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Thursday May 17, 2018

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Q: Will you be watching the live broadcast of Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding on Saturday night?

Alphonse Bierings, Island Bay “Probably not, ‘cos I believe in the Dutch royal family not the British one. I think it’s a bit overhyped.”

Floyd Budden, Lower Hutt “I will switch it off. I think I’ll be watching the rugby instead.”

Vicki Moran, Kingston “I’ll watch it till I go to bed. I want to see what dress she’s wearing. They seem pretty cool.”

Holly McCloy, Island Bay “I’ll watch it; I’m originally from England. I’m not avidly into them. I’ll watch it until I’ve had enough.”

Clement MacKay, Aro Valley “No I won’t be tuning into the royal wedding. They seem like good people, but I honestly do not care. They have no impact on my life whatsoever.”

Leilani Baker, Mt Victoria “Probably. I feel like it’s kind of everywhere. If I don’t tune in then I am going to miss out on a topic of conversation the next day.”

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LETTERS to the editor

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Bus route decision raises more questions Dear Editor Two items in last week’s issue helped to clarify what the roles of GWRC and WCC are in respect to public transport but it raises one question; which Council is responsible for the decision to move the bus stops in The Kilbirnie shopping centre from Rongotai Road to Bay Road, and why?

Do any of the elected members of GWRC use public transport and, if not, why not? I ask because how can they make such decisions without knowing how the system works and why they needed to change them? I agree with what the group featured in the lead article has stated so I wonder when the new timetables are going

to be available to the public; hopefully before the changes come into effect! If the GWRC are serious about wanting more people to use public transport they have gone the wrong way to do so. [abridged] James August, Mornington

Repainting of community centre interior dismays local I must admit to a sense of dismay when I read about the repainting of the interior of the Community Centre in Miramar. That feeling was primarily because that interior was deliberately and purposefully pared back to expose the lovely





old wood that had survived through the centre’s original function as the Town Hall of the borough of Miramar (1911), later to become a classroom and later still, as a library serving the two suburbs Maupuia and Miramar.

From a practical sense it maintained the atmosphere of a stately building, its beams an example of the workmanship of a past era (imagine if the Town Hall / old St Paul’s was to be ‘repainted’) and practical in the sense it did not show

the dirt, the varnish hid any old Sellotape marks and did not ‘lift’ if attachments were removed. I do wonder where the historic section of Council was when the change was mooted to paint. As an aside whatever hap-

pened to the hangings that were part of the history of the building and woven together by the spinners and weavers of the eastern suburbs? Robin Boldarin Miramar

Cook Strait News 17-05-18  

Cook Strait News 17-05-18

Cook Strait News 17-05-18  

Cook Strait News 17-05-18