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Wednesday January 24, 2018




Why be vegetarian? Being vegetarian is healthier, kinder, more sustainable and offers a wide variety of tasty food. Vegetarians live longer and have reduced risk of lifestyle diseases, obesity and hypertension. Animal fat and meat has

been linked conclusively with an increase in heart disease, stroke, colon and breast cancer, and more. Another good motivation is to stop the exploitation of animals by intensive breeding and cruelty.

Getting (and staying) fit with Newlands’ Life in Motion Join the Life In Motion community with low intensity workouts, high intensity workouts, circuit training and run training. Life In Motion group fitness classes are designed to introduce you to a variety of exercises in a fun and supportive environment. Suitable for all abilities from high intensity to low intensity. No booking or prepayment required for classes and you

can always come along to FREE Community HIIT, every Saturday at 10am . All classes are held at Newlands Intermediate, rain or shine! For the weekly timetable and information on the upcoming 6 week module of early morning CBD classes visit Join the community and set your Life In Motion today!

Alzheimers Wellington provides free support Families across Wellington are singing the praises of Alzheimers Wellington! Alzheimers Wellington provides free support, services, and education to local people affected by dementia, their families and their supporters. As we are a local charity, every

CALL US FOR HELP If you, or someone you know, needs help to live well with dementia, please call

0800 004 00 Right now, Alzheimers Wellington is supporting hundreds of Wellington families to live well with dementia. Your kind gift will continue to make a difference, so

Please Donate Today!

dollar we raise stays in the Wellington region, supporting people from the Kapiti Coast to the Hutt Valley. To find out more, or to donate and directly help local families affected by dementia, visit

Managing summertime sadness We all feel sad or low at times. These are normal human emotions. If you experience a low mood or sadness, it can be reflected in three ways: Mentally You might be self-critical, have negative thoughts, feel hopeless, or feel helpless about yourself or the future. Other symptoms include having difficulty with mental clarity, focus and brain fog. Physically You could feel tired or exhausted, experience changes in sleeping patterns and appetite, have a reduced sexual interest, and walk or move more slowly. Behaviorally Examples may include becoming more irritable and angry, avoiding people and places, avoiding things you used to enjoy doing, and not getting the same pleasure from your usual activities.

FREE GROUP EXERCISE! EVERY SATURDAY 10AM • Fun and Inclusive • All ages and levels of fitness • Newlands Intermediate, Bracken Rd, Newlands

Low Intensity Classes

Mondays and Wednesdays 6.30pm Range of Classes available • High Intensity $5 • Low Intensity a session • Circuit Training • Run Training Exercise Science qualified trainer. Join in with your community and set your Life In Motion today!

Save $10 60s NOW 90


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NZ Vegetarian Society

St John’s Wort is a herb that is traditionally used to support a balanced mood. Lighthouse St John’s Wort provides support during times of extra stress in a one-aday, vege capsule dose. It can help promote emotional wellbeing and a positive mood.

Helping everyone on the vegetarian path, from veg-curious to vegan | 09 523-4686

Just up from Just Cuts, Johnsonville Mall PH: 461 6047

Independent Herald 24-01-18  

Independent Herald 24-01-18

Independent Herald 24-01-18  

Independent Herald 24-01-18