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Wednesday April 18, 2018

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Q: How do you feel about adding a Maori name to each Ward name – e.g. Northern Ward/ Takapu?

Renee Jenkins, Newlands “In theory it’s good, but the cost at this time could be a little bit frivolous – it could end up as millions.”

Phillip Witehira, Broadmeadows “Why not? It’s a good idea that respects the covenant that the treaty is.”

Debbie Avison, Newlands “I don’t have a problem with that.”

Jan Domney, Khandallah “I’ve no objections – it doesn’t worry me at all.”

Diane Johnston, Tawa “It doesn’t worry me – if there isn’t too much cost.”

Heather Bunyan, Paparangi “It needs weighing up – the cultural significance judged against a small difference to the general population and the cost to taxpayers.”

LETTERS to the editor

Deputy Mayor’s motives questioned Dear Editor I’m writing concerning your article in the Independent Herald “Additional te reo names proposed for wards” dated April 11, 2018. I am very concerned that the Deputy Mayor is on a journey to satisfy her own personal wishes at the expense of the ratepayer.

Who says “Wellington is ready to recognise its te reo history” – where does she get her numbers from? Which meetings and where are the minutes? My feeling is that these meetings were not advertised. Of course the Mayor Justin Lester is supportive – look how she was made Deputy Mayor

after a relative short period on Council, over other Council members who may, or may not have been, more suitable and even more politically balanced. (I understand that both are keen Labour supporters – nothing wrong with that, but the council is not elected by political party.) Later in the article Ms Day

goes on about her family ties which again indicates she is on a personal trip and not one that is necessarily what the people of Wellington want, or the best use of Council funds. Has she done any costings? I doubt it. From my own experience of just changing a company logo, it is very expensive. That

is without all the legal costs, signage etc. which will have to be incurred.... I ‘m not particularly active in local politics, but every time Jill Day’s name comes up it appears to be “Jill day for Jill day!” Colin Moore, Ngaio Abridged. Editor

Life is what you make it at Cashmere When Amrika Prasad first moved in to Johnsonville’s Cashmere Home in September, he wasn’t sure what to expect. He’s since discovered that with the right support from dedicated staff, life at Cashmere can be whatever you make it. “I moved in after a stroke left me paralysed on my left side. It’s been difficult to come to terms with my reduced mobility, but I’ve been really surprised at how many different things I’ve been able to get involved in here,” he explains. “I join in with music therapy, as well as card games like bingo and lots of other things whenever I feel like it. The staff are always careful to make sure everyone is able take part in whatever fun is going on.” Amrika’s wife, Kushma, says she’s par-

ticularly enjoyed seeing her husband continue doing the things he loves. “He used to play regular volleyball a lot when he was younger and here, he often plays balloon volleyball with the other staff and residents. I know he appreciates that very much and sometimes I join in too!” She says the staff’s compassion and commitment to residents’ wellbeing have helped the family face their challenges with hope and optimism. “It’s been a very uncertain time for us and there’s been a lot of adjusting, but we couldn’t ask for better support.” “The staff are very approachable and it’s clear they have a passion for what they do. It makes a huge difference.” Manager Karen Rhind says she’s proud of the home’s elder-centred philosophy, which encourages elders to enjoy choice, meaningful activity, companionship and variety. “The Enliven philosophy is about putting residents first and we’re very passionate about that — that means taking the time to get to know residents and their families, and working with them to help them achieve those things. “Our reward is seeing the residents feeling happy, safe and joyful. We believe that with the right support, residents can thrive, whatever their circumstances.”

 To learn more about Enliven’s Cashmere Home and its sister home, Amrika Prasad has learnt that with the sup- Cashmere Heights Home, visit www. port of dedicated staff, life at Johnsonville’s You can also call Cashmere Home is whatever you make it. the home directly on 04 477 7067. PBA

Independent Herald 18-04-18  

Independent Herald 18-04-18

Independent Herald 18-04-18  

Independent Herald 18-04-18