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Wednesday February 28, 2018


Local coach to learn from world’s best footballers By Julia Czerwonatis

Karori football coach Milan Bartosz is headed towards Europe soon to learn new skills from the world’s best players. In March, Milan will spend a few weeks in football academies in Spain and Italy and join workshops to learn new coaching methods which he will try to implement on the field here. He has been a football coach for about 30 years and has trained everyone, young and old, male and female. “You can never learn enough,” Milan says. “It’s good to know what other countries are doing. This is an opportunity to learn from one of the best footballers.” Italy won the FIFA World Cup in 2006 and Spain in 2010, and Spain also the UEFA European Cup in 2008 and 2012. “Both countries train their footballers based on an entirely different ideology than we do here,” Milan says. He says one of the significant differences between the football culture here compared to Europe, is that our season is only five months long whereas elsewhere children train and compete all year around. “For young children who have hopes to become professional players, this is a big disadvantage.”

Another issue that Milan mentions is that most clubs don’t have the financial means to pay their coaches, so it defaults to having volunteering parents training the kids instead of professional coaches. His mission is to educate more coaches so they can then train a generation of players who might have a better chance in professional sport. Milan is currently coaching the Onslow Junior Football team and hopes to take a group of young players to Europe next year to get some training experience with locals. Milan was born in Czechoslovakia and grew to be a footballer. “I played since I could walk. My father was a footballer.” He made it into the under-17 national team but political circumstance in the country changed minimising Milan’s chances of becoming a professional player. After the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia in the late 60s, Milan’s family fled to Austria. “There was a club in Vienna that showed some interest in my play. But the political climate in Europe kept becoming less stable, and so my family decided to move to Canada. That was a big step backwards for me and my play.” He says he still managed to play “semi-professional” in his new home country and he also


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Cometh the hour, cometh the inner-snowboarder

Karori football coach Milan Bartosz will join coaching workshops in Spain and Italy in March. PHOTO: Julia Czerwonatis

started to develop an interest in coaching. “I was coaching in the provincial, premier and major leagues, and I was the assistant coach for the national women’s team.” For Milan the understanding of football in New Zealand needs to change in two aspects: “There’s a process for kids learning how to play. We can’t measure their success by how many goals they make but instead look at how much they are developing their skills. “And we need to take the emphasis from physicality and make the play more about techniques and cleverness.”

I’ve struggled to grasp the Winter Olympics but last week I was all-in for one hour. I’d come out of a reasonably high level meeting to find most of my 50 colleagues gathered around the projector watching the Women’s Big Air final from Pyeongchang, South Korea. I pride myself on being a lover of all sports but I must admit I had to be told we had one of our own Zoi Sadowski-Synott in the final. Standing with my colleagues watching the first of three runs I saw plenty of aerial trickery that I marvel at but cannot relate to when it comes to the Winter Olympics. Unlike many of the Summer Olympic events, I’ve never been one for the snow or ice, in fact winter for me is about survival, not skiing or snowboarding. However as we watched each competitor many of my colleagues slowly went back to work until Zoi had another run and it started to be compelling television. A sport I knew nothing about 15 minutes earlier all of a sudden

became intriguing and I started pointing out technical flaws like I’d been watching it for years! I’d explain why some tricks didn’t seem as spectacular, I used lingo like “sticking the landing” and “goofy-foot” like I was a regular on the snow. I’d become completely caught up in the hysteria. Partly because Zoi, at just 16-years-old, was in third place ahead of the third and final run. It wasn’t a particularly tremendous final round, most of the challengers for the medals couldn’t perform their aerial acrobatics and “stick their landing” but that did not matter, we all cheered as a bronze medal grew closer with every snowboarder tumble. It had been 26 years since New Zealand had won its only medal at the Winter Olympics. The odds of a teenager gaining a bronze to go with that silver in 1992 seemed remote yet that is what happened. Fortunately, I witnessed it live. It goes to show you sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.


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