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Wednesday February 21, 2018

Introducing our new premium range up to 50% off for a very limited time UNRIVALED SUPPORT


King Koil’s innovative Reflex Support System responds to your individual size and shape to deliver the level of support your body needs. As you lay on the bed, the primary coils gently conform to your curves to deliver all over support. As increased weight is applied, the active coils intuitively respond to provide extra support in the areas where your body needs it. Active coils are positioned throughout the support system and are concentrated in specific areas to provide targeted support. Individually encased primary coils help to isolate movement so you can enjoy a deep, undisturbed sleep.

Endorsed by International Chiropractors Association


Developed in conjunction with the International Chiropractors Association, the King Koil range has been designed to provide enhanced spinal support, regardless of your weight, size or preferred sleep position.

UNIDISPUTED QUALITY Micro Comfort Coils Micro comfort coils are mini springs, used in the comfort layers of a mattress to provide additional comfort and pressure relief. The unique springs provide the flexibility to interact with your body in all directions regardless of shape, proportions or weight. The result is an extremely comfortable, ventilated and long lasting mattress support. Micro coils are durable and responsive, so they will not sag or lose their shape over time. Micro coils individually conform to body shape for maximum support and comfort, and minimum partner disturbance.

Queens Award for excellence in Design King Koils Micro Comfort Coils are awarded with the Queen’s award for excellence in design and is the UK’s most prestigious business accolade. Originally awarded by Queen Elizabeth to Harrison Spinks for excellence in design and manufacture of pocket springs, this prestigious award provides consumers peace of mind knowing the spring technology within their mattress is the ultimate.


Independent Herald 21-02-18  

Independent Herald 21-02-18

Independent Herald 21-02-18  

Independent Herald 21-02-18