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Wednesday February 14, 2018

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Karori vicar leaves local parish after 19 years

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Continued from page 1. “I loved following people through all the ups and downsof their lives, and watch them grow spiritually,” he says. “Another aspect that stands out for me is the number of people who became ordained ministers during my time here. “It has been so rewarding to see these people flourish.” Before John started following his ordain life 34 years ago, the South African-born was a computer scientist and an air force officer. Back then, South Africans had little choice as military service was compulsory and while poli-

cies have long since changed, John’s only alternative back then would have been imprisonment. He found his way to God at university when he was dating a Christian girl. “It took her about a year to spark his passion for the Anglican Church in me.” John says Christianity wasn’t about religion and rules. To him it is about the relationship he has with Jesus Christ. “My faith isn’t tired, but something real, living and very exciting relationship and it helps me to find a connection to other people.” Since John, his wife Janet and

their two children joined the Karori Anglican Church, the parish has seen an increasing number of young families. Part of the process was about re-connecting with the local community, John says. “God calls on us to focus on the world around us. The parish seemed disengaged from what happened around them. We didn’t know how to re-connect, so we had to find out.” Re-engaging with their community, the parish began helping out with garden cleaning at local schools, planting trees in nature reserves and lending a helping hand wherever they

could. John’s biggest legacy project, which he will watch being completed from afar, is the new community building the Anglican Church will construct. The church raised over $2 million to finance the project and are currently finalising plans with the architect. “We want to have a place where people feel like it belongs to them. “Somewhere to go to connect with others – a home away from home.” John’s last service will be this Sunday at 10am at the Karori Anglican Church.


Ngaio to gather for large community picnic

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By Julia Czerwonatis

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Ngaio is set to celebrate the end of a stunning summer with a large family event. The Ngaio Crofton Downs Community Residents Association has scheduled their annual community picnic in mid-March and would love to get community groups involved. “Our theme this year is ‘Enhancing a sense of community’,” John White, new chair of the Ngaio Crofton Downs Community Residents Association, explains. “With the event we are trying to build a more cohesive and inclusive community, and therefore a safer suburb. But the main thing is that everyone had fun.”

The association is still looking for community organisations and non-profit groups to contribute with activities, entertainment, food or drinks that they can sell as a fundraiser. Community groups are welcome to have a stall. John says they are planning for some music, games any other community-oriented contribution, particularly for children.  Please contact the Ngaio Crofton Downs Community Residents Association with your ideas as soon as possible by sending them a message via “Contact us” on The picnic will be held at Cummings Park on March 11, from noon.

Families playing “Pooh sticks” at last year’s picnic. PHOTO: Supplied

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