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Wednesday June 13, 2018


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Want to make a difference? Volunteers are the heart of Youthline, and play an essential role in making sure we are able to deliver on our mission. Volunteering at Youthline looks and feels different for everyone. We have

some very defined pathways for those interested in counselling, youth work and events, but we are equally interested in volunteers seeking other skills-based or general volunteer roles.


Join the Scouting Adventure as a volunteer leader! Go to to find a group near you, or call 0800 SCOUTS. #SCOUTSNZ

Huntleigh Home thanks its dedicated volunteers Huntleigh Home volunteer Brian Hayes loves nothing more than taking elders out for a drive. “It can be difficult for elders to search out ways to connect with others, but when they’re out and about with me in the van, they’re all looking at flowers, the colours of rocks on cliffs, planes landing and all that sort of thing, which just naturally stimulates conversations,” he explains. “I love seeing the elders get lost in the moment together, and later, they‘ll all know the names of the beaches and places they’ve been, and be able to share those memories, which is great.” This Volunteer Awareness Week, Karori’s Huntleigh Home is saying thanks to dedicated volunteers like Brian. Manager Tim Levchenko-Scott says their devoted efforts make a big difference in residents’ lives. “We’re so lucky to have such a motivated, talented, lovely group of volunteers here at Huntleigh – the home just wouldn’t be the same without them,” he says. “It’s thanks to them that we’re able to offer residents so much choice and variety in their day-to-day lives, and enjoy so many connections with the wider community.”

“To our volunteers, we want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are such key part of what makes Huntleigh the lively, fun place that it is,” says Tim. When Brian is not spending time outdoors with Huntleigh’s elders, he can often be found entertaining them with his piano accordion in the home’s dining room. He says he’s found helping elders thrive in their golden years extremely rewarding and he would encourage anyone thinking of becoming a volunteer to give it a try. “When you retire, life changes, but most people still want to get out and about, feel a part of the community and enjoy life – and so they should, all of the residents here have earned it. “As a volunteer, you get to support the staff to give the residents more of those kinds of opportunities, and you can tell the residents love it, which is extremely rewarding. So I’d definitely tell others give it a go, you won’t regret it!”  Enliven’s Huntleigh Home in Karori offers rest home and hospital care, as well as respite, health recovery care and a day programme. To learn more visit www. or call 04 464 2020.

Independent Herald 13-06-18  

Independent Herald 13-06-18

Independent Herald 13-06-18  

Independent Herald 13-06-18