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Wednesday January 24, 2018

Beat Kitchen crew, Craig Sefton, Kei Akiyama and Braedyn Morrissey


The Viskovic family took away a lamb randang and pork belly burger

OUT& Keeping the about tummy happy PHOTOS: Dan Taylor

By Dan and Michele Taylor

The evening of Friday, January 19 saw the welcome return of food trucks to Karori. The trucks park in front of the soonto-be Karori Event Centre and serve a delicious selection of international

and Kiwi foods on a regular basis. The warm evening brought out a steady stream of diners, and for many it wasn’t their first experience with the cuisine on offer. The food trucks are usually there on the first and third Friday of the month for those keen to sample their wares.

Onebites team Ivan and Intan serving up Indonesian street food

Hungry Monkey crew Lynn and Phillip Wong

Ryan, Amelia and Oscar, 7 weeks, selecting a lamb rendang and pork belly burger

Cait and Deborah Kent ready to tuck in to a curly fried potato stick

Emmett, 7, and Kate, sample banana fritters and ice cream

Independent Herald 24-01-18  

Independent Herald 24-01-18

Independent Herald 24-01-18  

Independent Herald 24-01-18