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Thursday March 29, 2018


inbrief news Sustainable transport means better health: study Can your council stop you getting heart disease or cancer? Yes, say researchers in a new study led by the University of Otago, Wellington. The study found that councils and urban planners could improve our health by improving long-term cycling, walking and public transport (sustainable) options for cities.   “The decisions that local councils in New Zealand have made over the last few decades have had a big effect on the population’s health,” says lead author Dr Caroline Shaw.   As a result of urban-planning decisions, Wellington city has the highest levels of sustainable travel at 35 per cent of all travel.

The “Super Six” year 13 Wellington College students, from left, Ollie Petersen (head boy), Jos Devereux, Harry Cook, Matthew Sutcliffe, Oliver Sharp and Harry Crawford during the school’s annual Runathon. All of them ran for hours around the college ground overnight on Friday. PHOTO: Jamie Adams

Six of the best go that extra mile for charity By Jamie Adams

It’s one thing to undergo a 40-hour “famine” for charity, as many school students have done for decades. It’s another thing when every member of a boys’ college takes part in a running relay covering the same amount of time. Wellington College hosted its annual Runathon last Friday and Saturday, which saw all 1750 students run over a short course as well as laps around the college from 6am Friday to 10pm Saturday. In addition to sponsorship

from family and friends for participating, students were split into 15 teams to make it competitive. They received points for each lap, including bonus points for running backwards and even piggybacking others. What made it all the more remarkable was that six of its hardiest senior students, known as the “Super Six” ran laps for hours during the wee small hours of Saturday morning to ensure its continuity. The six led the way in carrying a long tradition of raising funds for World Vision through Runathons, which have taken

place since 1998. The past 10 Runathons have targeted projects in a village in Tanzania called Ibwera. “We’ve been focused on funding training services to help young men become leaders of the village.” Super Six student Matthew Sutcliffe says. Another participant, Harry Cook says this year’s Runathon was a great success, despite the rain. “It was a long night out in the cold, running laps on the turf, but we managed to keep people running and the batons moving the whole 40 hours.” He says it will be a while

before the amount raised, from sponsorship and T-shirt sales is confirmed, but he hopes this will be the year the school reaches $1 million from funding over the past decade. The event has proven so popular that three girls’ colleges joined the boys to help raise funds this year, with students from Samuel Marsden, Wellington Girls College and Wellington East Girls competing against each other at the grounds on Saturday. Pupils at neighbouring St Mark, Church School also did their bit with a mini-Runathon on Monday morning.

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Middle School Scholarships Applications for boys entering Year 7 or Year 9 in 2019 are now open. For academic, music, general excellence, Scots College Old Boys (Y9 only), Pipe Band (Y9, 10 & 11 only) and Boarding (Y9 only).

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Consultation on the Greater Wellington Regional Council 10 Year Plan and the proposed Revenue and Financing Policy has opened. Chair Chris Laidlaw says it’s important people learn how the proposed plans for the future of the region will affect them and to provide feedback on issues that matter. The proposals for the next 10 years would require an increase over the next financial year of $30.89 or $2.57 per month for Greater Wellington ratepayers. For further information is at www. and copies of the 10 Year Plan Consultation Document are available at local libraries. Consultation closes on April 29.




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Cook Strait News 29-03-18  

Cook Strait News 29-03-18

Cook Strait News 29-03-18  

Cook Strait News 29-03-18