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Thursday February 8, 2018

LETTERS to the editor

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Postal clearance times too inconvenient Dear Editor; Here are further symptoms of apparent planned self-liquidation by NZ Post, perhaps no more than three years from now. Here in Miramar, very recently on Thursday at about 10.00am, I intended to post some Standard Post letters in the box outside Craig the Chemist in Miramar Avenue, and was at first pleased to see that it had reverted to taking both Standard Post and International Mail. However, I then noticed that the final clearance time, Monday to Friday, had suddenly changed to 9.00am, which seemed unbelievable. I instead went along to the postal depot opposite New World,

posted my mail, but noted the final clearance time had been shortened to 4.00pm on those days. I realise postal letters are not as urgent as they once were; but if people want them to be despatched on the same day as posted, a box that is cleared at 9.00am is useless to most such people. And a box cleared at 4.00pm will scarcely be convenient for many people. So I eagerly await, not long from now, Miramar boxes with signs saying they will be cleared only on, say, Mondays and Thursdays at 12.00 noon, weather permitting! H Westfold, Miramar

Creative centre will be go-to place for film graduates: Director

Dr Paul Wolffram. PHOTO: Supplied

Victoria University of Wellington’s newly launched Miramar Creative Centre recently welcomed its inaugural director, Dr Paul Wolffram. Paul is a senior lecturer in Victoria’s Film programme and an award-winning film director and producer, known for his ethnographic documentaries What Lies That Way, Voices of the Land: Ngā Reo O Te Whenua and Stori Tumbuna: Ancestors’ Tales. Jenn ifer Windsor, pro vice-chancellor of Humanities and Social Sciences, says Paul was an obvious choice to head up Victoria’s latest initiative in cultivating creativity within Wellington and beyond. “Paul is one of New Zealand’s outstanding creative practitioners,” she says. “His own and his students’ work speaks to multiple ways of imagining film, music, people and culture.” Paul says he’s thrilled to begin his role as director of the centre, with its unique location in the heart of Wellington’s film industry providing a huge advantage for students. “Most of the high-end film industry is based out at Miramar so the physical proximity is really advantageous. “Students will benefit from


members of the film and music industry visiting classes—it’s now easy for them to pop across the road and join us for a couple of hours.” He says that he’s also excited by the potential for collaboration enabled by the mix of students and teaching staff from different disciplines, including film, music and design. “In the past it’s been harder for us to collaborate between our undergraduate course. Now with all of the students in the same place it’s very easy for a film student to find a composer or designer to work with, or to creatively engage with Master of Design Technology students to do digital effects work on their film. He says collaboration is the reality for many students when they get out into the industry. The centre will initially house students from the film and music streams of the Master of Fine Arts (Creative Practice), as well as Master of Design Technology students. Paul says he sees the Miramar Creative Centre as a unique facility which he believes will become the ‘go-to’ postgraduate training facility in Australasia for film and digital creativity.

Kiwibank behaves like loan shark Dear Editor, Kiwibank is flash advertising personal loans at 16 percent on their screens and then 5 percent for mortgages, but they only pay interest of 3 percent - it’s all the same money! Who are the real loan sharks? All the while the new young directors are closing down suburban branches around the country and ripping out the Quick Cash machine from Brooklyn. As a founding customer - is it

not time now to change Banks. Martin Beck, Mornington. Editor’s note: In response to the concern about the disappearnce of Brooklyn’s Quick Cash machine, Kiwibank communications manager Bruce Thompson says the ATM was removed last year due to access issues. A new site has been found and the ATM will be installed at 29 Cleveland Street on February 20.

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