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Thursday February 22, 2018

Feedback sought on revised plan for Oriental Bay Wellingtion City Council’s latest plan to improve the most congested part of the Oriental Bay pathway – now open for feedback – will make things safer for people on bikes and on foot, and keep the angle parking, council says. The design, a modified version of the more popular of the two options that Wellingtonians gave their thoughts on last year, includes a two-way bike path, separate footpaths, some new motorbike parking, a slightly narrower median strip, and a few extra car parking spaces.

The proposed changes will widen and relieve pressure on the short section of promenade between Herd Street and Freyberg Pool which, at busy times, is too narrow to safely accommodate the large numbers of cyclists and pedestrians. Mayor Justin Lester says providing clearly defined separate spaces for people on bikes and on foot, rather than having a shared path, and keeping the angle parking and the median strip, were among the things that were important to people.

The latest version of the design for Oriental Bay is one of three projects that council is seeking feedback on over the next month. The others are the design and traffic changes required for a proposed new two-way bike path, and other bike paths, along Evans Bay Parade from the intersection of Cobham Drive to Rongotai Road (opposite Kilbirnie Park). People will also be able to comment on interim improvements proposed for Thorndon Quay that could see on-road

bike lanes developed on both sides of the road between Davis and Mulgrave streets. Councillor Sarah Free, portfolio leader for Walking, Cycling and Public Transport encourages people to take a look at the plans for all three areas and share their thoughts.  Detailed information, including plans and image sliders which help show how things would change, is available at transportprojects. Submissions on all three projects are required by 5pm, Monday, March 19 and can be made online.

Island Bay School celebrates renewed building By Julia Czerwonatis

It was an exciting day for the Island Bay School whanau as staff, parents and pupils gathered last week to celebrate their new whare and waharoa (gateway). It took two terms to complete the construction works but the idea for the project was born about five years ago when former principal Perry Rush decided one of their oldest buildings needed renewal. “It goes beyond my wildest dreams to see the building completed,” Perry says. “It looks amazing.” Together with current principal Deborah Fenton, Perry had the honour to cut the ribbon and take a peak into the renovated whare. “The interior was designed by Don Jamieson who did a great job in creating a collaborative space that is bright and open while breaking sound with barriers,” Deborah explains. The space is dedicated to the year 3 and 4 pupils and together with the new waharoa,

construction costs were around $800,000. “We received funding from the Ministry of Education and organised lots and lots of fundraisers to cover the costs,” Deborah says. “But it was Sir Ron Brierley’s support that helped us complete the project.” Ron, a former Island Bay pupil and a renowned investor, made a significant donation towards the school. The new black and white waharoa on the entrance way to the school was designed by whanau member Dean Whiting. “It’s there to physically protect the school from the southerlies and whatever else might come from the ocean,” Dean explains. He says the stories of Tane are embedded in the waharoa’s patterns with the two large circles reflecting both the spiritual and the profane knowledge as well as the cultural landscape of this area. “Our powhiri here today shows the interaction between both spheres,” Dean says.

Island Bay School pupils Oscar Vargas Wilson, Xenos Hiotakis and Sophia Das in front of their new whare. PHOTO: Julia Czerwonatis

Teachers, children and parents agreed that both the waharoa and renewed building were a

great asset to their school and will enhance their learning environment.

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Patricia O’Donnell is writing a history of a school in the Kilbirnie area and needs your help. “I need to learn background information about life for children in 1930s and 40s - what was Evans Bay Beach like, what shops were in Kilbirnie?” Patricia says. “Was Lyall Bay beach popular? Where did children play and what games did they play? Where did the trams run? What was in your school lunches? “What was it like in the war for a child? How did your life change? Patricia is happy to come to your home or meet you somewhere. Call her on 934 3179.

Council’s te reo pledge commended Te Puni Kōkiri is applauding Wellington City Council’s goal to become a te reo Maori city. “Placing a stake in the ground to show New Zealand’s Capital city actively promotes our indigenous language, sends a strong message both here and overseas. Well done,” chief executive Michelle Hippolite says. Council opened public consultation on its draft te reo policy earlier this month. Consultation closes on March 12. “Te reo Māori is a living language for all New Zealanders. It should be seen, spoken heard and enjoyed in commerce, sport, the arts, government, at the supermarket and even on the bus.”

A Consumer NZ complaint about a sunscreen that failed to meet its label claims has resulted in manufacturer Johnson & Johnson agreeing to only sell products that meet the joint Australian and New Zealand standard. The decision comes three years after Consumer NZ found the company’s Neutrogena Sensitive Skin SPF60+ sunscreen failed to provide the very high protection it claimed. Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin says she was pleased with the outcome but wanted all manufacturers to meet the sunscreen standard.

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Cook Strait News 22-02-18  

Cook Strait News 22-02-18

Cook Strait News 22-02-18  

Cook Strait News 22-02-18