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Thursday March 22, 2018

inbrief news Buses to allow pets Goats, guinea pigs and rabbits will be among the pets now allowed on Wellington’s buses and trains. Greater Wellington’s sustainable transport committee yesterday voted to allow domestic pets on its public transport vehicles, with the new law to be rolled out in July. Committee chairwoman Barbara Donaldson says under the policy any animal considered a domestic pet would be allowed on off-peak services for free as long as they were in a suitable carrier or could fit on the owner’s lap.

Wellington houses worth $88 billion The Property Institute of New Zealand says that new data showing that the residential value of Kiwi cities is closing in on $1 trillion is both good and bad news for the New Zealand housing market and wider economy. The report measured the combined value of residential housing stock in New Zealand and found that, taken as a single entity, residential housing is now worth $941,611 - up from $667,718 in 2015. It says the total value of residential housing in Wellington is worth over $88 billion, up from around $60 billion in 2015.

Nominations open for New Zealand Youth Awards On Thursday March 15, Minister of Youth, Hon Peeni Henare announced that nominations for the 2018 New Zealand Youth Awards are now open. These annual awards recognise and celebrate young New Zealanders who have achieved outstanding results, as well as those who have made a significant contribution in their communities. The awards will recognise 18 rangatahi across six different awards categories. Henare has also introduced junior and senior supreme awards. The supreme winners will be identified within the six award categories. Applications close at midday on April 26, 2018. There will be a celebratory events ceremony on June 28, 2018 where all the award winners will be formally recognised. For more information on the New Zealand Youth Awards and how to make nominations, visit http://www.myd.govt. nz/young-people/new-zealand-youthawards.html.

Local writers play their part in unprecedented SpecFic anthology By Jamie Adams

genre, with fantasy themes that his not wanting to eat Christmas include Maori mythology, space cake that was left to rot for a Speculative fiction has arrived year. travel, demons and dragons. in New Zealand’s literary scene, “It’s very Roald Dahl-esque,” “It embraces the best elements and local authors have contribhe says. of genre fiction,” Eileen says. uted to the first collection of it. Eileen and Alicia co-wrote “We have got talents in all a revolutionary glass insulation Te K rero Ahi K , an anthology their contribution, Ahi Ka, forms Enerlogic of writing,isincluding from SpecFicNZ (Speculative which is metaphorically poetry,film shortthat story,lives sonnets and up to its name;a story it applies logic Fiction New Zealand) showcasbased on the Land Wars of the even some artwork.” to energy to ensure maximum efficiency and es science fiction, fantasy and Paul’s contribution is the 1860s, and consists of a mix of protection andprose yourand family. horror—from award-winning sonnets. comic-horror short for storyyou Why and emerging New Zealand “It starts with a boy being I Hate Cake. While fi ctional, it Enerlogic is a revolutionary glass insulation Sick of consequence poorly insulated windows? Wish you’d authors, artists and poets. chase through the bush as he is based on the of film that lives up to its name; it applies logic gone for double-glazed? Enerlogic wonders if what is he proven is seeing to is to energy to ensure maximum and real,” Eileenefficiency says. to that have the same thermal performance protection for you and“Ahi yourKa family. means to keep the of standard double-glazing E Glass, but home fior resLow burning. It’s a wonSickaoffraction poorly insulated windows? Wish you’d costs of thederful price that you would pay coincidence that they gone for double-glazed? Enerlogic is proven to chose to use that for the book’s to replace your current windows. have the same thermal performance to that title.” Enerlogic performs 4 times better than regular The pair’s collaborative proof standard double-glazing or Low E Glass, but cess fi ts “like a hand in glove” or costs standard solar of window films, addition a fraction the price thatand you in would pay Alicia says, and they are keen to to keeping huge amounts of solar heat, its replaceout your current windows. to work together again. primary benefit is maximising heat retention While this is the firstregular anthol-– Enerlogic performs 4 times better than ogyof they’ve contributed to,and the creating a huge amount energy savings or standard solar window films, and inpublishing addition trio have extensive value for money. to keeping out huge experience: amounts of Eileen solar heat, its has auprimary benefit is maximising heat retention thored two “Choose Your Own What’s more, Enerlogic Window Films are – Adventure”-style children’s creating a huge amount of energy savings and internationally accredited with theYou Gold Plus books called Say Which valueGreen for money. Global Tag, proving ecoWay, their Aliciaoutstanding has collaborated What’sperformance. more, Enerlogic Window Films areproduct with Peter Friend in producing friendly Whereas no other The Great Weta Robbery and internationally accredited with the Gold Plus in the window film or glazing industry has been Save The Moa, while Paul has Global Green Tag, proving their outstanding ecoaccredited, Enerlogic 35 and Enerlogic have. Eileen Mueller, Alicia (AJ) Ponder and Paul Mannering with copies of the anthology book they written novels, two of70 which friendly performance. Whereas no other product contributed to, Te Kōrero Ahi Kā. PHOTO: Jamie Adams the most This firmly establisheshave thiswon product Among them are three Wellingtonians – Eileen Mueller of Vogeltown, Alicia (AJ) Ponder of Brooklyn and Paul Mannering of Karori. Speculative fiction is, according to, “a broad literary genre encompassing any fiction with supernatural, fantastical or futuristic elements”. The three authors say the anthology is very specific to the

Ahead of the Field

Ahead of the Field

in the window film or glazing industry has been

technically advanced eco-friendly accredited, Enerlogicand 35 and Enerlogicwindow 70 have. films on the planet.

This firmly establishes this product as the most ASH welcomes end of tobacco branding in New Zealand The government has issued a ban on the selling of cigarettes in branded packaging, something Action for Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 (ASH) has welcomed. “The tobacco industry has exploited and abused its power for far too long,” it says. All cigarettes will now need to be sold in plain, olive brown generic packaging. Retailers will have until June 6 to get rid of their branded tobacco stock. ASH stated that the introduc-

tion of plain packaging is long overdue. “ASH first campaigned on plain packaging 30 years ago and it has been 55 years since cigarette advertising was banned, on TV and radio in New Zealand,” programme manager Boyd Broughton says. “It’s astonishing that over half a century later we are only just finishing the job’. “Tobacco companies have spent millions of dollars fighting this

As technically part of their commitment to the window advanced and eco-friendly

measure since the early nineties. “We only have seven years left films onlarge the planet. and of “Theyenhancement, have spent onpreservation TV to achieve the protection Smokefree goal. campaigns, legal It’s a sprint the finish, and we theAsenvironment the Gold PlustotoGlobal Green Tag partchallenges of their and commitment the settingAwards up fake Certification retail associa- adds urge the new Government toalready start to Energlogic’s enhancement, preservation tions to fight it. This has been a running.” and protection of impressive array of prestigious the environment Gold Plus awards. Global Greenis Tag marathon battle against a globalthe One measure he proposes to Certification adds to Energlogic’s already giant.” SoAwards take advantage of less harmful why wait? Enjoy leading innovation, Boyd did however state thatof prestigious alternatives toawards. smoking. impressive array phenomenal this is only one of manyenergy suite of savings The lawand willcomplete not apply to eSo whywith wait? Enjoy innovation, strategies recommended by the leading cigarettes andfilms. vaping products. comfort Enerlogic window Maori Affairs Select Committee “It is important that this law phenomenal energy savings and complete to achieve comfort a Smokefree 2025Enerlogic goal change discriminates with window films. against the and New Zealand has a lot of most harmful tobacco products – work left to do. the cigarette.”

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Cook Strait News 22-03-18

Cook Strait News 22-03-18  

Cook Strait News 22-03-18