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Wednesday May 9, 2018


EYE ON CRIME In Johnsonville a locked and secure vacant rental property in Woodland Road was broken into via a forced back door. The burglars must have had a large transport vehicle because they dismantled and took nine of the interior doors from the property.

They also disconnected and took a stainless steel dishwasher, plus fabric curtains and white Venetian blinds. In Elliott Street an attempt was made to break into a house. A glass panel in the front door, near the lock, was smashed with the object of

reaching through to unlock the door. The attempt was frustrated as there were dogs present inside the house and their barking would have caused the intruders to abandon the attempt. In Newlands a residential building site was entered through

the rear of the construction. A large quantity of building material was stolen. The stolen items include a mobile scaffold, a step ladder, window panels, double glazed panels, and a variety of boxes of nails, screws and anchors.

Winning the fight against predators By Glenise Dreaver

In the last two years, Jocelyn Hoskin, the Treasurer of the Otari Wilton’s Bush Trust and a member of Jim Tait’s Otari Predatorfree group, has so far caught three rats and a mouse in the trap at the bottom of her garden. “That’s not much. But I’m keep-

ing going.” That means she checks her trap, kept where she can see it, every day. Because those rats and the mouse, left to breed, would produce staggering numbers of offspring to prey on our native birds. Figures suggest one female rat alone, producing litters of six to twelve four to six times a year, could produce

ABOVE: Jocelyn Hoskin, ready to tuck her predator trap back into the vegetation at the bottom of her garden. By Sunday, she’d added a third rat (right) to her previous total. PHOTO: Glenise Dreaver RIGHT. Just one rat – but so easily the start of a plague. PHOTO supplied.

2000 offspring annually. With the young soon reproducing at the same rate, the figures become staggering. Jocelyn baits her trap with peanut butter. “It’s the best.” She also includes a mousetrap in her rat trap, because she has discovered that mice can nibble away at the peanut butter without getting caught.

In Ngaio a black Mercedes Benz Avantgarde saloon parked locked overnight in Waikowhai Street had its front passenger side window smashed which allowed the intruder to reach in and take a radar detector from inside the vehicle.

Independent Herald 09-05-18  

Independent Herald 09-05-18

Independent Herald 09-05-18  

Independent Herald 09-05-18