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Thursday May 24, 2018

Pair of ‘Poms’ lighten up LUX festival launch


Airport terminal project awarded Wellington Airport’s terminal south extension project was awarded Tourism and Leisure Category winner and a gold award at a New Zealand Commercial Project award ceremony held this week.   The extension, designed to facilitate future increasing passenger movements and requirements, saw the new structure constructed up and over the existing buildings while simultaneously facilitating 20,000 daily passenger and 200+ daily aircraft movements. 

The illuminated yarn-wearing performers of Kate Jones’ roaming exhibit Pom and Pom, one of the highlights of this year’s LUX Festival on Wellington’s Waterfront. PHOTO: Jamie Adams

While it doesn’t move as fast as the speed of light, Massey fashion design student Kate Jones’ entertaining exhibit at the LUX light festival is set to be a crazily active as well as illuminating feature of the annual event. A colourful array of light sculptures and interactive installations have brought lightness and brightness to the capital as LUX switches on with a mix of design, art and technical innovation aimed at surprising, delighting and captivating audiences after dark. Kate’s exhibit, comprising two giant round walking clusters of illuminated coloured yarn, was the main attraction of a pre-public viewing of the festival’s exhibits last Thursday night.

Her exhibit Pom and Pom was inspired by a paper connected with LUX called Creative Works for Festivals offered by School of Design senior lecturer Ant Nevin, who also has a separate exhibit at LUX. The paper asks students to devise a contemporary design project that can be pitched to producers while being mentored by artists and designers who exhibit nationally and internationally. Kate devised a performance piece in which two people wear separate clusters and move their way around the festival site accompanied by a black-clad figure whose role is to dance around and between the “Poms” with an external light source in the form of an orb which

will appear to be hovering. “The goal is that it can be seen and able to be thrown around,” she says. “The orb will illuminate key features of the Poms and add to the performative and comic nature of the piece.” The two separate clusters are made from Lycra and two bicycle helmets and feature ultra violet rings inside. The 21-year-old, who moved from the United Kingdom with her family to Warkworth as a teenager before coming to Wellington to study, is in the final year of her honours degree. The festival, held on the Wellington waterfront, opened on Friday and runs till May 27.

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