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Wednesday May 2, 2018

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: Is Anzac Day important to you?

Barry Renshaw, Wainuiomata “There’s things you’ll never forget and I also had mates that never came back, so for me I stand strong when it comes to remembering Anzac Day.”

Niki Renshaw, Wainuiomata “I remember my father helped the Kiwi men out, but I was only a little girl at the time. When it comes to Anzac Day I have strong memories.”

Daryl New, Wainuiomata “Yes, my Dad never came home. So I never knew him. He was a bomber pilot, shot down over Berlin.”

Ray Wallace, Wainuiomata “Anzac Day is an importance day of remembrance of the sacrifices made by so many young soldiers and their families. Its also to recognise all veterans, their families and their sacrifices made defending freedom.”

Melissa Zgomba, Lower Hutt “It’s a day when we remember those who sacrificed for our country and to show our appreciation for their service. It’s a day to show that we haven’t forgotten.”

Kristen Whiu, Lower Hutt “Anzac means a lot to me of what our forefathers sacrificed so we can live the life we do today.”

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Cellphone addiction syndrome Dear editor, Experts now tell us we have another addiction; people can’t stay off their phones, iPods or Androids for less than two minutes. I see young people sitting next to each other texting and reading their phones, a sad social situation, when we’re not

talking to friends. People who use hand-held cell phones while driving are a hazard and have the potential to kill or hurt other road users. Let’s stop wasting police time and avoid accidents, by investing in hands-free devices. Be safe, drive safe. Recently, I saw a man on a cell phone

walk into a street sign while texting. That must surely ring a bell to not text while driving? Yours sincerely, Peter Wells Wainuiomata (abridged)

Anzac Day thanks Dear editor, The Wainuiomata Valley RSA would like to thank the people of Wainuiomata for their support on Anzac Day. It was great to have so many adults and children at the dawn and 11am services. We raised $1147.70 in our poppy appeal. This


money is for the support of returned and service personnel. Thank you all. Yours sincerely, Bart Bartlett, President of the Wainuiomata Valley RSA.

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