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Thursday April 26, 2018

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: Should freedom camping be banned nationwide?

Do you think Wellington needs more dedicated spots for campervans?

Merle Roberts, Newtown “If people want to be able to freedom camp they should be allowed to. Wellington definitely needs more freedom camping spots.”

Bella Noonan, Newtown “No, but there needs to be more education for tourists who are coming from overseas who freedom camp here. I also think Wellington would benefit from more freedom camping spots.”

Lauren Small, Island Bay No I don’t. There is a great benefit to freedom camping, particularly for young travellers. We have enough freedom camping spots for our capacity as a city.”

Sophia Focas, Lyall Bay “No. I feel like there should be some rules and regulations around freedom camping. Yes, I think we need some more freedom camping spots that aren’t in the middle of the city. “

Beda Bellugue, Te Aro “No. I would say more restrictions need to be appointed. Yeah why not, if there were more specific spots then they would not be doing it anywhere it would be invasive.”

Anthony Fraser, Berhampore “No, it’s a great way to experience New Zealand. I think if we are going to put them in we need to think about why we are doing it.”

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More compliance thanks to fake foreign students Dear Editor, While the Australian Commission delves deeper into the dubious big banks behaviour, here in New Zealand - Kiwibank has taken on lots of Indian students who opened their accounts to use as viable support for their residency applications. Many of these Indian students have criminal backgrounds and lied to immigration to enter New Zealand for their student courses and then had to purchase

expensive fake birth certificates from India to justify their previous lies. But as a New Zealand-born citizen and Kiwibank foundation customer, they now demand I provide them with a current birth certificate so they comply with the new banking rules, yet Kiwibank does NOT know who all their new Indian customers really are. Additionally there is no longer any personal banking manager for Kiwibank customers being forced to go online

when they can easily get better online banking deals from the big Aussie banks, especially once their Aussie commission makes its ruling. Perhaps Winston Peters could request a commission into the anti-social behaviour of our so-called New Zealandowned bank, as the changes are not what I signed up for? Martin Beck, Mornington

Coaches do run late, though one driver was considerate Dear Editor; I partly agree with Master Peter Croft’s April 19 letter about Intercity Coaches in their seldom arriving on or before time at their final destination. I have found much the same in trips from Wellington to New Plymouth; though the return trips often get to Wellington at or before the targeted time. I once

made things worse because of my overactive bladder; sometimes the urge to urinate is unexpected and sudden. The driver very kindly made an unscheduled stop at the Waitotara Tavern; and he later radioed ahead to alert everyone that he had lost some time by the detour. I find the seats very soft, but I guess my fat bum provides some

extra cushioning; while Peter is most likely a thin boy without much padding behind him. And the drivers make a fuss of us old and/or disabled passengers - another sort of “padding” for our trip. As Peter’’s surname is not a common one, I wonder whether there is some kinship with Doris Croft (who later became Mrs

Surprising consistency for light rail support Dear Editor: I was pleased to see all of the people interviewed last week approve of the light rail option for Wellington; extraordinary consistency. Any clues why? Was it because they were all female? Was it because they were all young(ish)? Was it because they were all from the eastern suburbs?

It is useful to note the Wellington Regional Council has majority representation from the northern (near and far) reaches of the region and usually make major decisions for Wellington city transport which go against majority Wellington central and southern constituent choices. For a long while there has

been a slow burn up there against Wellington because it lies between them and the airport. Flyovers and tunnels for cars has become their preferred punishment for us. Richard Keller Kilbirnie

Dave Rowell), our 1943 Standard Two teacher at Kaponga State School. She was pretty and very young, but an extremely good teacher; so maybe the Taranaki Education Board got the pick of those new teachers who held the fort during WWII. I very much wish our country, over the last 65 years, had em-

ployed teachers as good as the pretty and multitalented Miss Croft who taught us 75 years ago. I suppose she will be dead by now; but she and her like deserve a belated tribute from grateful Old Pupils like me! H Westfold, Miramar

Light Rail would benefit suburban shopping centres Dear Editor Contrary to Martin Beck’s assertions (April 10), light rail will not be to Newtown’s detriment. If light rail is approved for Wellington later this year, the route is most likely to run from Miramar to the railway station via Kilbirnie, Newtown and Te Aro. This route would include a new rail-only tunnel between Kilbirnie and the zoo, i.e. under Mt Albert, not under Mt Victoria. Stops would

be at strategic locations including the airport, Kilbirnie, the zoo, central Newtown and the hospital. Light rail would revolutionise the way Wellingtonians travel and would benefit shopping precincts including Miramar, Kilbirnie and Newtown. Chris Calvi-Freeman Wellington City Councillor, Eastern Ward

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Cook Strait News 26-04-18

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