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Thursday December 21, 2017

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. We asked Brooklyn scouts: What are your hopes and aspirations for 2018?

Jamie Scott, 13, Brooklyn “I’d like to have a good time at college. I hope it will be a good year.”

Sam Newdick, 12, Brooklyn “I want New Zealand to be great again. I hope my last year at [intermediate] is good preparation for college.”

Seb Boyes, 14, Mt Cook “I hope we get cycle lanes that go the right way this time.”

Arthur Le Masurier, 12, Brooklyn “I hope to get good grades at college and keep doing well at sports and become a scout leader.”

Frankie Zelas, 15, Brooklyn “To do well at school and do skiing and tramping. I want to grow the Endeavour Venturer unit and get my Queen’s Scout Award.”

Daniel Ewers, 12, Brooklyn “I want to do well in school, get my Gold and Silver Awards go up in leadership and get into the 90s for shooting.”

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Comparing her to a Nazi is downright offensive Dear Editor, I was disappointed to see that in the Cook Strait News front page coverage of the Island Bay Residents Association’s (IBRA) cycleway protest there was no reference to the appalling action that followed. A sign from the protest with the words “Return of the Third Reich” – which indeed features in the photograph featured with your article – was placed at Fleur

Fitzsimon’s home. Fleur is standing for election to the Southern Ward by-election and many other media outlets covered the fact that the sign was left at her home, next to her own sign, for her to find that evening. The fact that IBRA allowed a sign to be carried on their protest comparing WCC to the regime that murdered and tortured 6 million Jewish people is disgusting and divisive.

But the placing of the sign near Fleur’s, thereby comparing her to a Nazi, is downright offensive. Your paper is well read in the Southern Ward, so it is my belief you should have reported this to duly inform the people of this ward what kind of people are involved with IBRA, prior to casting their vote. Fran Renton Berhampore

Fat cat Corps determined to force everyone into online banking Dear Editor, At the Newtown postshop / Kiwibank closure meeting on Monday last, there were no proper answers given on the social obligations - just placations by fat cat Corps determined to push through their non-community consultation agenda towards forcing everyone into online banking. Yates Freight, a private mail company, has already been collecting mail from the box outside Newtown postshop for several weeks now! Kiwibank mentioned a “new location”. If they move out to Kilbirnie then that will not work out for them as expected

and within a couple of years they will have to return back to Newtown because new research shows Newtown is the main designated hub for the capital city, not Kilbirnie. Before any failed move out to Kilbirnie begins, can I suggest Kiwibank seriously looks at leasing the new empty shop next to Halal butchers, just a few doors south from their current position and the postshop computer terminal could be relocated to the mall Books and Lotto store. [abridged] Martin Beck, Mornington

Service will not be the same at Kilbirnie Dear Editor, I attended a full-house meeting at the Community Centre on Monday evening and am very angry like others over the closure. I am a Kiwibank Foundation member and many of us little people fought to get a Kiwibank started that was “by the people for the people” which was established by Jim Anderton under a Labour Govt. Clearly the high-paid representations had not engaged nor consulted, nor understand the Southern Ward and Newtown community at all. I voted along with all others that the resolution be:

a) the bank and postal services stay in Newtown b) that discussion be had with the four residents associations and the business association immediately and c) no closure be taken until the Kiwibank/Postal services gain comprehensive understanding of this very busy multicultural area. The staff at Kiwibank in Newtown are wonderful with all people who have disabilities, who are multicultural, elderly or mental health issues. That service will not be the same at Kilbirnie. Matthew Cho Newtown

Cook Strait News 21-12-17  

Cook Strait News 21-12-17

Cook Strait News 21-12-17  

Cook Strait News 21-12-17