over the past 20 years were non-existent. Now there are too many ‘Free Ticket’ prizes, regular players are sick of getting frequent free ticket prizes, the scratch card games no longer have any real major prizes. Ministers of Internal Affairs have ignored the truth about our Lotteries Commission – the Lotto maths simply do not add up! Lotto should be closed down – because it is hurting the most venerable [sic] citizens. [abridged] Martin Beck, Mornington

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