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Thursday April 12, 2018

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Question: Are you following the Commonwealth Games? Do you think they still important/relevant?

Corrie Romijn, Miramar Of course. I love the sports. I’m Dutch but I still enjoy it because I’m a New Zealander too.

Margaret Davis, Rongotai Yes, I watched the cycling and weightlifting. Yes, it’s something to aim for as not everyone can make the Olympics.

Phil Austin, Berhampore I don’t normally watch sport. But I think it’s still relevant.

Liz Stewart, Lyall Bay Yes. I think it’s a great opportunity for everyone to see some top-class competition among sporting codes.

Keith Ferrel, Rongotai Not really. I haven’t got time to watch them. I think they are [relevant]. It gives young people an opportunity to get on the world stage.

Roy Glass, Hataitai I’m definitely following it. It’s a fantastic opportunity for Commonwealth countries to get involved in a world-class event.

LETTERS to the editor Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

‘First name only’ use foisted on us all Dear Editor; Well, for once, I have some empathy with Martin Beck, in his reaction to the bland non-answer he got from the Banking Ombudsman about the Kiwi Bank “solutions” to his complaint. I’d also feel irked by a letter signed with a “first-name-only” signature: I wonder whether even this female name itself was a real name, not just a fictitious one;

because I remember a time when the public sector sometimes used fictitious names for the real people to hide behind! But as well, there now seems to be a policy of trying to deprive us of our continuing family identity in our surnames, since marriage has been made meaningless in the eyes of the law. People are free to use any surname as their caprice might prompt them from

time to time. It’s also assumed that everyone is to be addressed by first name only, with no honorifics or surnames included in either speech or writing. That may be okay for people who have indicated that it’s what they want; but it has been foisted on to all and sundry over the last 20 years, like it or not. H Westfold, Miramar

Kiwibank move based on backing debt-loading developments Dear Editor, Newtown is thriving, although feeling dejected by Kiwibank’s decision to close. Following WCC massive spending over many years on revamping Kilbirnie shopping centre, along with proposed new developments, the hidden agenda behind Mayor Lester’s ‘resilience

distraction’ is to make Kilbirnie a business hub. The underlying impetus behind all the imposed changes for the Wellington’s southern suburbs seems to be directed towards supporting the Shelly Bay private subsidised development. Kiwibank’s move to Kilbirnie -

‘the little engine that could’ - supports such council development schemes for Kilbirnie and private Shelly Bay despite Kiwibank’s first home buyer’s needs, as if such families could ever afford to invest there. Why has the Minister for Local Government not investigated the

Stunned that pets are to be allowed on buses Dear Sir/Madam I read with dismay in our local paper, Cook Strait News (March 22) that pets will soon be allowed on all Greater Wellington’s public transport systems. Having lived in Wellington for over 70 years, this ground-breaking news shocked me. To my knowledge, such major change in legislation should surely require much public debate and, at the very least, a referendum. The thought of such a huge change in public transport conditions has major implications when passengers are forced to share the small confines of a bus or train carriage with an animal they may feel uncomfortable with. In addition, “heaven forbid” the fact that an animal may defecate or behave in other unsavoury ways would be very disturbing. Also, many people have allergies to

animals and would be very apprehensive about the risk of sitting on a seat on which an animal had previously been sitting. Another thought - what determines the size of a lap suitable for a pet? Do big pets require big laps? Another consideration is the attitude of the union to which bus and train drivers and also cleaners belong. Has the Greater Wellington’s Sustainable Transport Committee had the “green lights” from the union on the implications and extra work, some unpleasant, that its members may have to put up with? The extra cleaning bill would surely put this new legislation out of logical reach. I remain amazed. Rowan Hatch Seatoun

serious underlying collusion and feasibility of this tri-party scheme before it fails and plunge ratepayers into debt? Perhaps Rose Wu of Kilbirnie has further insights of WCC’s past and intended development costs and the future of Kilbirnie’s bus depot? Kiwibank’s push on all their

customers going on-line banking to reduce its service costs – but already texts to RNZ cost 20 cents, so just a matter of time before all Kiwibank on-line banking data transactions will incur a nominal fee. Martin Beck, Mornington

‘Diversion on request’ possible solution to bus route woes Dear Editor, I was reading about the re-routing of No. 29 buses up Russell Terrace instead of Rintoul Street. (Cook Strait News April 5). If you know Russell Terrace, you will know there is a lot of green space on one side of the road. Rintoul Street has houses on both sides of the street, and would seem a more logical choice for a bus route. The commuter pictured in the Cook Strait News is standing outside the Rintoul Street Villas, a complex of social rental housing alongside a well-used bus-stop. If GWRC considers that re-routing along Russell Terrace is really necessary, then can I suggest that there could be a “diversion on request”. A Rintoul Villas resident heading south could ask the driver to turn right off

Russell Terrace into Herald Street, then left into Rintoul Street, stopping outside the villas. The bus could then continue its journey back to Russell Terrace via Lavaud Street, as Rintoul Street and Russell Terrace run parallel at the southern ends. It wouldn’t be a big detour. The flaw in my reason-based policy suggestion is of course: how would the Newtown-bound bus driver know if there are passengers in Rintoul Street wanting to go to Newtown? You would need psychic bus drivers. The able-bodied Villas residents can probably get themselves over to Russell Terrace ok, but the less able-bodied are going to have problems. Christine Swift Island Bay

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