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Thursday May 31, 2018


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By jamie Adams

Many Southgate residents will be relieved after Wellington City Council yesterday voted to retain the suburb in the Southern Ward. However the ultimate decision is now in the hands of the Local Government Commission (LGC), which has the power to overrule council decisions that are non-compliant with the fair representation requirements under the Local Electoral Act 2001. Continued on page 2. Rongotai MP Paul Eagle, along with Southgate residents Gerald Bryan and Valerie HaganPratt show their confidence that the suburb would remain part of the Southern Ward. PHOTO: Jamie Adams


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Thursday May 31, 2018

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Southgate to remain in Southern Ward, subject to approval Continued from page 1. The Act requires that all wards must have no more than a 10 percent difference in voting population between wards. This decision would give the Southern Ward +14.23 percent more people and the Eastern Ward -13.97 percent fewer. A Representation Review for the 2019 and 2022 local body elections had initially recommended that Southgate be transferred to the Eastern Ward so that Southern can include all of Brooklyn, part of which is currently in the Lambton Ward. The proposal was made because the Eastern Ward, with three councillors, has too few people per councillor. The Southern Ward currently has two as it has the lowest population of any ward in Wellington. Rongotai MP Paul Eagle led a publicity drive about the

matter, distributing letters to all residents encouraging them to have their say. That led to 52 submissions to the council, including 33 from the Southern Ward, with 82 percent of them opposed to the idea. Gerald Bryan and Valerie Hagan-Pratt are two such opponents. Gerald has lived in Southgate for about 30 years and Valerie 22 years. While Gerald accepts that being developed along a ridge makes its allegiance conflicted, Southgate was developed as an extension of Island Bay, reflected by the several roads and paths that connect to it. By contrast, Houghton Bay Road is Southgate’s only connection to the east. Both point out that as Southgate has no commercial centre it is also socially and economically connected to Island Bay.

“It has the schools, a community centre, supermarket, library,” Gerald says. “Even a butcher’s shop — Kilbirnie doesn’t have that,” Valerie says. Paul, a former Southern Ward councillor, got involved due to his personal connection to the area – he and his family lived on Southgate’s Buckley Road for 15 years. “My house was the second to last on the street before the Southern Ward boundary,” Paul says. He notes the irony that while the proposal would have united Brooklyn it would effectively have split Island Bay. He believes a better solution to the problem of representation is to have single-member wards, which had been considered in the past. “It’s a pity it was pre-determined to have multi-member

Old metro trains destined for scrapheap Fifty old commuter train carriages are taking a road trip to Wellington’s Southern Landfill over the next few weeks. The carriages, each about 20 metres long and weighing about 25 tonnes, are being delivered by truck to the landfill where they are to be scrapped. Angus Gabara, Metlink’s Manager of Rail Operations, says the organisation has been trying to sell the old carriages for reuse for years. “Initially they were sold to a South African buyer, who took a first lot of 16 units (32 cars) to be reused in service in Africa. But the deal for the remaining 26 units officially fell through in late 2017.” The Hungarian-built Ganz Mavag trains ran on Wellington’s commuter lines from

the early 1980s until they were replaced by a second order of Matangi trains in 2016. The remaining carriages have been stripped by local company Macaulay Metals. The bogies and motors and other recoverable scrap will be separated from the units but the car body itself contains asbestos within the walls, making much of the scrap unsalvagable. “Asbestos is contained in the anti-drum coating and will remain undisturbed during the dismantling and transport to the Southern Landfill.” The carriages will then be crushed and buried. “Burying the carriages is the least expensive and safest way to dispose of the carriages because of the asbestos issue.”

A Ganz Mavag train is transported from the Lower Hutt railyards, bound for the Southern Landfill. PHOTO: Supplied

Disposal will be environmentally safe as the area where the carriages will be dumped has a layered cap to prevent the leaching of chemicals.

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wards. Single-member would mean there’s more accountability.” Councillors Andy Foster and Brian Dawson voted against allowing the LGC to decide on the fate of Southgate. While Andy supports Southgate remaining in the Southern Ward, he offered an alternative proposal of increasing the number of councillors in the city to 16, which would allow the Southern Ward to include Brooklyn while retaining Southgate. It would also ensure the voting numbers of within each ward would be relatively even. Paul says he would have supported such a proposal. While Andy’s proposal was rejected, he is pleased another review will be on the table in three years’ time instead of six. The LGC is expected to make its ruling by January next year.

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The whole operation is expected to take around a month to complete. One carriage has been given to the National Railway Museum in Christchurch.

Thursday May 31, 2018

Experiencing Marine Reserves inspires local student


inbrief news Restored Carillon sound as a bell Pukeahu National War Memorial Park was the site of a double celebration yesterday with the reopening of the restored Carillon and the unveiling of the Wellington’s Bell Stories interactive display. The majority of the 74 Carillon bells honour those who died in the First World War, with the rest dedicated to battles, military units, and related groups.  The interactive display provides an in-depth look at the stories behind five of the Carillon bells donated by Wellingtonians.   Ministry for Culture and Heritage Chief Executive Paul James is pleased to see the Carillon earthquake strengthened and restored to its former glory.

DIY winter workshops Bunnings Warehouse Lyall Bay is once again hosting a series of DIY workshops, this time for the winter season. The weekend workshops include advice on how to best warm your home, indoor inspiration and flooring. The second weekend features workshops that celebrate World Environment Day. The workshops at the Kingsford Smith St, Rongotai store will be held every Saturday and Sunday throughout June at 11am and 1pm.

ABOVE: Waimarama Taipiata-Bright experiences the Blue Maomao Arch at the Poor Knights Island Marine Reserve. PHOTO: Darryl Torckler RIGHT: Waimarama’s artwork, which won the EMR Bobby Stafford-Bush Ocean Art prize for Wellington region.

Local student Waimarama Taipiata-Bright has returned “inspired” after an unforgettable weekend snorkelling at the Poor Knights Island Marine Reserve off Northland’s coast, as part of an education programme. Students and their parents explored the Blue Maomao arch, named as one of the top 10 dive sites around the world by Jacques Cousteau, and home to thousands of its namesake fish and a multitude of other stunning biodiversity. For Waimarama the experience was “truly a trip to remember”.

“Words can’t express how exhilarating and entertaining the Poor Knights were,” she says. Waimarama was one of 30 students from across New Zealand selected to take part in the annual Experiencing Marine Reserves (EMR) trip this year, which she earned her place by winning the EMR Bobby Stafford-Bush Ocean Art prize for the Wellington region. Her artwork was about representing the need to look after the marine environment for the younger generation, depicting a young woman looking out

over Steeple rock (known as Te Aroaro-o-Kupe) in Seatoun where she attends school. Waimarama and her fellow students from Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Nga Mokopua were able to take part in the EMR programme in Wellington last term thanks to funding received from the Nikau Foundation. Their engagement with the EMR programme is also part of a year-long programme – Te Kura Moana – for full immersion Te Reo Maori schools. Delivered in partnership with Mountains to Sea Wellington and Te Aho Tu Roa with


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funding support from Curious Minds, the Te Kura Moana programme has students learning about traditional and contemporary methods of marine protection, and how Maori science and knowledge could be used to protect places that are significant to their iwi and hapu. This year is also the 10th anniversary of Taputeranga Marine Reserve, and to celebrate Mountains to Sea Wellington will be providing many more engaging marine experiences to schools and communities towards the end of this year.

Local economy ‘in a good place’ Wellington City Council Econom ic Development Portfolio leader Simon Marsh says Wellington is “in a good place” 18 months after the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake. “Our economy has clearly grown in the last quarter, our unemployment rate continues to fall and the number of new residential building consents has grown,” the Eastern Ward councillor says. Wellington City’s economy grew by 2.7 percent in the year to March, while the unemployment rate dropped to 4.2 percent from 4.7 percent for the March quarter. The city gained 2772 people in the year to March 2018, which is nearly double the 10-year average.

SIMON ‘SWAMPY’ MARSH Your Eastern Ward City Councillor

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Thursday May 31, 2018

inbrief news App to help families with asthma Following World Asthma Day celebrations on May 1, Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ has launched phase three of the ‘My Asthma’ app, which can store more than one Asthma Action Plan per device. This means that families with more than one person with asthma will now be able to save multiple action plans, holding all the information to action when a person with asthma starts to feel unwell. Chief Executive Letitia O’Dwyer says the app is a “vital resource” for people with asthma all around the country and now has over 1150 users. It is available free from Google Play and Apple App stores.

Walking/ cycling investment positive A cost-benefit study published by Victoria University of Wellington and the New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities found that a walking and cycling programme in two New Zealand cities has shown a good return on investment. The study shows the benefits of walking and cycling—primarily health gains and carbon emissions reduction—outweighed the costs of better facilities and associated educational campaigns by 10 to one. The research found that the most important economic benefits were health gains from use of active transport. The study estimated that the annual benefits for health were two lives saved plus significant reductions in cardiac disease, diabetes, cancer, and respiratory disease.

Doctors ‘perform unnecessary tests’ One in five New Zealanders think their doctor has recommended a test or treatment that wasn’t necessary for their health, a survey by Consumer NZ and the Council of Medical Colleges has found. Overall, 35 percent of consumers felt some tests or treatments did not benefit the patient. Council of Medical College chair Dr Derek Sherwood says just because tests and treatments are available doesn’t mean we should always use them. Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin says consumers should feel able to ask their doctor questions so they can make informed decisions.

Students polish vocal chords for Big Sing The Big Sing is returning for 2018, with secondary school choirs from around the region preparing for their big moment in the choral calendar. This year will be one of the largest on record, with 40 school choirs signed up - including new choirs from Paraparaumu College and Wellington High School. Ten choirs from five secondary schools in Wellington’s south and east will participate in this year’s event, to be held on June 18 and 19 at the Michael Fowler Centre. The Big Sing has been a firm fixture on the choral calendar in regions throughout New Zealand for over 30 years. New Zealand Choral Federation secretary Greg Maxted says Wellington’s competition has developed a special position, with a supportive festivallike atmosphere amongst the entrants, and participation rates that would be “unimaginable almost anywhere else”. Each choir will present three pieces in a 10-minute bracket

Wellington East Girls’ College’s senior choir taking part in last year’s Big Sing competition at the Michael Fowler Centre. PHOTO: Supplied

during daytime sessions, including an art song and one with New Zealand or Pasifika origins. From those sets, they will select one item to perform as part of the evening’s blockbuster gala concert. These categories are purposefully left broad enough for each school to bring their own style to what they present. As well as the overall award,

By Jamie Adams

It is a matter of wait and see as to whether Wellington Regional Hospital’s unionised nurses, midwives and health care assistants employed by Capital and Coast District Health Board (CCDHB) will go on two daylong strikes later this winter. Members of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) had earlier this week planned to walk off the job nationwide for 24 hours from 7am on Thursday July 5 and again from 7am on Thursday July 12 after protracted pay talks

broke down. The online and postal vote for industrial action followed two employer offers being rejected by NZNO members. However later that day the country’s DHBs had nearly doubled their offer to nurses, delaying the confirmation of strike action while nurses mull it over. The offer included 3 percent pay increases in June, August and August 2019, along with a $2000 lump-sum payment and an increase in on-call rates. “The offer will invest $520m between now and mid-2020 for

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for the industrial action in the event members do not ratify the revised DHB offer. “Full commitment to providing agreed life preserving services will be negotiated. Patient safety is paramount. We will be compliant with the Code of Good Faith for the public health sector,” Memo says. “This is a very difficult decision for members and is not taken lightly.” The CCDHB did not respond by Wednesday as to what contingency plan the hospital had in place should strike action go ahead.

aim is “toOur provide a

Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington

njoy the innovative fresh takes on Shakespeare Email: y students40from around Wellington Region! Kilbirnie Crescent, Kilbirnie

base pay increases, more staff and improving working conditions,” DHBs spokeswoman Helen Mason said on Monday. NZNO industrial services manager Cee Payne says the offer is likely to be voted on by members between June 5 and 15. “If members vote to reject any improved DHB offer the members’ next course of action would be industrial action,” she says. Its chief executive Memo Musa says NZNO has had a first meeting with DHB representatives to begin preparation

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Isaac Stone). Each went on to secure silver awards in the finale. Greg encourages the public to support these talented choristers as they start what they hope will be lifelong passions. The day sessions will begin at 10.30am and 2pm each day, with tickets available on the door. The evening gala concerts will begin at 7pm with tickets available via Ticketmaster.

Nurses on brink of striking as DHB ups offer

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adjudicator Judy Bellingham will award category prizes in an increasingly deep pool of talent. Next month’s event will be used to find the 24 finalists for the national The Big Sing Finale later this year. Last year two Wellington choirs were selected: Cantala from Wellington East Girls’ College (directed by Brent Stewart), and Blue Notes from Tawa College (directed by

caring Home for elderly people and to be a responsible employer to our staff.

Bookings: Fees will apply $30 Adults; $20 Concessions & Adult Friends; $12 Students; $10 Student Friends per day and Sunday evening

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Thursday May 31, 2018

Milestone reached as management of Hataitai facilities merges

Signing the MOU on behalf of the Hataitai Community House HCH) and the Hataitai Community Recreation Trust (HCRT) are, from left: HCH chairman Chris Hare, HCH secretary Jane de Lisle, HCRT director Barbara Benson, HCH committee member Judy Kerr, and HCRT directors Roy Glass and Craig Harbour. PHOTO: Supplied

A significant milestone was reached last night at the Hataitai Bowling Club with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Hataitai Community Recreation Trust and the Hataitai Community House and Childcare Collective Inc, merging the two facilities’ management systems. Chair of the MOU working group, Barbara Benson said that a group of four, representing the two organisations, had taken the initial work of a sub-committee and refined it over a six months period to produce the finished document. “Now the combined Joint Management Committee can progress under a new

structure which will manage the two facilities. It has taken some time to finesse the document we signed tonight, but it was worth all the time we put in,” says Barbara. “Tonight is testimony to all the work that has been going on in Hataitai to give residents the diversity of services they require. “A feasibility survey of residents’ thoughts about the use of the Hataitai Bowling Club is under way at the moment and transport issues are being addressed.” During the signing evening, guests congratulated Jane de Lisle who has been a long-term dedicated secretary for meetings for many years.



Thursday May 31, 2018

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Thursday May 31, 2018

Topical local film confronts youth suicide, racial stereotypes A new film set in Wellington’s eastern suburbs has taken guerrilla film-making to the extreme in its themes of selfharm and attempted suicide, as well as its smashing of racial stereotypes. Strathmore Park film maker Mike Murphy’s 25-minute film, Four Months 4 Seconds captures the pain of teen Harry and his parents, as their increasingly volatile marriage implodes. This is juxtaposed with Harry’s relationship with his two friends, both seemingly intent on aiding his destruction. Faced with unbearable challenges, Harry seeks a way out and it is up to his friend Sim to talk him out of it. Director, Mike Murphy was aware of the difficult subject matter; both he and the producer have experienced suicide in their lives. “Young people are faced with challenges that they often have

on their own.”. He says while ideally parents would always be involved in helping their teens, in reality that’s not the case. “Often it’s friends who know what’s going on, and in some cases they’re the ones offering the advice. We wanted to explore that.” Mike notes a five-year Victoria University study shows just under a third of secondary school students aged between 13 and 18 deliberately hurt themselves. “It’s very topical, and the series 13 Reasons Why has also shone a light on this subject matter.” Mike wrote, filmed and edited Four Months 4 Seconds, and even applied the special effects. “I just had a Handycam with internal camera sound.” As a result he accepts the sound and picture quality is “not perfect”, but it is the story Harry Bartle as Harry in a scene from the movie Four Months 4 Seconds.

that matters. “The crucial point is that this is a story about a young man struggling with real challenges, and I wanted to give the story, the characters, as much credence as possible.” Murphy, who is of Ngati Poru decent, also reverses racial stereotyping of young Maori in film. “The casting of Sim (played by Nick Ratapu) was deliberate. Not all young Maori come from loveless, poverty-stricken

circumstances.” Producer Susan Fogerty, who plays Harry’s mother, says the team has been “super surprised” by the number of views and comments on Vimeo since it was uploaded on May 20. “We’ve had a lot of feedback from people saying they really value the way this short has treated such sensitive subject matter.”  To view the film go to https://


Queens Birthday - OPEN DAY -

MONDAY JUNE 4TH 2018 – 10AM - 4PM

Visit the historic World War Two Wrights Hill Fortress in Karori. Self guided tours. Lots of fun for the family. Bush walks, panoramic views. From Karori Rd, turn left into Campbell St, to Wrights Hill Rd. Follow the signs. Plenty of free car parking. Bring a torch with you! Family Pass: $20 (2 adults+3 children under 15) Adults: $8 Children: $5 (Sorry, no EFTPOS) Enquiries: Mike Lee (04) 4768 593

Visit us online:


Tours of School 7pm to 8pm - Presentation by Principal 8.10pm to 8.30pm

City social enterprises among award finalists Three social enterprises are among the finalists of the Wellington Gold Awards. Deputy Mayor Jill Day acknowledged Thankyou Payroll, Nisa Clothing, and Enspiral Dev Academy for their contribution to the capital, and they will be invited to attend the Wellington Gold Award winners’ event in July. In its third year, the Wellington City Council sponsored Socia l Enter pr ise Showcase has shone a light on numerous groups that have made a positive contribution to Wellington, says Jill. Enspiral Dev Academy is New Zealand’s only full-time intensive “boot camp” for software developers. It is keen to grow the tech industry and be an active part of Wellington’s vibrant code-creating community. Nisa Clothing is an ethical clothing label, whose

products include underwear made by women from refugee backgrounds. They have sewing skills from their home countries, which have been built on by training them to use the label’s specialist lingerie sewing machines. Thankyou Payroll is provides free payroll intermediary services to small/medium enterprises and charities nationwide. It uses an IRD subsidy to cover its costs and puts 25c per person per pay (up to $1.25 per client) into the Thankyou Charitable Trust, which distributes funds to the community. The Gold Awards are the Wellington region’s business awards that were established in 1999. Over 2000 Wellington businesses have actively participated to date.

At Rongotai College, we provide an educational environment which challenges boys to be the best they can be in all areas of school life. This is shown by continued success in our “core business” - the academic achievement of our students. NCEA results continue to improve, and are now are similar to or above higher decile local schools and well ahead of boys in similar decile schools and boys nationally. In 2017:

Mr Kevin Carter

• NCEA Level 1 – 82% • NCEA Level 2 – 93% • NCEA Level 3 – 69%


Tom Hughes Prefect 2017

Rian Lee Dux 2017, Prefect 2017

NZ Outstanding Scholarship in Biology NCEA Level 3 with Excellence Otago University Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship

NZ Scholarship in Biology NCEA Level 3 with Excellence including Excellence in 2 subjects University of Canterbury Dux Scholarship

Ollie Galvin

Charlie Symon

Prefect 2018

Year 11 Student 2017 NCEA Level 1 with Excellence, including Excellence in 4 subjects

NCEA Level 2 with Excellence including Excellence in 3 subjects


“Rongotai College encourages excellence in all things and is committed to helping every boy be the best he can be”


Thursday May 31, 2018

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: Would you support nurses if they went on strike for better pay?

Lili Volpicelli, Island Bay “Yes. They work too hard and deserve better pay.”

Duncan McLaughlin, Island Bay “I think it’s important because it is a valid way to influence big organisations whereas individuals won’t have any impact.”

Annie Birch, Newtown “Yes they do deserve a pay rise. Their job is really important and they are definitely overworked.”

Aria McInnes, Island Bay “They definitely do. My mum’s a nurse and the feedback that I’ve heard from her is that they are constantly overworked and understaffed.” 

Alec Rogers, Strathmore “There is a large lack of nurses and the salary currently doesn’t attract people to a job that is so difficult. You have to reward them.”

Arie Bates-Hermans, Melrose “Of course they do. They are incredibly hard-working people and deserve to be compensated.” 

LETTERS to the editor Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Bouquet to Bernard, brickbats to dairy farmers Dear Editor, Keep up the great reporting. We look forward each week to hearing about real local news. We note that NOG (Newtown Old Guy) Mr Bernard O’Shaughnessy gains extended hours for his Newtown Library which will be great for the

French teaching school silly idea Dear Editor, I agree with earlier correspondents that Ridgway School should not start a French teaching unit at the school. It’s a silly idea and pushed by some high overpaid public servants who don’t want to pay for expensive special language classes for their own few snotty nosed kids.

The BOTs must stop this nonsense ASAP! Newtown Board and Principal got caned for the concept by the Ministry of Education who pointed out it would be robbing the school’s general fund. Yours faithfully, Anita Vogt Newtown

Playground access was adequate back in the day Dear Editor, The photo on Cook Strait News’s front page (May 25) is certainly a reminder of the passage of time. My own family used the play area at Sinclair Par for several years during the 1970s and it was well positioned, being linked with the walking track up the hill from the Houghton Valley Primary School. Time and a few generations later, the flaws of the Sinclair Park playing area have been highlighted in the local paper. I can never remember the lack of an on-site carpark being an issue. Neighbours used to walk along Buckley Road to the playing area, pushing prams or pushchairs to get there. And yes, we did push them down that steep track (it was as-

phalted). Pushing the pushchair back up to Buckley Road was a good workout! I am aware that there is an on-line petition for a new play area at Southgate Park and I have signed it myself, but reading your recent feature and looking back, I do have good memories of Sinclair Park as it once was. Probably I was fortunate too that at that time that there were plenty of older neighbourhood children willing to include my children in their expeditions to Sinclair Park, enabling me to remain home with my newborn child. And of course at that time the surrounding trees were merely saplings. [abridged] Christine Swift Island Bay

community. He seems to pop up successfully in lots of things, wish he was in our suburb! He could put his slippers under my bed any day! Praise be the lord, and help the Government clean up the mess made by the farmers: first they pollute our rivers with cow dung, then want the

taxpayer to pay for their bad farming practices of moving sick cows around all over NZ. I say: save the cows, shoot the farmers, grow legal weed instead. Yours sincerely Rose Wu Killbirnie

Why isn’t council utilising empty houses? Dear Editor, Why do the powers that be rave on endlessly about homelessness and “we must find a solution” when the solution is already there? For example, the Wellington City Council has several empty houses in Miramar that have been empty for more than two years! When a woman who used to live there asked what was to become of them, she got the typical answer,

“We couldn’t possibly discuss that with you”, making one wonder if it’s already a done deal to sell to developers. There’s empty buildings galore that could be used, but they would rather just talk about it and think everybody is stupid. Carol Doyle, Miramar

Sceptical about authenticity of Matariki Dear Editor; Further to my letter (CSN May 24) about our City Council’s programme for the 2018 Matariki, many of us suspect the claim that this Winter festival is an ancient tradition is apocryphal. Though it is possible that it may have been observed by a few local tribes, it is very doubtful that it

was observed by the entire Maori race; and hardly anyone had heard of it before about 1988, many of us recall. I also remember that, in 2016, we were told that another hitherto-unheard-of Maori festival was to be tacked on to the end of Matariki; but we heard nothing further about this addendum in 2017 and 2018.

Perhaps it had overstrained the credulity of our central and local Government, so was quietly dropped as a failed try-on, for all we shall ever know. An interesting speculation by me, at any rate. H Westfold, Miramar

Mt Albert reserve could have playground if Southgate Park unviable Dear Ed, I am writing regarding your article about the children’s playground at Sinclair Park (CSN, May 24). I agree with Louise and Yael that this playground is inadequate. Not only is the equipment old and not functioning properly, it is also situated on the cold and damp side of the hill. It catches the southerly, and in the afternoons is already in shade. There are no paths for strollers or

seats for parents. No wonder we never see anybody there. The time is long overdue to provide the community with a suitable alternative. Because Southgate Park may be deemed unsuitable due to the gas release pipes, a great alternative would be the grassy area at Mt Albert reserve nearby. This location would be ideal for the 113 residents of Volga Street, whom are also in need of a playground

within walking distance. In total, approximately 450 households would be in easy walking distance of this park. The area is well drained, gets ample sun, and is close to a recreational area and dog off-leash park, making it ideal for all families. Regards, H Williamson (Mother of two) Island Bay

Thursday May 31, 2018

MP backs rebranded gambling trust’s focus on responsibility By Jamie Adams

Rongotai MP Paul Eagle supports the refocus of a Rotorua-based gambling trust it says will now safeguard the users of pokie machines while continuing to serve the organisations that benefit from their proceeds. A new strategic direction aims to strike the right balance of benefit for local communities, with harm minimisation for gamblers, the One Foundation says. Formerly known as First Sovereign Trust, it has contributed more than $90 million to community organisations and initiatives since it was first established, including nearly $12 million in the last fi-

nancial year. At a presentation at Westpac Stadium last Thursday, the trust launched its One Foundation brand, which included the announcement of an intelligent agent for online grant applications and a stronger focus on identifying and managing harmful behaviour. This focus includes working with the Problem Gambling Foundation to ensure gamblers can better access counselling services when needed. Chief executive Kerry Bird says One Foundation is the first class 4 gaming trust in New Zealand to implement an online self-service grants system for its users. “We’ve developed a number of other online innovations, including

From left, Rongotai MP Paul Eagle, One Foundation CEO Kerry Bird and CEO Ben Sippola of Ole Football Academy, one of the trust’s many Wellington beneficiaries. PHOTO: Jamie Adams

One Bot – a chatbot which guides applicants through the online grant application process.” Kerry says One Foundation is also working closely with the Department of Internal Affairs with its ‘Choice not Chance’ resource kits to provide training and education to venue staff. “We were the first trust in New Zealand to adopt their active sweep register, where gambling rooms are observed every 30 minutes to ascertain any signs of harmful behaviour.” Paul says it is unprecedented for the Department of Internal Affairs and the Problem Gambling Foundation to join forces with a gambling trust to encourage responsible behaviour. “It is the first time I have seen a genuine attempt by a gaming machine trust to be overt in helping the users. “We are seeing less outlets and less machines as people have been concerned about the impacts.” Community organisations in the Rongotai electorate that have benefited from First Sovereign’s grants include Whanau Manaaki Kindergarten, Rongotai College, Miramar Rangers, Poneke Football Club and Miramar Tennis Club.


Contact 04 587 1660



Thursday May 31, 2018

Advertising Feature

book now at Rough Peel Music Here at Rough Peel Music we are music lovers first. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we will get it in for you. If you need a turntable or accessories,

we can help there too. Come into RPM for all your music needs. We deliver weekly to over 25 000 homes and at least 60 000 consumers across Wellington

Boulcott Suites Boulcott Suites, part of Village Accommodation Group, is proud to be the Headline Partner for the Wellington Jazz Festival 2018. Boulcott Suites is a unique 5-star apartment hotel that has been designed and fully furnished with elegance and style. From studio apartments and spacious single-level suites to fully-equipped executive four bedroom townhouses,

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Light House Cinema

If you’re looking for a boutique cinema experience you’ve found us! We’re showing a couple of great classics this Wellington Jazz Festival weekend, plus some fantastic new

films too. Throw in great coffee, fresh food, boutique beers and fine wines, then sit back, relax and unwind with Jazz on Film at Light House Cinema.

Stop the press! This is one Jazz Hot cocktail deal. Come on down to Foxglove for some sweet jazz - and a Pannasié Sour for just $14! Named after the first Editor-in-Chief of Jazz Hot, the world’s longest running jazz magazine

Offer available venue-wide, 6–10 June.


For Great Jazz...

is played from the heart. You can even live by it. Always love it.

- Louis Armstrong

and every other genre. Vinyl and CD - New and second hand. Trades Welcome.

ROUGH PEEL MUSIC 173 Cuba St, Wgtn

View the Cook Strait News online

Thursday May 31, 2018

Anne Frank exhibition comes to Wellington

From left, Dutch Ambassador Rob Zaagman, Mayor Justin Lester, Anne Frank Chairman Boyd Klap, Holocaust Centre NZ Chairman Jeremy Smith, German Ambassador Gerhard Thiedemann and Holocaust Centre NZ Education Director Chris Harris. PHOTO: Supplied

A new exhibition about the famous German victim of the Nazi Holocaust, Anne Frank, is now on display at the Dominion Museum. Anne Frank, Let Me Be Myself was officially opened by Wellington Mayor Justin Lester last week at a presentation that included the ambassadors of Israel, Germany, Holland and Poland and several Holocaust survivors. “There is nothing more frightful than ignorance and prejudice in action,” Justin says. “No one in 1933 could have predicted the horror their country would experience. No one can predict the impact of fringe voices in society.

“It’s my job and your job - our job - to give nothing to racism. We must stand up to intolerance every time we see it.” Justin urged the positive reinforcement of Wellington’s tolerant attitude must continue down the generations. “This exhibition will illuminate, insight, and teach us to never forget and to learn from the horrors we have seen.” Other speakers included Boyd Klap, who is the same age as Anne Frank would be and lived in Holland during the Nazi occupation, and Inge Woolf who escaped from the Nazis in Vienna with her family, aged three. Tawa College student Rachel

Digney gave a moving reading from Anne Frank’s diary followed by her own speech encouraging people of her generation to stand up to prejudice. Jeremy Smith, chairman of the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand, which has brought the exhibition to these shores, also spoke about the good work the HCNZ are doing, nationally, with schools and colleges. The exhibition was recently displayed at Auckland War Memorial Museum, where over 40,000 people experienced the story of Anne Frank, including 10,000 high school children. The Wellington exhibition runs until July 22.

Wellington tops world quality of life rankings - again Wellington shocked many when it was ranked the most liveable city in the world last year, and it has kept that number one spot in 2018 according to a list compiled by Deutsche Bank. For the second year running, Wellington has topped Deutsche Bank’s list of 50 cities with the best quality of life, beating Zurich, Copenhagen, Edinburgh and Vienna. Auckland was 12th on the list. The rankings look at purchasing power, safety, health care, cost of living, property price-to-income ratios, traffic commutes, pollution and climate. “If quality of life is your only concern, then Wellington continues to be the best place of our 50 cities to live in,” according to the Deutsche Bank report authors.

Wellington was ranked as the least polluted of the cities and was ranked fourth best for property-to-income ratio and commuting, and fifth for its climate – overall earning the top spot. “Wellington is in good company with the cities on that list, but to top it is a seriously sweet feeling,” Wellington Mayor Justin Lester says. “On an international scale we are safe, the city is affordable, and we’ve got good transport connections. Most importantly we’ve got a city full of wonderful people, which makes everyday living here a pleasure. “Wellingtonians like to say you can’t beat the city on a good day, but looks like we’ve had two good years and we couldn’t be prouder.”

The capital also scored well for the price of a monthly transport pass, in the “cheap date index”, and the “cappuccino index” shows it is mid-table in terms of the price of a cup of coffee. WREDA Chief Executive Lance Walker says Wellington being named the most liveable city in the world vindicates what Wellingtonians already know. “Wellington’s a city that is easy to live in. It’s compact, connected, and innovative with a lifestyle that’s making the world sit up and take notice.”  Deutsche Bank’s top 10 most liveable cities: 1. Wellington 2. Zurich 3. Copenhagen 4. Edinburgh 5. Vienna 6. Helsinki 7. Melbourne 8. Sydney 9. Frankfurt 10. Amsterdam

GOT NEWS? Contact 04 587 1660



Thursday May 31, 2018

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Courtenay Cosmetic Clinic

Bloom Clinic

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PROOFED 4/05/2017 10:31:37 a.m.

SIZE 7.2X14

Just putting up with spider veins? AD ID WE-7625516AB (100%) FAX You may be able to live with your spider veins but NOTE they could beANY the sign of an PLEASE APPROVE THIS AD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. THAT ALTERATIONS underlying vein issue. A consultation with MUST BE FINALISED BY OUR MATERIAL DEADLINE. our vascular nurses will let you know. Our high-spec laser machine can gently fade those spider veins on your face or legs. Book a consultation and see how we can CAN FLOWERS HELP IN DIABETES? tailor treatment for you on: 388 2025 or LTD CUSTOMER THE VEIN SPECIALISTS PUBLISHING 06/05/17





SECTION RUN OF PRESS SIZE 7.2X14 The Flower Study in Diabetes FAX

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“It is a natural extract from an University of Otago researchers ALTERATIONS edible plant so we anticipate it are developing a new naturto be very safe,” Dr Krebs says. “So al product derived from the far five men have completed the dahlia plant that could prevent tests and preliminary results are diabetes. very encouraging”. The next step is a preliminary If a man is interested but doesn’t clinical study, with men beknow if he has prediabetes, he tween 18 and 65 years old who could check out his risk by comhave prediabetes.

We are looking for people with pre-diabetes to trial a PLEASE APPROVE THIS AD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. NOTE THAT ANY new flower extract to see whether it can reduce blood glucose levels. MUST BE FINALISED BY OUR MATERIAL DEADLINE. It will require 4 visits to Wellington Hospital for 3 hours each time.

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Thursday May 31, 2018 Wednesday November 18, 2015

NZ’s first rainbow Toastmasters launches in Wellington To Lease

SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week. Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150.


2m seasoned pine $180

Trades and Services

4m Split pine store for next winter $330


Large Bags Dry Pine/

Composed by Tony Watling 11th. Nov. 2015

13 13

Large Bags Kindling $13

hardwood mix $14 installations by top-qualified electrician with record of over yearshistory of giving locals in Wainui Nextfifty month will be the made FreeAtDelivery the meeting guests will get to lowest cost service, just as “around-the-clock” OUTSpoken Toastmasters hosts meet experienced Toastmasters, Our summer pools were built by us. its demonstration meetingorinemail central including well-known comedian Neil phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 Blends in well did cause no fuss. Wellington with an aim to reach out Thornton who will be presenting a Tradesasand With hydro slide will cause a splash. to the wider rainbow community and guest speech partServices of the evening’s And to it many people dash. showcase how Toastmasters can help proceedings. Situation Vacant Through native bush we twist and wiggle. people to develop their communicaWhile there are over 15,000 ToastFrom the children brings a giggle. tion and leadership skills. masters clubs globally there are less The demonstration meeting will al- than 20 rainbow clubs worldwide. Severn days a week the place is open. low visitors to gain an understanding “We’ve been working closely with Hot summer days we all are hopen! of what Toastmasters is about and our trans-Tasman colleagues as we how it can help to empower people both branch out into this new venture to develop their communication and – which is46one of the great things Waione St Petone Public Notice leadership skills which can be applied about the Ph: Toastmasters community, 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm across all aspects of life. we’re all in it together and willing Formerly cpa spares OF THE D AY “The idea of launching a rainbow to pitch in and help each other” says Wainuiomata Squash Club club in Wellington has been talked Owen. Funeral AGM about forN many years. I know that “We aren’t able toDirector develop as leadit was talked about before I joined ers, or as people if we aren’t in a safe 51. J.K. Toastmasters five years ago,” says environment. That’s why I’ve been Rowling 7.00pm co-founder Owen Winter. advocating for a rainbow club for so chose the Monday 30th November “This year the stars have aligned, long.” says co-founder Carol Mitchell, unusual At the Clubrooms and we managed to get a great team who is also a past District Director of name working to get this off the ground. Toastmasters New Zealand. ‘Hermione’ “We’re excited to provide this op-  The OUTSpoken Toastmasters Corner of Main Road so young portunity to our Wellington rainbow Demonstration Meeting will be held and Moohan Streets, Wainuiomata girls community and hope that we can help at S&M’s Cocktail and Lounge Bar, wouldn’t forge a path for future leaders as well 178 Cuba Street, Wellington, at 7pm, be teasedToastmasters co-founders Carol Mitchell and Owen Winter. PHOTO: Supplied on Thursday June 7. as collectively explore our stories.” Rainbow Bringing local news for being nerdy! to the community




Westpac Rescue Helicopter NZ’s ‘most trusted charity’ Situation Vacant

Westpac Rescue Helicopter is New Zealand’s has named Westpac Rescue Helicopter as their Most Trusted Charity of 2018 according to the most trusted charity, because their support annual Reader’s Digest public poll. is what keeps us flying,” Life Flight Chief Westpac Rescue Helicopters service the Executive Ian Pirie adds, four main New Zealand centres: Wellington, Westpac Rescue Helicopters are available Auckland, Waikato and Christchurch; and 24/7, when speed to hospital is critical or from these bases cover the majority of New when the location is remote or challenging. Zealand. Life Flight’s Westpac chopper serves the lower The Wellington-based service is managed by North and upper South Island. the Life Flight Trust. Helicopter pilot Harry During May, the service celebrated Chopper Stevenson says it is “fantastic” that it is being Country, the theme of this year’s Westpac Deliverers Required in Westpac branch staff created recognised.” Chopper Appeal. “There is a huge team effort required to a range of fundraising events and challenges all Area 1:respond Momona, Mohaka, - Kaponga. ensure we can every time our emer- Kawatiri working together to hit a target of $1 million gency phones ring, and that includes the other for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Services. excellent emergency services that we work This is the 19th year Reader’s Digest has alongside and the community and sponsors conducted this public poll, asking consumers who help fund us. what products and services are important to “We are absolutely thrilled the community them.

Wainuiomata Newspaper Deliverers

A solid


Contact Sandra on 587 1660


View the Wainuiomata News a non-landing online

Applications are available at our recruitment offi ce or at the Trust securitycrewman gate based in the Burn operates a winch during Life Flight Julian Ngauranga George in Wellington. mission on the Westpac Rescue Helicopter. PHOTO: Supplied Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.

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By Russell Russell McQuarters McQuarters By By Russell McQuarters By Russell McQuarters

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Thursday May 31, 2018

Kilbirnie to host Trans-Tasman volleyball test Test volleyball is coming to Wellington, and in the case of the women’s game, for the first time in more than a decade. The New Zealand women will take on Australia in a three-test series over three days next week, with Kilbirnie’s ASB Sports Centre to host the second of them. “It’s basically the first time we have had a test series in New Zealand for 10 years for the senior women’s team,” Volleyball NZ project manager Tim Cleaver says. “We have had one-off games, but to have Australia over for a full test series is a big deal.” Although Australia traditionally

has the wood over New Zealand at senior level, Tim believes the series will be close. “Last year they played each other at the Asian champs. They were competitive games but we went down. “Generally they’re pretty close and at age-group level we play well. “At senior women’s level we don’t get to play them that often which is why Aussie tends to beat us. But this time we’ll have the home advantage. Among the players in the New Zealand squad is Wellington’s Terisa Maulolo who is a staff member at the ASB Centre. “A lot of the girls are on scholarships in the US and are on mid-term break

LOCAL RUGBY RESULTS: • Premier (Swindale Shield)

Oriental Rongotai beat Marist St Pats 41-32 Poneke beat Petone 36-19 Wellington FC beat Wainuiomata 27-24

so will be coming back here to play.” The series will be a litmus test for New Zealand’s from leading up to the Asian Challenge Cup in Hong Kong in September. The three matches will all be held in Wellington. The first will be at Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua on June 6, the second at ASB Sports Centre, Kilbirnie on June 7 and the third at Walter Nash Stadium, Lower Hutt on June 8. All matches will be held from 7.30 or later. The test series immediately follows the New Zealand Provincial Championships which will also be held at ASB Sports Centre over the Queen’s Birthday weekend June 2-4.

• Premier Reserve (Harper Lock Shield)

Marist St Pats beat Oriental Rongotai 66-38 Poneke beat Petone 25-24 Wainuiomata beat Wellington FC 36-20

• Women’s (Rebecca Liua’ana Trophy)

Petone beat Poneke 92-0

• Les Mills Under 21 (JRD Cup)

Wainuiomata beat Wellington FC 51-17 Poneke beat Old Boys University 55-0

• Les Mills Under 21 (Paris Memorial Trophy) Marist St Pats beat Hutt old Boys Marist 32-19

• First Grade (Thompson Memorial Cup)

Stokes Valley beat Marist St Pats 27-3

• Reserve Grade (Mike Copeland Trophy)

Marist St Pats beat Upper Hutt 24-17

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HOWARD, Raymond James: May 22, 2018. LETICA, Ivan Russell: May 23, 2018. Public Notices

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O’Shea Shield host St Catherine’s College shares the spoils St Catherine’s College students and principal Steve Bryan show off the O’Shea Shield their school was joint winner of. Holding the trophy for Best Junior Prepared Speech (Section A) is Brereton McKee. PHOTO: Supplied

Despite damp weather, spirits were far from dampened at St Catherine’s College over the weekend of May 12-13 where the 72nd O’Shea Shield competition was hosted for the first time. St Catherine’s O’Shea convenor Kathy Ryan says the “mammoth task” of welcoming and looking after 17 schools – some 300 students and accompanying teachers, parents and supporters – involved every member of the college community. Hosting the competition required every staff member and student to come on board, to ensure success, she says. Nan Walden, the college’s Head of Technology, mobilised students, staff and PTA members to provide high quality food for everyone, and the logistics of this job rated an article of its own in the NZ Education Gazette

recently. The theme for the weekend was “Youth – Faith – Joy”, all of which was apparent in abundance, Kathy says. “Students from all the colleges met each other, socialised together and had fun, in spite of competing for the coveted shield.” Eight events were held – debating, junior prepared speech (Year 9 and 10 students), scripture reading (in both Te Reo Maori and English), oratory, religious drama, impromptu speaking, and religious questions (based on the pre-synod document). Winners of the various sections came from a range of different colleges, with the major award – the O’Shea Shield itself – being shared by Sacred Heart College (Lower Hutt) and St Catherine’s College. The fact that winning the

O’Shea Shield was a shared result, and that the Bishop Viard Memorial Trophy for runner-ups was shared by three schools – St Patrick’s College (Wellington), St John’s College (Hastings), and Sacred Heart College (New Plymouth) is real evidence of just how close the competition was, Kathy says. St Catherine’s has a history of success in this competition, which it rates as of same importance as winning any sporting event. Last year, the college placed third overall, having won in the previous four years. In the past 20 years St Catherine’s has consistently been among the top three schools in the competition. Kathy puts this success done to a small but dedicated group of teachers and old girls who put in many hours with the 17 students in the O’Shea team.


Sports talk

with Jacob Page

Clueless Canes humbled by clinical Crusaders Rugby is still a winter sport someone should have mentioned that to the Hurricanes. The Wellington Super Rugby franchise was drowned in the rain in Christchurch 24-13 by the Crusaders. The Canes’ dry weather mentality and the Crusaders’ clinical ruthless nature made for a miserable night. Hurricanes coach Chris Boyd said post-match that his team only had themselves to blame. That’s a silly statement. Far better teams have come unstuck against the Crusaders away from home. T he Cr usa der s, w it hout captain Sam Whitelock and vice-captain Ryan Crotty, simply rolled up their sleeves, treasured possession, dominated the over-hyped Hurricanes pack and pounced on any mistakes. There were plenty of them. The brothers Barrett, Beauden and Jordy were no match for the conditions or their opposites. Both are All Black certainties, yet they were humbled by rain and a resilient Crusaders forward pack that embraced the 80-minute grind.

Handling errors were an issue and the Hurricanes tried to play too expansively. Christchurch should have a stadium with a roof by now but it doesn’t yet. Coaches and management have to take accountability for the poor preparation. There’s plenty of support staff running around these days. One of them should have taken notice of a rain radar or weather forecast and then suggested a tactical change was in order. The Hurricanes played like no one had made them aware of that fact. Living in Christchurch, many red and black fans, myself included, thought the Crusaders may have been ripe for the picking. Oh ye of little faith. The Crusaders were missing plenty of big match players. As well as Whitelock and Crotty, their ill-discipline had left the propping stocks bare. There’s has been no sighting of All Black captain Kieran Read. The Hurricanes still have plenty to prove, the Crusaders - well, they’re as advertised.


Thursday May 31, 2018

Cook Strait News 31-05-18  

Cook Strait News 31-05-18

Cook Strait News 31-05-18  

Cook Strait News 31-05-18