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Thursday January 25, 2018

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Newtown Vintage Market

Now based on 199 Riddiford st, the Newtown Vintage market started with a bang in July 2016. Since then it’s seen a few changes, but every month it grows bigger and

stronger. As a vibrant and thriving community event, this market is a space for not just vintage lovers, but Wellington creatives.

So if you love all things vintage, hand made items, and local artworks then this is the market for you! It’s on Saturday February 3rd from 10am-2:30pm, right by the Newtown Mall.

tenants a great experience. We understand and have dealt with nearly every aspect of property management you can imagine ensuring your rental experience is stress-free and profitable. As a smaller Property

Management Company we don’t get bogged down in procedures and hierarchy. We can provide just the level of service that you need with a simple, streamlined process, so you’re not paying for things you don’t need.

Nice Place At Nice Place we aren’t only experienced property managers, we are also experienced landlords. We understand the concerns and challenges that come with owning a rental property. Our team is committed to giving landlords and

Chronic Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Disease


We are looking for volunteers with the following conditions • Hepatitis B carriers • COPD • Asthma • Type 2 Diabetes • Fatty Liver disease If you would like to help, visit our website or call 0800 737 883 Travel allowances will be paid Stipend payable for some studies

HBV infection is one of the commonest serious chronic diseases in the World today. In New Zealander most affected individuals are of Maori, Polynesian or Asian ethnicity. Infection has usually occurred by so-called vertical transmission, from mother to child ,at the time of childbirth. A proportion of those infected are unable to eradicate the virus from the body and become chronically infected. They are said to be

Hepatitis B carriers. For many carriers reduce the chances of development of there are little or no long-term conse- liver failure and liver cancer. However, VEINneed SPECIALISTS LTD new CUSTOMER quences. However, others develop a there is an THE urgent to develop SALES REP SCHRISTENSEN chronic hepatitis, which can progress medications capable of curing the disADVERTISING DESIGNER OUTSOURCER to cirrhosis and liver cancer. All carriers ease. PROOF PROOFED 4/05/2017 a.m. trialling a of the virus remain a risk for spreading P3 Research is 10:31:37 currently AD ID WE-7625516AB (100%) the virus to others through blood con- promising new medication for HBV intamination and sexual contact. There is fection which has been developed by a THA PLEASE APPROVE THIS AD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. NOTE currently no cure for chronic infection Chinese Pharmaceutical Company. MUST BE FINALISED BY OUR MATERIAL DEAD but there are medications which, if takTo learn more visit www.p3research. en life-long, can control the virus and

Lloyd Kelly Jewellers & Watchmakers We are a Wellington-based jeweller and watchmaker, specialising in the manufacturing of custom-made jewellery for all types of occasions. We have a particular expertise in creating beautiful engagement/wedding rings, as well as general watch repair services. For

over 30 years experience & many satis- while you wait, and repair many brands THE VEIN SPECIALISTS watches. We sell Olympic,LTD Citizen, fied customers we have been serving ofCUSTOMER SCHRISTENSEN SALES REP Wellington manufacturing jewellery for Astina, Timex and Storm watches, and ADVERTISING OUTSOURCER good range of Rings, silver jewellery, all special occasions (ENGAGEMENT a DESIGNER PROOF PROOFED 4/05/2017 10:31:37 a.m. RINGS & WEDDING BANDS), and and NZ greenstone. AD ID little WE-7625516AB (100%) specializing in re-makes and repairs. For that extra care and attention We fit watch batteries and straps, often give us a call, 04 389 2085. PLEASE APPROVE THIS AD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. NOTE THA


Specialist Vein Health Dr Lupe Taumeopeau & Mr JK Wicks are two surgeons who set up and run Specialist Vein Health (SVH). No longer do you need to have vein stripped. Requiring a hospital stay and general anesthetic. Our vascular surgeons – Kes Wicks and Dr Lupe offer the latest treat-

ments for varicose veins including radiofrequency ablation of varicose veins and injections. These are walk-in walkout day procedures under local anesthetic, which minimizes your down time while maximizing results. Our vascular surgeons also treat patients with arte-

rial diseases like aneurysms, blockages in your neck arteries (this can cause strokes), DVTs and leg ulcers. SVH are Southern Cross affiliated Providers and also offer Q card finance to help with payments. Phone 0800 83-46-43.

Varicose Vein Treatments

• Contact lenses • Saturday morning appointments

Student Discount

on examinations and all spectacles

• Diabetic retinal screening • WINZ preferred supplier • Supergold discounts • Customer car parking available Jayesh Chouhan Optometrist and Contact Lens Practitioner. (B Optom, TPA Endorsed)

Appraisals Tenant vetting Inspections Rental advice 04 389 8840


LYCHGATE CENTRE 100 Riddiford St, Newtown

PH: (04) 939 0304

Spider & Facial Vein Treatment

Ring Sizing & Repairs

Non invasive and minimal pain

Watch Batteries Fitted While You Wait

Call 0800 83 46 43 to make an appointment

Watch Straps Fitted We Sell Olympic, Citizen, Astina & Timex Watches

Wellington - Lower Hutt - Kapiti Palmerston North - Nelson WE-7625516AB

• Wide range of fashion frames


Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm Sat 10am-1pm

Artery Conditions specialistveinhealth 2vascularsurgeons Spider &Conditions Facial Vein Treatment Artery Southern Cross Insurance invasive AffiliatedNon Providers. Criteria may and apply. minimal pain

Non invasive and minimal pain

Call 0800 83 46 43 to make an appointment

119 Riddiford Street, Newtown

Ph 04 389 2085

Varicose Vein Treatments Varicose Vein Treatments

Spider & Facial Vein Treatment

Wellington - Lower Hutt - Kapiti specialistveinhealth 2vascularsurgeons Palmerston North - Nelson 625516AB

• Eye examinations

SUMMER IS HERE Artery Conditions - TIME TO BE VEIN Fairfax Media makes every effort to create advertisements to meet your specific needs. Please note

Cook Strait News 25-01-18  

Cook Strait News 25-01-18

Cook Strait News 25-01-18  

Cook Strait News 25-01-18