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Wednesday May 23, 2018

OUT&about Onslow@Night – Space and Science Festival By Brian Sheppard

The first night of this year’s fifth Space and Science Festival at Onslow College, was held at night on Saturday May 19. The daytime event will be held on May 26. An impressive team of volunteer parents, teachers, scientists, engineers and technologists showed youngsters and adults of all ages exciting ways to rekindle the thrill of discovery. In the quad, crowds viewed the moon through the Wellington Astronomical Society’s telescopes, and watched a spectacular demonstration of electrical discharge from a Tesla coil. An added attraction was that foil-wrapped choco-

late bars received the discharge, and were given away afterwards. Despite the ‘lightning’ hits, the young experts found that the bars had not melted and still tasted as chocolate should. Indoors, sounds of discharges from a Tesla coil were programmed to create music, almost as if Dr Who was visiting. In the classrooms there were opportunities to build, programme and operate small robots, while the Brightenz team showed the beauty of bio-luminescent bacteria, and how they can be used to test which common household products can kill harmful bacteria. Talks by leaders in science education also drew large crowds.

Jack Weterings, Blake Smith and Tracy Stedall, from the Space Place.

PHOTOS: Brian Sheppard

Mike Wood (Space & Science Trust) demonstrates Tesla coil discharge to foil-wrapped chocolate bars.

Brian Sheppard

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Domenico Ruocco viewing the moon through a reflecting telescope. Tesla coil playing music.

ABOVE: Olivia Schwoer, with Ralph Schwoer, use Brightenz bioluminescent bacteria to test household products for killing harmful bacteria.

Steve Graham, from Silver Science (science-themed jewellery).

RIGHT: Jamie Boorman, Wellington City Library, demonstrates a dancing robot.

Independent Herald 23-05-18  

Independent Herald 23-05-18

Independent Herald 23-05-18  

Independent Herald 23-05-18