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Wednesday June 13, 2018

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Public tribute to work of Ngaio artist Continued from page 1. “It’s given me a clear direction, an endorsement, for my work.” Justine has just finished a Master’s degree in Fine Art and Painting from Otago University, following on from her original degree in ceramic art, done some two decades ago. She has worked as a potter and a tutor but painting, she says, “became expedient timewise after having children”. Her painting, called Reckoning, is of her teenage daughter and draws on the tradition of Baroque portraiture. “It’s quiet, but it does hint at an agitation under the

surface.” The catalogue quotes Justine’s words, which describe it as being inspired by the times of summation in our lives, “when we reap the harvest of our choices and a new beginning emerges from the past”. Gallery staff said they felt from early on she was in the running for the People’s Choice award, as early in the exhibition, which opened on March 1, there were several people interested in purchasing it.  The Wellington exhibition closed on May 27, but from July 3 it will be on tour to Auckland, Stratford and Blenheim.

Reckoning: Justine's prizewinning portrait of her daughter.

Plunket acknowledges errors Last week, Plunket began a community consultation process to help them better understand the needs of Karori families with children under five years old, and to discuss the future of the Karori crèche. Radha Balakrishnan, Plunket’s Chief of Strategy and Performance, says the consultation is an opportunity to hear from hundreds of young families in Karori so Plunket can be sure it is delivering the services they need most, saying Plunket appreciated they should have engaged differently about the crèche. “In March this year we made the difficult decision to close the Karori Plunket crèche. We heard a variety of views, ideas and questions from Karori families. Some people understood why we had made this difficult decision, and others strongly felt the crèche should stay.” “Local relationships are vital to Plunket. We hope this consultation process shows our commitment to better working with

Radha Balakrishnan, Plunket’s chief of strategy and performance.

the community and listening so that together we get the best outcomes for the diverse Karori community, and for Plunket.” She says that to make good decisions about Plunket’s future community services, including the crèche, and with more than 700 Karori families currently enrolled with them, it was important they get the full picture.

“We are committed to making fair and informed decisions that involve everyone that cares about families. She says the consultation was being facilitated by an independent contractor, Mary–Jane Rivers, who has had extensive experience in community engagement, to ensure a fair and balanced process. “It is being overseen by a community advisory group made up of Plunket volunteers and staff as well as Plunket service users, a member of the crèche committee, a representative from the Karori Association residents’ group and the Karori Community Centre.” Consultation runs from June 7-25 and Plunket expects to share consultation outcomes and decisions with the Karori community in early August. There will be one-on-one interviews and a number of ways families and others in the community can take part, including an online survey and workshop sessions.

Information is also available on Plunket’s website, and the Karori Plunket Facebook page will be available for people to ask questions and keep updated on progress. Plunket will receive a report at the end of the consultation identifying the needs of young families in Karori, including how and where they think Plunket could help meet those needs. “Guided by our strategy, The Journey Towards Generational Change, Plunket will be able to use what we have learned from the community to make decision about the future of our services, including the crèche,” Radha says. Anyone in Karori who cares about the wellbeing of families with young children is invited to take part in the consultation.  More information can be found on Plunket’s website: How to participate in the Karori Under 5s Plunket consultation, 7 - 25 June 2018.

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Independent Herald 13-06-18  

Independent Herald 13-06-18

Independent Herald 13-06-18  

Independent Herald 13-06-18