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Wednesday April 4. 2018


Urgent need for volunteers By Glenise Dreaver

Randall Day, manager of the Salvation Army’s Family Store in Johnsonville, says they are “desperately short” of volunteers. There is to be an evening meeting on Thursday April 12 between 6-7pm to give prospective volunteers a behindthe-scenes view of what happens at the store and help them find a role that appeals to them. They need quite a few people to serve behind the counter. “Some people with an eye for fashion might prefer to work in our clothing section, for example.” There is also a pressing need for someone who can drive a truck for

pick-ups, he says. “All people need is a few hours free between 9am-5pm. Just three hours on one day is good, or more if it suits.” “We have one young guy who is in five days a week. That’s really awesome.” But most people don’t have that much time. What the store does need though are people with commitment. “We’re hoping they’ll be with us for the long haul.” Once a volunteer has stayed for a while they can do a free New Zealand Qualifications Authority unit standard retail course that is recognised nationally. “So it’s a two-way street,” he says, adding that the volunteers can get something valuable from this work as well.

Make daylight saving life saving Firefighters are urging people to check and test their smoke alarms. Last year crews responded to 3143 fi res at residential homes throughout the country, but only half, or 1569, of those homes had smoke alarms. Mike Shaw, Fire and Emergency spokesperson, says working smoke alarms give people an early alert to a fi re in their home. He says now that daylight saving

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has ended, it is a good time to check smoke alarms, testing their batteries are working and checking the alarm’s expiry date. He says working smoke alarms are the only hope if there’s a house fi re, especially if they’re sleeping. “You generally won’t wake up .... because once you start breathing in the toxic smoke, you go into a deeper sleep.”

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Specialist care for Wellington elders Cashmere Home

51 Helston Road, Johnsonville. Phone: 04 477 7067 Cashmere Home offers rest home, hospital, respite and health recovery care in a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere.

Cashmere Heights Home 16 Helston Road, Johnsonville. Phone: 04 478 9051

Cashmere Heights Home is warm, homely and boutique, offering rest home and respite care.

Together, Woburn Home and Home we At Cashmere Home and Cashmere Heights Apartments perfect for couples get to know each elderisand their family, so we can tailor ourlooking support, for recognise what's important to you and different levels of support help you maintain your independence for longer. or those planning for the future.

Johnsonville’s Salvation Army Family Store manager Randall Day, with shop volunteer Sherry Wang – one of a precious few. PHOTO: Glenise Dreaver

If you have Neck or Back Pain, mark Saturday 7th April in your Calendar Neck pain and back pain are at near-epidemic proportions and so is medication use to help relieve the pain. Unfortunately, the widespread use of medication is leading to the problem getting worse. Instead of people seeking to solve the cause of their pain, they mask the symptoms with painkillers. People are so busy nowadays that they do not even have time to think about the cause of the symptoms. Let’s consider an age-old analogy. If you are walking around with a stone in your shoe your foot will become sore. Let’s say, instead of removing the stone, you take drugs to stop feeling the pain. In a short time you would need more medication to cope with the pain and physical damage could occur. This seems like a stupid example because nobody would leave the stone in their foot. Yet, people are walking around with vertebral subluxation in their spine causing neck and back pain and they don’t do anything about it. Vertebral subluxation is the dysfunction of the spinal bones that irritates

the spinal nerves and can lead to neck and back pain and many other symptoms. The subluxations are caused by the accumulative stresses and loading on our spine and the big and small injuries we sustain throughout our lives. Around the world the use of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs is all too common, as people seek a quick solution to their problem. Not only are there many harmful side-effects from overuse of these drugs, but they delay the proper treatment of the cause of the problem. However, many people are turning to chiropractors for a natural approach to restoring normal spinal function. Chiropractic care has a phenomenal success rate at helping those people with back pain, neck pain and headaches, without the same side effects of medication. Dr Arturo Quiroz who has recently started working at Kelly Chiropractic explains is simply: “By getting the spine moving better, people can feel better and function better, allowing them to move

freely without pain.” Every year on 7th April we celebrate World Health Day. This is a day for patting yourself on the back for all the healthy habits you currently have and also an opportunity to challenge yourself to be healthier. This could be more regular exercise, better snack preparation each day, becoming more mindful, drinking extra glasses of water, etc. On Saturday morning, 7th April, chiropractor Dr Arturo Quiroz will be at Kelly Chiropractic offering free spinal checks from 8am – 12noon. Call us today, 04 4786194, to book in for a complimentary 10-minute spinal check, to determine if you could benefit from chiropractic care. PS: In the increasingly independent world we live in it’s important to connect with and care about other people. You could celebrate World health Day by helping someone else become healthier: encouraging good habits, asking them to join you on a walk, challenge them to a burpee challenge, or encourage them to get their spine checked. Getting a free 10-minute spinal check could be the best thing they ever do for their health. Call us on 04 4786194 to book in your family and friends.

12 Moorefield Rd, Johnsonville Ph: 04 478 6194

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Independent Herald 04-04-18

Independent Herald 04-04-18  

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