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Wednesday January 17, 2018

Former broadcaster receives New Year Honour

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Continued from page 1. Still, radio remains an important part of Lloyd’s life: “I listen to it every day. I love radio, it’s magic medium.” He says becoming a radio presenter was luck of the draw. “I could see I wasn’t going to be a doctor after a few terms at university.” Lloyd saw a different opportunity instead and went to an audition to become a radio presenter. “But I had nothing to offer and so, of course, I didn’t get the job.” It would be another seven years, including two years

working in the UK, before Lloyd gave it another try. With success – Lloyd got employment as an announcer and DJ for 2ZM, while he also leaped into the theatre world, took on jobs for TV voiceovers and sang in musical productions. “I was like a ball in a pinball machine jumping between acting and radio. I hardly ever said no to things.” Lloyd has since appeared in around 80 theatre productions over the years, including a range of musicals from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Little Shop

of Horrors and Gilbert and Sullivan Savoy Operas, to Sister Act. His most prominent television appearance was as Barry Crump’s sidekick Scotty in the iconic Toyota television commercials. “Every now and then I’d have to pinch myself. It could have been someone else in my place but instead there was little ol’ me in the middle of it.” Lloyd still drives a Toyota today. “I couldn’t allow myself to drive any other car.” For the past 13 years, Lloyd lived a four-days-on, fourdays-off cycle working as the

co-host for Radio New Zealand’s All Night Programme – a wonderful part of his life, as Lloyd describes it. “When I retired there was so much love from everyone. That’s when I realised it was the right job for me.” Lloyd says he received messages from people from all over the world who would listen to his “all-nighter” online. “I really left on a high note which was surprising and very fulfilling. “I was very fortunate with my career and I wouldn’t want to change anything.”

With the lovely scent of rotten flesh


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By Julia Czerwonatis

The Begonia House in the Botanic Garden carries a pe-


culiar smell since last Sunday after its stinking flower started blooming. “The Stapelia grandiflora,

commonly known as carrion flower or starfish, is pollinated by flies,” Ali Whitton, Wellington Gardens’visitor experi-

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Stapelia grandiflora is blooming at the Begonia House in the Botanic Garden. PHOTO: Julia Czerwonatis

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 The carrion flower is expected to bloom two to three days. With any luck, it’s still flowering today. Visit the Begonia House anytime between 9am-5pm. Entry free.

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ence team manager, explains. “That’s why it smells like rotten flesh.” The flowers emit an odour as a technique to attract flies in areas where other pollinating insects are scarce. The Stapelia Grandiflora, native to South Africa, is a cactus-like plant with fine hairs growing on its succulent leaves. In October last year, a similar plant nicknamed Stinky McStinkypants also bloomed with the aroma of rancid flesh in the Begonia House. “We don’t have a proper nickname for our Stapelia Grandiflora yet. It looks a bit like one of the monsters from Stranger Things, so perhaps that’ll be inspiring for a name,” Ali says.

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Independent Herald 17-01-18  

Independent Herald 17-01-18

Independent Herald 17-01-18  

Independent Herald 17-01-18