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Thursday March 22, 2018

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Worser Bay tree removal leaves local resident cut up Continued from page 1. “Those would have been up to 100 years old.” The council says the trees had to come down because of storm damage and bank stability issues, though the one with the swing was spared for the sake of young children – for now. “I’m not an expert but with the trees and canopy removed the hill will collapse in a storm, because it’s the canopy that protects it, not just the roots. “They could have removed one or two. I never thought the whole lot could have been unsafe.” “T hey could have been trimmed instead of cut at the base.” Other locals he has spoken to about the sight have been “horrified” and describe it as a “massacre”. “These trees were a feature of Worser Bay. There’s been no consideration, just brutal disregard for the area’s history and heritage.” Even if the trees were to fall in a storm there was no danger to property as they had hung over undeveloped land, he says. “Where are the houses they will fall on?”

ABOVE: John Cryer in front of what remains of the Worser Bay hillside. PHOTO: Jamie Adams RIGHT: What the area between Awa Road and Karaka Bay Road used to look like. PHOTO: Google Street View

Council manager for parks, sport and recreation Paul Andrews says the trees were part of a cluster located around houses on Awa Rd that were deemed to be hazardous. “We have an ageing tree population and we have a pro-active policy for removing


Global Research Let’s Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) 2017 report shows locals want improved public transport in the city and suburban areas around Wellington. The LGWM 2017 report states that 96.4 percent of those surveyed mentioned public transport as something that could be revamped in the

capital. Wellington Civic Trust Transport spokesperson Paul Bruce supports the public’s view of improving the public transport in Wellington. “High quality public transport, cycling and walking will improve the quality of life, mobility and health of Wellingtonians,” he says. “An urban design that encourages Wellingtonians and visitors to walk or use high

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but says the safety of nearby residents was the priority. “We don’t have the luxury of allowing nature to run its course. “No-one likes seeing trees removed from suburban areas, but given time it will have vegetation again.”

Public transport on ‘Wellington Moving’ wishlist

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trees identified as high-risk.” He says it wasn’t a case of being able to remove individual trees due to the rocky, steep environment they grew on. The council plans to replant the bank with native trees. Paul accepts it will take decades for the aesthetic to return,

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quality public transport would reduce the need to travel by car, lower noise levels, improve air quality and ambience.” Bruce thinks that a highquality public transport system would encourage residents to stop using private vehicles and could also reduce car congestion. John Milford, Chief Executive of Wellington Chamber of Commerce believes that building new tunnels and roads

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at the Basin Reserve would help resolve this problem. Milford says that developing the Basin Reserve would deliver the most benefits including “opportunities to regenerate and develop the city, and build the infrastructure that Wellington needs to make our transport network work” In contrast, Bruce believes that new roads and tunnels would result in an increased amount of traffic congestion.

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Cook Strait News 22-03-18  

Cook Strait News 22-03-18

Cook Strait News 22-03-18  

Cook Strait News 22-03-18