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Wednesday January 31, 2018

Zealandia announces We’re talking Nunsense – new research centre especially for Wellington Zealandia Ecosanctuary will open a research centre to support its ongoing research and field work. The Zealandia Centre for People and Nature will focus on exploring how nature influences our society, including the economy, people’s health and wellbeing, and conservation outcomes. “Zealandia has driven an incredible transformation in our nation’s capital—not only in our native biodiversity but also in our people,” Zealandia chief executive Paul Atkins says. “People are learning to reconnect with New Zealand’s natural environment. “Our children now have the chance to encounter unique species such as kaka, tieke [saddleback] and toutouwai [North Island robin] in their own local green spaces.” The research centre will be an umbrella for collaborative efforts in research, community outreach, and education. It will bring together more than 40 experts who are already working with the sanctuary, generating knowledge to tackle conservation

By Jamie Adams

Karori’s ecosanctuary Zealandia is home to several native birds, including kaka that have been increasing their Wellington population to 900 birds. PHOTO: Julia Czerwonatis

challenges affecting urban areas throughout the world. “We know that spending time in nature can have a positive impact on our life,” Danielle Shanahan, research manager says. “However, there are still many more questions to tackle: What dose of nature is enough? What does this mean for our public health or our economy? How can we ensure conservation action in cities leads to great

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outcomes for biodiversity?” The Centre for People and Nature will also be tackling the challenge of equipping New Zealand’s next generation with the tools, knowledge and experience they need to pursue a nature-rich future. “It is through fostering our own connection with nature, and that of the next generation, that we can perhaps have our greatest impact,” Danielle says.

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A new theatre co-operative is hoping a local version of comedy play Nunsense will draw the level of laughs that made it such a success overseas. Based on the popular off-Broadway show which originated in New York in 1985, this version sees the story transported to Wellington, where 52 nuns from Crofton Downs die of botulism, and it is up to five of the remaining 19 to raise funds to bury them. “Julia the chef poisons them with vichyssoise soup, except for 19 of them who were out playing bingo,” director Lyndee-Jane Rutherford says. “They are very talented. One is an amazing puppeteer and another one tap dances. The show is a genuinely collaborative effort with some crew members, such as producer Rochelle Rose, starring in it too – even the musical director Michael Nicholas Williams has a few lines on stage. The play is being produced by Wing It Productions, which was

formed by Rochelle and Tania Parker of Crofton Downs from only seven months ago. “This is our first year of operation, so we spend that time getting Nunsense up and running,” Rochelle says. The idea of putting on such a show came about when the pair were singing together in a production of Sister Act in 2016. “A friendship was formed. We had a lot in common,” Rochelle says. The Reverend Mother is played by Jane Keller who was originally an opera and cabaret singer in the United States. She was allowed to retain her accent for a show that will feature humorous references to New Zealand and especially Wellington. Nunsense runs at the Gryphon theatre at 7.30 from January 30 to February 10 with 2pm matinees on each of the Saturdays. Tickets are $39,90 for adults and $25 for seniors and students, with a portion of proceeds going to the Sisters of Compassion soup kitchen.  For bookings, visit



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Historic Nairn Street Cottage opens its doors Located on the hillside of Mt Cook, Nairn Street Cottage sits unsuspectingly, and could easily be mistaken to be just another cottage. But look further. Beautifully presented and rich with history, the cottage was built

in 1858 by William Wallis and is believed to be the oldest original house in Wellington. The historic building will be opening its doors to visitors everyday, 12- 4pm, until midMarch.

Independent Herald 31-01-18  

Independent Herald 31-01-18

Independent Herald 31-01-18  

Independent Herald 31-01-18