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Wednesday January 31, 2018


The Cruars and Carmichael families enjoying the sun


Atlas Monge, 3, and Camille Arthur, 2, enjoying the sunshine

The Jackson family listening to the music

OUT& about Blues in the Bay PHOTOS: Dan Taylor

By Michele and Dan Taylor

The sultry late afternoon heat of Days Bay saw Laura Collins and her Back Porch Blues Band take to the stage last Sunday at the Days Bay Pavilion.

Backed by Wayne Mason on keyboards and vocals, John O’Connor on lead guitar, George Barris on upright bass and Peter Cogswell on drums, Laura turned up the heat with her soulful vocals, while the audience grooved to a mixture

of covers and some of the groups own songs. Pavilion owner, Angus Osborne, estimated the crowd to be in excess of 250, many of whom took the opportunity to picnic on the lawn, while others boogied in the marquee.

The Va’a family cooking up some sausages

Making your computer work better for you Be Safe

It is an inescapable truth that as we rely more and more on our computers in our lives, there will be people out there trying to steal your stuff. The three things these hackers are mostly interested in are: your identity, your information and your money. We’re all now familiar with the telephone scammers who try to convince you that there’s something wrong with your computer that they can fix for you if you just give them access to your machine. Sadly, there’s nothing to be done except to be wary and simply hang up the phone if you smell a rat. If you think they’ve done some damage or got their hands on your money (a) call

your bank immediately and (b) call us to make sure they haven’t interfered with your computer like a thief that robs you twice. For most other safety problems, a good quality anti-virus software will help a lot. This will be something you pay for on an annual subscription but that’s because it’s constantly being upgraded and kept current with the latest threats. Free antivirus software isn’t very effective – basically you get what you pay for. If you have any concerns or would like to know more, please feel free to call or email me. Happy computing Carl

Pat, Riaz, Beth and Lyn enjoying the atmosphere Book a Nerd online at or phone 0800 63 33 26

Windows 10 deadline looms Massage clinic available starting at $30/hr

“I could never overlook massage therapy as an integral part of keeping me on court.” -Ameliaranne Ekenasio, Central Pulse

Consider massage therapy A career that offers flexibility and independence.



Windows 10 was released with much fanfare in mid2015 and one year on, the offer to upgrade to Windows 10 for free is just about to expire. 3 HR WORKSHOP Microsoft estimates that a total of 300 million devices THIS FRIDAY are now running Windows 10, with about a third of those “The Principles of being new devices. But the majority - about 60% - of Massage” Windows based PCs are still running Windows 7 so if 10am-1pm that’s you and you want that free upgrade, you’ve got until 29 July 2016 to do it. To date, most Windows 10 upgrades have gone reasonably smoothly, but with the sheer volume being done, FIRST YEAR FEES there’s no shortage of horror stories. Many of these have (value $7000) happened in the last two months when Microsoft made Windows 10 an automatic update without really letting anyone know and around the world people woke up surprised with a new operating system running on their computer. Unfortunately, many woke up to a non-functioning computer and a sinking feeling in their stomach. Microsoft is going to continue its extended support commitment for Windows 7 through to January 2020, so if you’re happy with Windows 7 and don’t believe you’ll be using your current computer in four years’ time, then the upgrade may not be for you.


Independent Herald 31-01-18  

Independent Herald 31-01-18

Independent Herald 31-01-18  

Independent Herald 31-01-18