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Wednesday May 2, 2018

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: Is the new royal baby good news? Or is it all just hype?

Jonathon Rumbold, Paparangi “It’s quite good - a new vibe, with new faces. Young people are getting more into the royal family.”

Sera Ellis, Paparangi “I’m interested – everyone’s interested.”

Jeff Hamilton, Khandallah “I’m indifferent. There are lots of other things of more interest and concern in the world.”

Emma Berryman, Johnsonville “I like the royals and I like the baby.”

Magda Botha, Tawa “It’s fabulous news. Every baby’s fabulous news. Now she needs to have another one to keep it company in that big palace.”

Sandi Brown, Johnsonville “It’s good news of course. I’m very for the monarchy and it carries on the tradition.”

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Great experience in mall Dear Editor I would like to give my feedback on an interesting shop in the Mall. The owner does not know I am doing this and I am doing it because I never thought it was possible for the Mall to have such a nice shop. The name is AMMI – shop 34 – it is a floral design shop. It has been at the Mall for a few months and has terrific presentation and very good vibes. The owner has a wonderful


Contact Glenise 04 587 1660

friendly attitude (Customer Service ) that I do not normally find at other shops in the Mall. Unfortunately the shop is way at the back, not in the mainstream. Not many people would be aware that it is there and I would like them to have the same pleasant experience I have had that I thought I never would have at Johnsonville Mall. Valarie Truman Churton Park

Independent Herald 02-05-18  

Independent Herald 02-05-18

Independent Herald 02-05-18  

Independent Herald 02-05-18