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Thursday March 1, 2018

Before You Travel the World – See Your Doctor! Traveling the world is an exciting opportunity. However, there is a bit more to consider when planning your visit to far flung exotic locations.

Travel medicine is all about ensuring your journey is a healthy and safe one.

Dr Ipen Hsu has post graduate qualifications in Travel Medicine and is a member of the International Society of Travel Medicine. Newtown Medical Centre is a certified Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. Dr Hsu is assisted by Practice Nurse Anna Spelman. A travel consultation involves a 30 minute appointment with the doctor and may be followed by a practice nurse appointment for vaccinations. We would encourage you to arrange a travel consult ideally six to

Practice Nurse Anna Spelman

Dr Ipen Hsu

Newtown Medical Centre offers an up to date expert and personal consultation service tailored to you and your trip. This will include advice on how to best reduce your risk of illness and prevent infectious disease.

Our staff are generally well travelled and passionate about best advising you how to stay in good health while seeing the world.

eight weeks prior to your departure date as some vaccinations require a longer course however it is never too late to make an appointment for advice. Vaccinations may be recommended as being necessary for protecting yourself against diseases that you may encounter in your travels or as a legal requirement to gain entry to some countries.

We provide the full range of vaccines including Yellow Fever, Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis as well as the more routine on site. Our doctors will look at your itinerary taking into consideration your style of accommodation, the time of year you are traveling, planned activities, your own medical history and other factors you might want to discuss. Your consultation will look at reducing the risks of common travel health problems such as travellers diarrhoea, preventing the risk of blood clots (DVT) or preparing oneself for high altitudes. You may discuss best preventative measures against malarial illness such as malaria, zika and dengue fever and whether you should be taking anti-malarial medication. You might request a letter from the GP relating to your medications and we also can advise on traveller’s medical kits.

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Cook Strait News 01-03-18

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