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Wednesday June 6, 2018

OUT&about Chinese Cultural Day at Churton Park School By Brian Sheppard

Chinese culture was celebrated at Churton Park School on May 29, when years 4 to 6 students by took part in Chinese activities that included martial arts, dumpling-making, dance and Chinese painting. Teachers also ran classes in the use of chopsticks, lion dancing, Chinese stories and music. The school had long wanted to find different ways of making its Asian students, who make up about a third of the school’s roll, feel truly part of the school. An opportunity came this year by adding a trained Mandarin language teacher, Jiangzhi Diao for two terms, to introduce students to the Mandarin language and Chinese culture. Jiangzhi has also started a popular lunch time Man-

darin Club. Deputy Principal Maree Goodall explained that, through interactive activities, song, dance, written and spoken words and art initiatives, the students are experiencing a wealth of language and cultural opportunities to enrich their understanding of another culture, and to highlight the language spoken by many of the school’s students. This initiative was made possible by a collaboration with the Confucius Institute at Victoria University, which has brought some Mandarin language teachers to New Zealand to spend a year working with New Zealand students. They live with a New Zealand family and experience Kiwi culture and education at its best, travelling and practising their own English.

The students making fillings for the dumplings.

Chinese teacher Jiangzhi cooking dumplings in a traditional steamer while the students are filling them

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School librarian Hue Ng teaching Chinese calligraphy

Hai Bo from the Confucius institute at Victoria University is teaching the students a traditional fan dance Chinese teacher Jiangzhi Diao and school principal Anne Lye at the end of the dumpling session, display their sticky hands

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Independent Herald 06-06-18

Independent Herald 06-06-18  

Independent Herald 06-06-18