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Thursday June 7, 2018

LETTERS to the editor


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Why not join a ward with three councillors? Dear Editor I’m surprised that the Southgate people couldn’t see the advantage of voting to join the Eastern suburbs as we have three councillors compared to only two in the Southern Ward.

It really needs more explanation by Council to us all just as we need public information as to the plans to redevelop the Kilbirnie/ Lyall Bay Community Centre which is overdue. I am sure the progressive

Eastern councillors would have more support to upgrade the playground and other facilities sorely needed in the unknown little backwash of Southgate. On the other foot I don’t want Rose Wu (CSN May 31) to

put that NOG Mr Beenie’s slippers under her bed as she has a large collection already there!

Sarah R Wu Kilbirnie

There should be fewer or no wards Dear Editor Paul Eagle states “a better solution to the problem of representation is to have single-member wards” which “would mean there’s more accountability.” What nonsense. Single-member wards are merely a device to shore up electoral support and to create safe seats for incumbent councillors — challengers would need to attain

at least 50 percent + 1 of the votes to unseat them. Multi-seat STV is a system of proportional representation designed to ensure that all significant opinions of the voters are accurately represented on council. It works on diversity, not uniformity. The answer to the “Southgate” question was to reduce the number of wards to three — two 5-seaters

and one 4-seater — or, better still, to elect all 14 councillors citywide, as they do in Dunedin. Then, with challengers needing only 16.7 percent or 20 percent of the votes (or just 6.67 percent in a citywide election) to unseat incumbents, we would see some real accountability. Stephen Todd Hataitai

Rongotai College’s All Whites acknowledged in print By Jamie Adams

Some of Rongotai College’s finest sporting talents of last century were on display when the school held an assembly and luncheon for its Old Boys of the past 90 years on Friday. Over 50 past students attended an assembly, part of a weekend of activities in and around the college organised by its Old Boys Association to celebrate the school’s 90th anniversary. Of them, four were stalwarts of the football scene. They included Paul Cameron and Rodney Reid, who later went on to play for the All Whites, as well as Rhys Watson, the oldest surviving member of Rongotai’s First XI and who later played for Wellington. Paul and Rodney’s careers in football made up part of a booklet published by another Old Boy, Michael Chadwick. Rongotai to All Whites is a collection of profiles of 12 Rongotai College alumni who later represented New Zealand at senior level. At least one of them is a household name – Wynton Rufer, who is regarded as our greatest ever player and was named Oceania Player of the 20th Century. It also includes other players

IT’S TAX TIME AGAIN! Rhys Watson, Rodney Reid, Michael Chadwick and Paul Cameron at Rongotai College after the special Old Boys assembly to celebrate the school’s 90th anniversary on Friday. PHOTO: Jamie Adams

relatively well-known in the sport, such as Shane Rufer, Billy Harris, Michael Utting and Chris Killen, the latter who played in the 2010 World Cup. “When I came to Rongotai in 1947 that’s when football began,” Rhys says. The teams were so strong that it was only within a couple of years they were playing against club sides in an open competition. “We had a lot of outstanding players that came together at the time.” Paul Cameron, who is now the CEO of Volleyball NZ, says the 90th reunion was a great opportuni-

ty for old schoolmates to reminisce. “I think the fact we were playing top sides at Rongotai means we always had very strong teams when we were here. “Rongotai was a great breeding ground for me to learn about football and volleyball.” It was the second Old Boys’ reunion this year for Paul – in February he visited the school with fellow members of a top cricket team from 50 years ago.  Copies of the book are available from the college reception or

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