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Thursday May 17, 2018

LETTERS to the editor

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Bus route change proves to be fait accompli Dear Editor, Wayne Hastie is quoted as reminding us that it is “five minutes to midnight” in respect of new bus routes coming into effect. I and many others, through your paper and other outlets, have been reminding GWRC that the time is getting closer, for about two years but they have been lax in keeping the users informed regarding proposed timetables and routes. Letters have been published by me and others during this

time, which have been studiously ignored. My prediction that we would be presented with a fait accompli, has come to pass! Cr Donaldson is quoted “we will continue to find a solution to meet your needs” smacks of stable doors, horses and bolting! Hopefully we might have some solutions when Cr Kedgley conducts a review in six months, as promised. I imagine she is going to be a very busy lady! Tony Sutcliffe Strathmore

History should be priority over teaching French Dear Editor, I agree that Ridgway School should not ever have a French immersion unit at the state primary school. Our soldiers fought in France, yet then our Rainbow Warrior was

bombed in Auckland. So teach history first, then the BOTs must have English taught, then Te Reo. Viva la Kiwis (first) I say. Tim Dalman Te Aro

Kept in the dark over profit motive of big business Dear Editor, Re: Chris Calvi-Freeman’s letter (CSN, May 10): Sometimes mushrooms get elected - kept in the dark, fed on manure – not to admit local big-business profit is the driving force behind the city’s big developments. Big business has always driv-

en civic development; councils could not achieve such development without local big business who always proclaim such developments are to the benefit of the ratepayers and the community, but that is never the truth. If you are building a house

An ambulance dedicated to delivering prayer is about to hit the streets of Wellington. The Anglican Diocese is raising $20,000 towards covering the costs of the prayer ambulance. P roject co -ordinator Richard Apperley says the prayer ambulance was a safe place where people could explore their faith at their own pace. “It’s a Christian ambulance. It’s being bought by the Anglican Diocese but we are certainly open to anyone else using it so long as it kind of aligns with our Christian viewpoints,” Richard says. Richard says the prayer ambulance would become one of the many ways the church aids the local community.

“The Anglican church is hugely proactive in all matters of social justice. We have been involved in refugee resettlement, putting our own people out there to support all sorts of causes. “There’s always the direct action which is hugely important but that also has to be equally backed by prayer as well.” “We do believe prayer changes things - I know a lot of readers will be sceptical of that. “We are getting prayer out there and getting our people out there who offer so much to the community already in terms of dialogue and in terms of working out where needs are, so it’s a point of contact for the church and community.” The $20,000 will go towards covering the purchase of the ambulance,

- you pay exorbitant fees for council connections to drainage etc, yet in denial Chris fails to know that ratepayers are expected to subsidise the local Shelly Bay development. Martin Beck, Mornington

South Coast wall benefits not just locals Dear Editor, people benefiting from the SouthTHE bike, orFLOWER drive, and soak up the Regarding your page 2 article Coast road and it’s continued magic stretch of coastline that in last week’s Cook Strait News. existence. is the Wellington South Coast. Councillor David Lee seems The road is a very popular daily TheSTUDY councillor should re-conCAN FLOWERS HELP IN DIABETES?

of the opinion that structures like the recently re-done seawall on The Esplanade benefit only a relatively small number of home owners, and therefore is it right for that benefit to be spread across all ratepayers. Well, as one who lives on the beachfront just around from this wall, I can assure councillor Lee that there are no small number of

commuting route into town as sider his comments in this vein. We are looking for as people withdetermine pre-diabetesthere to trial a it’s much quicker than battling As far I can new flower extract to see whether it can reduce through Island Bay, Newtown, are actually relatively few areas blood glucose levels. etc. Many trucks and other peoalong4 visits the toSouth Coast where It will require Wellington Hospital for 3 eachneed time. to be conple use the road to access the tip; similarhours walls I’d hate to think of the route all structed in the short-medium those trucks would have to take term. So the council should just through town from the Eastern get to it and start building them. If you are interested please phone Diabetes Research Suburbs were the road not there. Benjamin Carpenter on 8062458 or email  On the weekend many people Owhiro Bay from far and wide come to stroll,

Church man dives into pledge for prayer ambulance By Louis Day







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We areWe looking for people pre-diabetes to trial a are looking forwith people with prenew flower extract to see whether it can reduce diabetes to trial a new flower extract blood glucose levels. toaresee whether it with can reduce blood you are interested please We require looking for people pre-diabetes to trialfor aphon It will 4 visits toIfWellington Hospital 3 new flower extract to see whether it can reduce glucose levels. on 8062458 or email diabetesres hours each time. blood glucose levels. It will require 4 visits to Wellington It will require 4 visits to Wellington Hospital for 3 Hospital for 3each hours time. hours time.each  

Project co-ordinator Richard Apperley has promised to skydive once the $20,000 for the prayer ambulance has been raised. If you are interested please phone Diabetes Researc PHOTO: LOUIS DAY. on 8062458 or email

repairs, a new paint job and praying materials. Within one week almost $3000 has been raised. Richard and Bishop Ellie Sanderson have promised to skydive once the full $20,000 is raised. Ellie says when people pray they take a leap of faith, herself and Richard would be doing the skydive to honour the people who

had taken this leap of faith. The prayer ambulance is free. However, users are expected to cover the costs of petrol. Those interested can book online at www.  Donations towards the project can be made on the prayer ambulance Pledge Me page at projects/5636-prayer-ambulance.

If you are interested please phone Diabetes Research

If you are interested please phone on 8062458 or email Diabetes Research on 806 2458 or email

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