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Thursday May 31, 2018

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: Would you support nurses if they went on strike for better pay?

Lili Volpicelli, Island Bay “Yes. They work too hard and deserve better pay.”

Duncan McLaughlin, Island Bay “I think it’s important because it is a valid way to influence big organisations whereas individuals won’t have any impact.”

Annie Birch, Newtown “Yes they do deserve a pay rise. Their job is really important and they are definitely overworked.”

Aria McInnes, Island Bay “They definitely do. My mum’s a nurse and the feedback that I’ve heard from her is that they are constantly overworked and understaffed.” 

Alec Rogers, Strathmore “There is a large lack of nurses and the salary currently doesn’t attract people to a job that is so difficult. You have to reward them.”

Arie Bates-Hermans, Melrose “Of course they do. They are incredibly hard-working people and deserve to be compensated.” 

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Bouquet to Bernard, brickbats to dairy farmers Dear Editor, Keep up the great reporting. We look forward each week to hearing about real local news. We note that NOG (Newtown Old Guy) Mr Bernard O’Shaughnessy gains extended hours for his Newtown Library which will be great for the

French teaching school silly idea Dear Editor, I agree with earlier correspondents that Ridgway School should not start a French teaching unit at the school. It’s a silly idea and pushed by some high overpaid public servants who don’t want to pay for expensive special language classes for their own few snotty nosed kids.

The BOTs must stop this nonsense ASAP! Newtown Board and Principal got caned for the concept by the Ministry of Education who pointed out it would be robbing the school’s general fund. Yours faithfully, Anita Vogt Newtown

Playground access was adequate back in the day Dear Editor, The photo on Cook Strait News’s front page (May 25) is certainly a reminder of the passage of time. My own family used the play area at Sinclair Par for several years during the 1970s and it was well positioned, being linked with the walking track up the hill from the Houghton Valley Primary School. Time and a few generations later, the flaws of the Sinclair Park playing area have been highlighted in the local paper. I can never remember the lack of an on-site carpark being an issue. Neighbours used to walk along Buckley Road to the playing area, pushing prams or pushchairs to get there. And yes, we did push them down that steep track (it was as-

phalted). Pushing the pushchair back up to Buckley Road was a good workout! I am aware that there is an on-line petition for a new play area at Southgate Park and I have signed it myself, but reading your recent feature and looking back, I do have good memories of Sinclair Park as it once was. Probably I was fortunate too that at that time that there were plenty of older neighbourhood children willing to include my children in their expeditions to Sinclair Park, enabling me to remain home with my newborn child. And of course at that time the surrounding trees were merely saplings. [abridged] Christine Swift Island Bay

community. He seems to pop up successfully in lots of things, wish he was in our suburb! He could put his slippers under my bed any day! Praise be the lord, and help the Government clean up the mess made by the farmers: first they pollute our rivers with cow dung, then want the

taxpayer to pay for their bad farming practices of moving sick cows around all over NZ. I say: save the cows, shoot the farmers, grow legal weed instead. Yours sincerely Rose Wu Killbirnie

Why isn’t council utilising empty houses? Dear Editor, Why do the powers that be rave on endlessly about homelessness and “we must find a solution” when the solution is already there? For example, the Wellington City Council has several empty houses in Miramar that have been empty for more than two years! When a woman who used to live there asked what was to become of them, she got the typical answer,

“We couldn’t possibly discuss that with you”, making one wonder if it’s already a done deal to sell to developers. There’s empty buildings galore that could be used, but they would rather just talk about it and think everybody is stupid. Carol Doyle, Miramar

Sceptical about authenticity of Matariki Dear Editor; Further to my letter (CSN May 24) about our City Council’s programme for the 2018 Matariki, many of us suspect the claim that this Winter festival is an ancient tradition is apocryphal. Though it is possible that it may have been observed by a few local tribes, it is very doubtful that it

was observed by the entire Maori race; and hardly anyone had heard of it before about 1988, many of us recall. I also remember that, in 2016, we were told that another hitherto-unheard-of Maori festival was to be tacked on to the end of Matariki; but we heard nothing further about this addendum in 2017 and 2018.

Perhaps it had overstrained the credulity of our central and local Government, so was quietly dropped as a failed try-on, for all we shall ever know. An interesting speculation by me, at any rate. H Westfold, Miramar

Mt Albert reserve could have playground if Southgate Park unviable Dear Ed, I am writing regarding your article about the children’s playground at Sinclair Park (CSN, May 24). I agree with Louise and Yael that this playground is inadequate. Not only is the equipment old and not functioning properly, it is also situated on the cold and damp side of the hill. It catches the southerly, and in the afternoons is already in shade. There are no paths for strollers or

seats for parents. No wonder we never see anybody there. The time is long overdue to provide the community with a suitable alternative. Because Southgate Park may be deemed unsuitable due to the gas release pipes, a great alternative would be the grassy area at Mt Albert reserve nearby. This location would be ideal for the 113 residents of Volga Street, whom are also in need of a playground

within walking distance. In total, approximately 450 households would be in easy walking distance of this park. The area is well drained, gets ample sun, and is close to a recreational area and dog off-leash park, making it ideal for all families. Regards, H Williamson (Mother of two) Island Bay

Cook Strait News 31-05-18  

Cook Strait News 31-05-18

Cook Strait News 31-05-18  

Cook Strait News 31-05-18