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Wednesday March 28, 2018

French choral music to feature The Colours of Futuna concert series this year includes a programme of French choral music on Sunday April 15 at 2pm. Organisers say it will highlight the architectural beauty of the Karori chapel, with its

Corbusier architectural influences displayed in its stunning light-enhancing windows. Voix de femmes, the Alliance Francaise women’s voice choir conducted by Marie Brown, is thrilled to be singing in such a special venue.

The chapel was named Futuna by the Lyon-based Society of Mary, after the Pacific Island where French missionary Pierre Chanel was murdered It is the choir’s fi rst performance of the year following its sell-out Christmas concert

in the Chapel of our Lady of Compassion. They will perform excerpts f r om G o u no d’s b e a ut i f u l Messe de Sainte Cécile, the pat ron sa int of music a nd musicians. Also performing in this spe-

cial music event which includes New Zealand compositions, are soprano soloists Lesley Graham and Linden Loader, and flautist Rebecca Steel.  Tickets ($20) will be available at the door. or they can be obtained from choir members.

Paintbrushes out in Black Rock Road A Housing New Zealand team organised a Newlands Neighbours Day Aotearoa function on Monday March 21. They provided a skip for a rubbish clean-up of communal areas and also painted fences in Black Rock Road on Monday March 21. About half of the HNZ tenants in the area participated. It was an enjoyable day, with the HNZ team reporting that everyone enjoyed working with Police and HNZ to get the job virtually completed. And in the true spirit of Neighbours Day, some non-HNZ neighbours came over to enjoy the sausage sizzle as well. Paint was left behind as several tenants wanted to finish the work off. The event was the first of three organised by Housing New Zealand in Wellington.

Derek Osborn, area manager Wellington said: “Good neighbourhoods need good neighbours that look out for each other, especially when times get tough. So we’re hoping that people can get together and get to know each other better. “Each year we focus on different neighbourhoods where tenants have told us they would like some work to be done,” he says. They also had Neighbours Day cards available on the day so that neighbours could put down their contact details. “Having this information can be so important if something happens like an earthquake,” said Derek. “Looking out for each other – especially the vulnerable members of our communities like the elderly - is so important at times Officer Stu Rowe, third from left, with Housing NZ Staff, tenants and volunteers. PHOTO: Supplied. like that.”

WE’RE INVESTING IN OUR REGION HAVE YOUR SAY ON THE GREATER WELLINGTON REGIONAL COUNCIL TEN-YEAR PLAN, OUR PRIORITIES AND HOW WE PAY FOR THEM. Speak to a Councillor or Council staff: • Wellington Museum, 3 Jervois Quay, Wednesday 4 April from 5:30pm • Wellington Harbour Markets, Sunday 8 April from 8:00am For more information and events in your area, please visit or pick up a copy of the consultation document from your local library. CONSULTATION IS OPEN NOW, HAVE YOUR SAY BY SUNDAY 29 APRIL.


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Independent Herald 28-03-18

Independent Herald 28-03-18  

Independent Herald 28-03-18