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Wednesday February 14, 2018

Fast food customers stopped from blocking fire engine access By Julia Czerwonatis

A new set of bollards on a Johnsonville road is to prevent cars from blocking the access way for local firefighters. Wellington City Council installed the bright yellow bollards on Frank Johnson Street between its two lanes to prevent cars queuing for the KDC drive-thru. “Local councillors were approached last year by Warren Field, officer in charge at Johnsonville Volunteer Fire Brigade, who told us that the brigade was being blocked in on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights,” Peter Gilberd, northern ward councillor, explains. The cars queuing in front of the KFC entrance which is right next to the Johnsonville Fire Station didn’t only block the fire engine from exiting the road but also firefighters from accessing the fire station. Warren says sometimes cars wouldn’t move, so they had to wait until the road was cleared again, yet it’s crucial that firefighters work fast as lives could be at stake. KFC management, council officers and fi re brigade met on-site in September to discuss the issue and find a solution suitable for all parties involved. “The entire process was done

Council - installed new bollards in Frank Johnson Street to prevent KFC customers from blocking the road for local firefighters.PHOTO: Julia Czerwonatis

a friendly manner,” Warren says. “We understand KFC’s business interests and concerns from the community, and they in return listened to our problems.” Ja s o n McMe n a m i n , KFC’s general manager operations, says they have been actively working

with council since being made aware of the concerns, and are still in the process of implying changes to driveways and signage. “The council has consulted with K FC during this process and has appreciated their help in finding a solution,”

councillor Peter says. “The new layout will also help prevent accidents at the roundabout, caused by traffic crossing lanes to enter the Frank Johnson St entrance to KFC,” he says. People wishing to enter KFC by car can do so via Burgess Road.


Young artists break gallery window for new exhibition For their upcoming exhibition at Enjoy Public Art Gallery, two ambitious young artists are only doing one thing to an otherwise empty gallery: breaking a window. The aim of their project is to start a conversation about what art can be. The exhibition, titled Heart of Glass, takes its name from Blondie’s 1979 hit single Heart of Glass. As both artist and musicians, the duo are interested in the idea of nostalgia. By looking back to the 1970s era of disco, new wave and rock n’ roll music, Isabella Dampney and Theo Macdonald hope to connect to a bygone radio era. As part of the project, they’ll be recording their own cover of Heart of Glass they hope will broadcast on local radio stations/ “One of the hardest things about choosing to make contemporary art is the knowledge that your work will never be as widely distributed as Debbie Harry’s,” Isabella says. “Heart of Glass’ ushered in a new era of popularity for Blondie, much as we hope this broken window will usher in a draft,” Theo adds. Curator Sophie Davis thinks the exhibition will raise some interesting questions for the public. “Bella and Theo are playfully thinking about how people relate to and understand contemporary art—which tends to be viewed with a certain kind of humour or even suspicion—compared with, say, pop music. Rather than being confined to a gallery space, their work puts the emphasis on conversation.” Heart of Glass will be displayed from March 15-April 7, at the Enjoy Public Art Gallery, 1/147 Cuba St. Entry free.

Come and meet our family we would love to take

care of you for the long term or a short respite With 60 friendly and dedicated staff members, you can rest assured your loved ones will be well looked after at Johnsonvale Home. The friendly, homely nature of Johnsonvale sets the home apart from the rest. With a welcoming environment, residents get to know the staff as well as each other which creates a family-like atmosphere. The Activities Staff ensure the residents are always happy and entertained with activities running six days a week. Johnsonvale Home hosts themed nights on special occasions including Easter, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and birthdays. The residents also go out on regular trips to farms, museums and the movies as well as having

regular entertainers coming to the home. The Home has a fantastic Chef on hand who changes the menu on a regular basis and caters for all residents nutritional needs. The Home provides Rest Home beds as well as Hospital beds for residents who may need extra care and a Registered Nurse is on-hand 24 hours a day. The Home caters for day and respite care options to enable relatives to have a break. The relatives can rest easy knowing their loved ones will be well cared for. Brenda encourages people who are looking for a nice home for their family members to come to Johnsonvale and take a personal tour.

Brenda encourages people who are looking for a nice home for their family members to come to Johnsonvale and have a personal tour.

Call now and chat to Brenda Ph: (04) 478 4023 E: 16-18 Earp Street, JOHNSONVILLE

Independent Herald 14-02-18  

Independent Herald 14-02-18

Independent Herald 14-02-18  

Independent Herald 14-02-18