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Thursday May 3, 2018

Demolition set for local artist’s workshop By Asa Andersen JOURNALISM STUDENT

Two beloved Wellington artists will be rolling down their garage workshop doors for the last time this winter, when the demolition truck sweeps through.

Full-time street artist Andrew Tamati-Wright, known as Kerbs, and Caron Dallas, well-known in Newtown for her red beret, have rented garages in a 19th century brick building at 13 Newtown Avenue for the past seven years. The building was owned by the

Salvation Army, but the site has since been sold to a developer who plans to demolish the building for a new apartment complex. Andrew says he was sad to leave, as the building had many memories. His wife Sara Tamati-Wright says they got married in the upstairs

Andrew Tamati-Wright used up the last drops of paint in his leftover spray cans on this mural on the side of his garage, on Newtown Avenue, Wellington. PHOTO: ASA ANDERSEN

Scientists tackling severe strain as flu season kicks off ESR scientists say the flu strain (influenza A (H3N2)) associated with an increase in hospitalisation and deaths in the Northern Hemisphere is part of this year’s vaccine in New Zealand. The environmental health science agency’s Public Health Physician, Sarah Jefferies, says countries such as the UK reported moderate to high levels of influenza and influenza-like illness during their 2017/18 season. Currently, there are four seasonal influenza viruses circulating

globally - influenza A(H1N1), influenza A(H3N2), influenza B/ Yamagata lineage and influenza B/Victoria lineage. Dr Jefferies says the 2018 Southern Hemisphere seasonal influenza vaccine aims to cover these four viruses by including inactivated strains. This year the publicly-funded influenza vaccine includes all four strains (i.e. it is a quadrivalent vaccine). The challenge for scientists and medical authorities is virus mutation, with the influenza virus

able to rapidly change as it spreads through the population. “The WHO recommended a change in our Southern Hemisphere seasonal influenza vaccine for 2018 which better covers some strains of influenza detected in the 2017 Southern Hemisphere season and the Northern Hemisphere 2017/18 season,” Sarah says. However, she says it is difficult to predict exactly what strains of seasonal virus will end up circulating in New Zealand’s 2018 season.

room above the garages, and they would miss the connection they had to the building and street. “So many cool things happened on this street. I feel like we’re part of the furniture. It has a lot of memories here, for us. It’s just a shame we have nowhere to go.” The building was part of Salvation Army’s Wellington South Corps (church), between Newtown Avenue and Constable Street. Caron spent seven years in her “haven”, where she sculpted pre-loved books into art for her shop, Norac Salad. “Once everything is gone, it’s no longer an escape. I’m still in the grieving process,” she says.

New owner Craig Walton says he wanted to keep the artist’s garages, but it would have been too difficult to tie in with the new million-dollar apartments. He says he thought about keeping the artists right before the removal of the site. “We contemplated keeping the artists on a week by week basis.” He is waiting for a resource consent before beginning the demolition and construction, which he suspects would be by winter. Craig hopes the apartment complex’s design would match the character of Newtown. “It will fit in with the vibe of Newtown. The energy is fantastic.”


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Cook Strait News 03-05-18

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