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Thursday May 17, 2018

inbrief news Award for ‘water only’ Kiwi schools The New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) has received global recognition from Geneva-based FDI World Dental Federation for a project promoting ‘water only’ schools. The FDI Smile Award comes with a grant of 5000 Swiss Francs (NZ$7164) in recognition of ‘Adopt a School’, which sees dentists partner with schools in their communities to promote the benefits of children switching to water, and avoiding oral health issues that come with sugary drinks. NZDA CEO David Crum says the award acknowledges the difference New Zealand dentists are making. The award winners will be presented at the 2018 World Dental Congress in Buenos Aires in September.

Smokefree homes, smokefree teens: study New Zealand children and teens growing up in smokefree homes are less likely to take up smoking, even if their parents are smokers, a University of Otago, Wellington, study has found. The research shows the relationship between exposure to smoke in the home and adolescent smoking has become stronger over time. The association is independent of parental smoking – so children with one or more parents who smoke are less likely to take up smoking if there is no smoking in the home. However, exposure to second-hand smoke in homes remains common.

Radical new framework for treaties A team from the University of Otago, Wellington has just published a radical new framework for designing international trade and investment treaties. The framework would address public and health concerns arising from treaties such as the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement and could be particularly useful in New Zealand’s negotiations. The article was published in the international peer-reviewed journal BMC Public Health. Lead author Louise Delany says it is essential that health, social and environmental objectives are recognised in such treaties as legitimate in their own right.

Supermarket heeds plastic packaging concerns By Emma Houpt JOURNALISM STUDENT

Newtown New World is set to reduce its plastic use after a Facebook group complained to the supermarket about excessive packaging. Newtown local Amanda Barber took to Facebook to express her worry about plastic use at the supermarket. “I raised my concerns about this to the Facebook community group where others wholeheartedly agreed and complained to New World’s Facebook page and official page,” says Amanda. New owner of Newtown New World, Lin Guo removed the plastic packaging from the fruit and vegetables immediately after he was informed about the complaints. “We decreased the amount of plastic we used on fresh produce straight away. I was thinking about how we can make it convenient for customers. Actually the customers

would rather go plastic-free which I fully understand now.” When Lin relocated to Wellington three months ago he was not familiar with the community’s eco-consciousness. Lin previously owned the Four Square in Ellerslie, Auckland where customers preferred convenience over seeing a reduction in plastic packaging. “In Auckland the shopping experience is different, it is grab and go, for convenience of the customer,” says Lin. Rongotai MP Paul Eagle acknowledges the difficulty of understanding the needs and wants of locals when shifting to a new community. “It is always hard starting out in a new city and learning the local culture,” says Paul. “This experience has resulted in them being totally committed to better understanding the environmental and health needs of the diverse south Wellington community.” Newtown New World has recently put new systems in place

New World Newtown produce manager Hill Chang, Foodstuffs waste minimisation manager Jennifer Elliot and Newtown owner/ operator Lin Guo with Rongotai MP Paul Eagle. PHOTO: Supplied

to further reduce the amount of waste they create. “When I took over three months ago I made sure that we start separating plastic and cardboard out the back so that it can be recycled,” says Lin. The supermarket has also started donating food that is “good enough to eat but

not to sell” to the Wellington Night Shelter, the Compassion Kitchen and the Wellington SPCA. Lin Guo could not elaborate but says that the goal for Newtown New World is to start making steps towards becoming free of plastic bags in the near future.

Survivors of sexual abuse discover healing properties of art By Abbey Palmer JOURNALISM STUDENT

Encouraging creative expression through art is proving to be a successful tool for helping victims of sexual abuse work through their trauma. Wellington’s Sexual Abuse HELP foundation has adopted an alternative approach to working through the effects of abuse with survivors who prefer to put their feelings onto paper. HELP saw the benefits of art as an outlet for victims to process and heal from the life-changing

effects they have been subject to. Two art therapists who work with clients at Wellington’s HELP foundation have launched an exhibition of their own personal works to help raise money for the organisation in desperate need of funds. Te Aro’s Southern Cross Garden bar was transformed last week into an art gallery full of pieces created by the art therapists and close friends of 20 years, Janie Nott and Irena Stenner. “I’m so grateful to be sharing [art therapy] with the clients we

work with, because it gives them a means of escape and a means of creativity, power and voice,” Janie says. “I think with trauma it’s really important to have a bit of magic because it can be a very dark place.” Irene says she has a lot of appreciation for ACC who offer the funding for survivors to be able to make the step towards healing. She says art therapy is an opportunity for clients to heal and rejuvenate, which she too experienced when she created

the work for the exhibition. “I took six weeks off and I painted, these works are the result of that.” Chief Executive for Wellington Help Conor Twyford says the increase in demand for counselling and support services, combined with the limited funding from government was a “perfect storm”. “It’s really important that people can get access to our services and that part is great, but it means we have to get more and more creative with how we engage with the community.”


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