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Thursday May 17, 2018

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Long-serving Newtown architects win prestigious Ath Cup Continued from page 1. Anna and Martin have been partners of Red Design Architects since the early 1990s, but they have little time for designing buildings these days thanks to their commitment to organising and designing the layout and implementation of the annual Newtown Festival and other community projects. The success of the Newtown Festival was cited as just one reason for their award. Another was their design of a yet-to-be-implemented southern suburbs cycleway network project, for both its design outcome and its team consultation methodology. Their involvement with DEBRA NZ, a medical charity dedicated to people afflicted with the genetic skin disorder epidermolysis bullosa, was the other factor in their award. “We are very chuffed. Ath was a lovely man, who we miss dearly,” Martin says. “It’s really wonderful to be recognised by our peers and for them to appreciate what we have done for our community,” Anna says. “It’s a team award really,

Anna and Martin with the layout of the Newtown Festival which they redesign every year. PHOTO: Jamie Adams

only made possible by all the amazing folk who join in and contribute.” While the pair have won several awards in the past, the Ath Cup is by far the most significant, Martin says. The southern cycleways project from Te Papa to Island Bay was something the council funded them to design in 2013/14 as part of an envisaged city-wide cycleway network. “It was a vast urban design project. We managed to fit [designs of] cycleways into


Night work to install new energy efficient LED street lights is getting under way on Cobham Drive this week – part of a bigger project to develop a new two-way bike path and footpath on the harbour side. The existing old poles need to come out so the new pathways can be developed, but first, the new lights need to be installed and operational. These will be going in along the grass median strip in the centre of the road.

The work involves drilling and installing new ducts for the lighting cables, excavating and pouring the concrete foundations for the poles, and then installing the new poles and lights. The poles will have fittings for street banners, and outreach arms on both sides to light the whole road and the pathways either side. The road will be reduced to one lane on the seaward side where the work is happening.

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being affected by the extremely rare skin condition. “We became medical experts using our architectural, problem solving skills,” Martin says. “We theorised there was a much more cost-effective way to provide treatment and advice [for DEBRA NZ] and we fundraised and ran a pilot programme”. Anna is on the DEBRA New Zealand and international executive committees and manages the Wellington support group. “It’s an interesting adjunct to our lives,” Martin says.

Cobham Drive night work to install new lights

Dentists Showroom: 29 Hutt Road, Thorndon

streets which I never thought were possible.” The most radical aspect of it was to have a two-way cycle path connected to the footpath on one side of Island Bay Parade, rather than single lanes on each side. But because of the ongoing controversy of cycleways in Wellington, it hasn’t gone beyond design stage - in fact the people of Island Bay are yet to see it. Their involvement in Debra NZ has been due to their son

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To minimise disruption, work will be carried out at nights, Sunday to Thursday, 7pm–5.30am. The work on the median strip will be done in sections over the next four months, starting from the Evans Bay Parade end. Downers completed wider new walking and biking paths at the eastern end of Cobham Drive between the Calabar Road roundabout and Shelly Bay Road late last year. Work on the harbour side to develop

the paths and transform the next section between Evans Bay Parade and Calabar Road will start in about a month’s time. As well as the new asphalt bike path and exposed aggregate footpath, about six landscaped areas with seating will be developed along the way. The $6 million project is part of the Council’s plan to develop a citywide connected cycle network.

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Cook Strait News 17-05-18  

Cook Strait News 17-05-18

Cook Strait News 17-05-18  

Cook Strait News 17-05-18