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Thursday March 22, 2018

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: Should New Zealand adopt a sugar tax to curb obesity?

Rebecca Fordyce, Strathmore “I think there needs to be more education around sugar. Maybe making healthier food cheaper would be better.”

Katie Parkinson, Miramar “I would say so. People need to cut down but it depends on the age you are targeting. Kids will want to try to go for junk food.”

LETTERS to the editor

Tui Noonan, ex-Hataitai “Of course you should. I live in Canada, we have an obesity problem too. If it worked on cigarettes it could work on sweets.”

Tauhai Konia, Miramar “I think we should. The majority of people in New Zealand are obese and it really affects children. We need to educate the kids.”

Island Bay certainly not in the South China Sea Dear Editor, I am confused by Martin Beck’s letter in the Cook Strait News edition dated March 15. According to Martin, my suburb of Island Bay, as a Wellington southern suburb, is part of the South China Sea. I must admit I did not

Raising rates as we head to bankruptcy disingenuous carry-on of city councillors who want to impress us so much in keeping the rates down from a 7 percent [rise] to but just 3.3 percent. Really, when the extent of the stacked-up expensive projects are putting us close as a city to bankruptcy? All they are doing is spreading the debt load around in the books to cause intergenerational debt. Time for ratepayer power, vote them out! Yours truly Rose Wu Killbirnie (abridged)

Request for footpathsweeping machine Dear Editor. If anybody has a machine capable of sweeping footpaths please contact Fulton and Hogan. They urgently need one. Raukawa St was recently resealed and the footpaths were covered in so much road metal they were unusable. The same thing seems to have happened in Reef St, Island Bay and probably many more locations.

Joanna Bowman, Miramar “It won’t stop people eating sugar. They may eat less but the people who want to eat it will still buy it.”

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Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Dear Editor Hector [Westfold] targets me as not allowing biblical quotes but it was the editor of the paper that stated: “Debate on this particular religious issue is now closed” (CSN 22 Feb 18) yet immediately allows further diatribe from said vocal chalice. Regardless, friends of mine have helped me escape on my walker as family tried a shift to the local retirement home but that is where they practice ‘youthinasia’ so no way hoy say–I’m back. Of greater interest for the learnt public should be the

Veronica Alkema, Seatoun “I don’t mind. I can see for some people it might not help if it makes things too expensive. Education would be better than a tax.”

I contacted the council who agreed it was a health and safety issue but so far they have done nothing. Roading contractors should not be permitted to leave the footpaths in this state. It shows a complete lack of supervision by the council and a drop in standards by Fulton and Hogan . Neil D. McCabe Strathmore

know that. My research shows that the South China Sea is bounded on the northeast by the Taiwan Strait (by which it is connected to the East China Sea); on the east by Taiwan and the Philippines; on the southeast and south by Borneo, the southern

limit of the Gulf of Thailand, and the east coast of the Malay Peninsula; and on the west and north by the Asian mainland. None of these areas are anywhere near Island Bay. I would also mention that Trump has not been invited to North Korea as stated in

your headline. The location of the meeting between him and Kim has not yet been announced, although Sweden has been mentioned as a possibility. Diane Cope Island Bay

Institutions of power don’t allow for the truth Dear Editor, I enjoyed reading Mr Westfold’s three letters and agree with his views. I particularly like the quote that the truth is not bettered in a free and open encounter. However, if we look at Parliament, the courts or the media, we do not

have a free and open encounter. All three institutions exert power and control so that you don’t get the opportunity to challenge what they are saying and doing. This means that the truth is often distorted, quashed, or completely denied.

With regard to Mr Westfold’s comments on women, I agree [also]. Yours sincerely Stephen Cotterall Kilbirnie (abridged)

Dumpers are riff-raff from other suburbs Dear Editor, In reply to Christine Swift’s letter, I cannot believe that Island Bay residents would dump their junk outside their local Vinnies store. They might be recognised by the film buffs and latte drinking toffs

at the Empire Cinema. The riff-raff from Newtown and Kilbirnie are the villains. Having filled the doorways in front of their own op shops, they load up their guzzle-gobbling bombs and head for uncluttered Island Bay Parade.

Seriously, I just wish these litter louts would drive a little further to the tip in Happy Valley Road and get rid of their rubbish there. Sybil Gregson, Kilbirnie

Keep library open on Saturday afternoons

Agreeing with suburban neighbours

Dear Editor, I spoke with an old chap in the Constable St Park in Newtown on Saturday and he wants the local library to open on Saturday to 4:30pm. I entirely agree with him as want to take my children there in the afternoons. It seems very unfair to everybody in Newtown that this central social and community ‘hub’ is not open. I urge all parents to go on line to the Council website and support the petition. Yours faithfully, Anita Vogt, Newtown

Dear Editor, I so glad that when I spoke with Christine Swift at the awesome Newtown Festival we agreed on everything, the food great, music lots of fun things for children, and even no drunken arrests. What strong leadership they show in the suburb and the liquor ban in public works even with a high density of a population. We agreed also on how poor old Island Bay just has a cycle way to hell, and now even rubbish dumped in businesses! (CSN, March 15). Just for the record I am not expecting (anything). Yours in honesty, Sarah R Wu Kilbirnie

Cook Strait News 22-03-18  

Cook Strait News 22-03-18

Cook Strait News 22-03-18  

Cook Strait News 22-03-18