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Thursday April 12, 2018

Call for Hataitai people’s input over club site’s future


inbrief news Sallies call for collectors The Salvation Army is offering Wellingtonians the chance to spend an hour or more to help end poverty in New Zealand. The charity is expanding its search for collectors for its annual Red Shield Appeal week from April 30 to May 6. The appeal raises funds to support its frontline services tackling poverty in New Zealand. Historically, it has used staff and church members as volunteers. However, after a positive response from the public last year, it is sending out the call again, with 25 sites across Wellington city where people would be collecting. People who want to sign up as a collector can go to and sign up.

Frank Kitts Park playground approved

Hataitai Community House co-ordinator Rebecca Burgess, HCH chairperson Chris Hare, Hataitai Residents Association co-chairperson Ann Stevenson and Hataitai Community Recreation Trustee Roy Glass in front of the former bowling club building. PHOTO: Jamie Adams By Jamie Adams

Change is on the cards at the former Hataitai Bowling Club building, and community representatives want the public to have their say as to what should happen. The Hataitai Community Recreation Trust (HCRT), The Hataitai Community House and the Hataitai Residents’ Association have joined forces to form a sub-committee that will oversee a feasibility study into the future of the building, which housed the suburb’s bowling club until 2012 and now requi res ea r thqua ke

strengthening. “We have received $56,000 from the Lotteries Grants Board for a feasibility study to be carried out by a consultancy firm called Lumin,” says Roy Glass, HCRT Trustee and member of the feasibility study group. The three groups have been working collaboratively to reassess how the village facilities could be best managed for the good of Hataitai residents. Sub-committees have been formed to manage fundraising, maintenance, communications and future developments, as well as the feasibility study.

“We need the community to tell us how they’d like to see this facility used in the future,” Roy says. “Before we make this decision we have to understand what the community wants. We don’t want to pre-empt them.” Roy says it is important the Trust gets it right as the building and greens had effectively been donated for community and recreational use as a goodwill gesture after the bowling club wound up. A range of activities currently take place there, including functions, speech and drama and dance classes. Menzhed

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Wellington is also a tenant. Representatives from the three groups are working on a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure collaborative management of the building and the neighbouring Community House. Roy says while the feasibility study should be completed by May, engagement with the Hataitai community will be a focus for 2018 via newsletters, mailed postcards and focus groups. A decision is not likely to be made until the end of the year. “It will take as long as it takes.”

Frank Kitts Park will be redeveloped following an Environment Court decision giving a proposed upgrade project the go-ahead. On Friday, the Environment Court found in favour of the Council’s proposed design for a children’s playground and granted resource consent for its implementation. The Council has set aside $2.5m of funding for the project in the Waterfront Development Plan. The children’s playground is its first stage and work will get under way late this year or early next year. The next stage is a Chinese Garden project which is currently being fundraised for.

Noodle Markets to reduce waste The Night Noodle Markets is set to kickoff on Wednesday April 18 for five nights at Frank Kitts Park. Featuring a smorgasbord of food, a bar and family-friendly entertainment, the cash-free event is also proving its commitment to sustainability with an initiative set to dramatically reduce landfill waste. “For $3, festival goers can purchase a cup to use throughout the event. When they are done with it, they can return it for a $1 deposit or keep it as a nice memento,” says event manager Simon Carter. Entry to the five-day event is free and food prices range from $5 to $15. Only Eftpos and credit cards will be accepted.

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Cook Strait News 12-04-18  

Cook Strait News 12-04-18

Cook Strait News 12-04-18  

Cook Strait News 12-04-18