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Thursday May 24, 2018


Southgate residents threaten election boycott over ward change By Asa Andersen

Southgate residents are threatening to leave their voting papers in the mailbox in Wellington’s next local body election, says the Island Bay Residents’ Association chair. Vicki Greco says Southgate residents who were at the association’s meeting earlier this month talked about abstaining from the election if Wellington City Council’s proposal to move their suburb into a different ward went ahead. “Some of the comments they made is they just wouldn’t even bother voting in the [Eastern Ward] local election, because they just don’t identify with it. “Any groups they belong to - whether a gardening place, an art group - whatever group they belong to it’s in Island Bay [Southern Ward]. “It’s like saying, ‘Right, you’re an Australian now.’ That is how they feel,” she says. The council’s Representation Review proposes to move Southgate out of the council’s Southern Ward, which encompasses neighbouring Island Bay, and into Eastern Ward, which has councillors unfamiliar to Southgate voters. Public submissions on the proposal have ended, but Southgate residents argue they couldn’t submit an informed response in

Southgate resident Rodney Page has voted in the Southern Ward for 40 years. PHOTO: Asa Andersen

time as the council didn’t give enough background information. The review proposes the change because Eastern Ward has too few people per city councillor. Southgate resident Rodney Page said he has voted in every local body election since he moved to Southgate in 1978, and says the

council’s change would bring his 40-year habit of voting to an end. “I wouldn’t [vote], I mean what’s the point? I couldn’t care about that bit over there. “We would be talking to Eastern Ward [councillors] about Island Bay matters.” The change would take place

in the 2019 local body election and would continue for the 2022 election. The council’s City Strategy Committee will review the proposed change on Thursday, with the full council making a final decision on May 30. Southern Ward councillor Fleur

Fitzsimons confirmed that council officials did indeed draw up different options, but said the proposed scenario caused the least amount of change overall. “There would need to be a compelling and sound justification made by residents for stopping the change,” she says.

Pumping money for charity close to her heart By Jamie Adams

A Miramar woman is giving back to a charity she says has helped her and others maintain a high quality of life despite their health conditions. Gillie Coxill is aiming to raise $500 for the Heart Foundation by holding a series of fundraising events in addition to running for the charity in this winter’s Wellington Half Marathon. While many individuals have been pledging money online, Monday’s event at the Seatoun Village Hall saw Gillie selling homemade soup and a range of household items. They included old books – still in good condition despite their gold-coin sale prices – puzzles, quilt fabrics, clothes, a handbag and even a cat carrier. “I’ve been decluttering my house for several months and have also donated to charity shops,” Gillie says. Gillie was born with a congenital heart defect that has led to scarring on her heart. “I would probably need a pacemaker put in at some point. Running helps me put it off.” Gillie says everybody knows someone with

Gillie Coxill holds a copy of two comic books she brought with her from the UK when she moved to New Zealand. They are among many $1 and $2 items on sale during her fundraising drive at Seatoun Village Hall on Monday. PHOTO: Jamie Adams

a heart problem. “Heart disease is one of New Zealand’s

biggest killers. Someone dies every 90 minutes,” she says, quoting a statistic from the Heart Foundation. She puts the phenomenon down to modern lifestyle choices that have also led to a high rate of obesity. “Too often people don’t eat well and don’t exercise.” Originally from Worcestershire, England, Gillie came to New Zealand in the 1990s, bringing with her some books and comics that are not commonly sold here, including Beano and Dandy. They were among the items others in the community had donated for Monday’s sale. Monday’s event was the first of three fundraisers at the hall Gillie has organised. Today she will be selling cups of coffee donated by Havana and on June 11 she is organising a community lunch. She hopes the money raised will go to research to help “make a difference”.  Gillie has accumulated $470 in donations as of Tuesday. To join her cause go to wellington-marathon-2018.everydayhero. com and click on Gillie’s name in the sidebar.

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