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Wednesday January 17, 2018

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: What do you do to stay cool on hot summer days?

Bob Tait, Ngaio “I stay in the shade, wear a hat and put on sun lotion.”

Peatle Shutlar, Johnsonville “I’m staying outside a lot.”

Geoff Savell, Porirua “I’m very fortunate with air conditioning at work, and I do my gardening work in the shade.”

Mack Ward, Newlands “Put my head in the fridge or something cool in my face.”

Kennedy Grace, Newlands “Turn on the fan and stay in the shade.”

Emma Dyke, Johnsonville “Drink beer.”

Anniversary Day with music for all ages Aro Creative is anchoring a stage on Wellington’s goodlooking waterfront to beat the drum on Wellington Anniversary Day. The first regional public holiday of 2018 shells out the freedom to appreciate the city, the ocean, multiple music stages, children rides, coffee, a supervised cardboard craft area for children, food, and hopefully

lots of sun. Local musicians including electronic producers, indie rockers and kaleidoscopic prog/ soul-hop fiestas will sail down on Frank Kitts Park to freewheel amidst divas, denizens and young whippersnappers of Wellington. This is the second in a series of events by Aro Creative, including an all-ages music event at

Aro Valley Hall on January 20 and another at Kilbirnie Festival on March 11. The intention is to work with the same artists to create a body politic of, and symbiosis between, Wellington’s creative people and encouraging an artistic society of musicians, listeners and dancers. This stage is one part of a larger event with local artists,

food, enjoying oneself and unflappable views of Wellington’s waterfront. It’s going to be swimming Artists staging on Anniversary Day include Sky Canvas, a five-piece kaleidoscopic prog/ soul-hop fiesta, hailing from Wellington. Stirring, charged vocals weave vivid stories and blend dynamically with colourful synthesiser/

guitar textures and fiery grooves. Heavy Chest, Neil MacLeod and Ludus are also part of the line-up.  The concert starts from 11am-5pm. For more details, find the event on Facebook (“ Aro Creative w/ Sky Canvas, Heavy Chest, Neil MacLeod, Ludus”).

Connection at Cashmere At Enliven’s Cashmere Home in Johnsonville, residents are encouraged to seek out companionship, fun, spontaneity and meaningful activity in their lives. Cashmere Home resident David Moore pictured here with Recreation Officer Liz Rivadelo.

Cashmere Home’s David Moore says age is just a number when it comes to connecting with others. “Whether you’re young or old, the key to friendship is love and trust,” says the Johnsonville elder, who honed his social skills while working as a security officer at Wellington’s museums. “Having spent three and a half decades meeting people from all over the world, I’ve learnt that everyone’s different, but everyone has something to offer.” Recreation officer Liz Rivadelo says David’s approach to life resonates strongly with the elder-centred Enliven philosophy. “Like David, we believe that everyone has something to offer, no matter what their age or level of ability. “That’s why we’re so dedicated to making sure residents have as many opportunities to seek out companionship, fun, spontaneity and meaningful activity in their lives as possible,” she explains.

At Cashmere Home, residents are encouraged to take part in the home’s tailored recreation programme, which includes activities like crafts, themed parties, gentle exercise, music, cooking and gardening. They’re also empowered to keep connected to the people they love. “Residents can invite their families and friends over any time they want – after all, this is their home. We don’t do visiting hours here!” Liz says. David says spontaneous sight-seeing excursions organised by the home’s passionate staff and regular visits from his wife have helped ease the transition to rest-home living for him. “It’s a huge change, but at the end of the day, I’m a ‘people person’ and always will be!”  To find out more about Enliven’s Cashmere Home on Helston Rd, Johnsonville visit or call the friendly team on 04 477 7067. PBA

Independent Herald 17-01-18  

Independent Herald 17-01-18

Independent Herald 17-01-18  

Independent Herald 17-01-18