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Wednesday December 20, 2017



Watch out for zinc deficiencies through summer As Christmas festivities ramp up, so too do outdoor activities like swimming, surfing, hiking and biking. All this summer fun can burn up your zinc stores. Let Maria and the team at Health 2000 in Johnsonville Mall advise you on the best course of action to keep you active and enjoying 2018! Zinc is an essential trace element present in every tissue, organ and fluid in your body, with 90 percent found in your skeletal muscle and bones. Indications that you may be deficient in zinc include: • Skin disorders like acne • Waking up with a dry mouth • Poor wound healing • Raised blood sugar levels

The Co.Discover community is a space for us to share our ideas about what we are noticing in our communities. It’s a chance for us to look at ways to generate and fuel ideas that will shape our health and reach the hearts and minds of our people. We need you to be a part of the solution, to co-create and co-discover, so that together we can meet the needs of

• Poor night vision • Poor immune function • Adrenal fatigue • Low thyroid function • Poor mental focus • Dull and thinning hair • Brittle and flaky nails • White spots on your nails.


THINK ABOUT ZINC! Zinc plays an important role in a number of basic functions including: • Energy production in your cells • DNA and protein synthesis • Hormone level maintenance • Regulation of appetite • Taste, smell and hearing • Your response to stress • Maintaining healthy skin and bones




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Health group to engage directly with public all New Zealanders and that means creating and improving services with the people, not for the people. Co.Discover is an intiative of the National Telehealth Service whose lines include Healthline, Gambling, depression, Quitline, Alcohol and Drug, the low down, poisons, immunisation, ambulance secondary triage, 1737, recovring, the elder

Celebrating Christmas with dementia in the family This Christmas, if you’re celebrating with a family member with dementia, the advice from Alzheimers Wellington is to try not to focus on how things used to be, but instead think about how to make this Christmas fun. Try to keep family traditions going unless that particular tradition is stressing you out. Slow things down and create a quiet and peaceful place to celebrate. Keep presents simple and involve the person with dementia in the festive preparations like putting up decorations and choosing gifts, and try to talk about what’s going on. It’s also important to maintain routines. There’s a lot of socialising at this time of year, so try to make sure the person with dementia keeps to their regular routines for meals and sleeping.

CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR MEMORY? If you or someone you know needs help to live well with dementia, please visit Right now, Alzheimers Wellington is supporting thousands of Wellingtonians to live well with dementia. Your kind gift will continue to make a difference, so Please Donate Today!


Zinc is highly concentrated in your bones, pancreas, kidneys, liver and retina.

Keep your mind active over the holidays with puzzles and brain teasers! • Puzzles and prompts • Music • Sensory gifts • Clothing



Just up from Just Cuts, Johnsonville Mall PH: 461 6047


0800 004 001 LINGT


abuse line and more. The aim of The National Telehealth Service is to strive to bring the best experience to all New Zealanders to stay well and connect them seamlessly with the care when they need it. We’d love for you to join our conversation and pitch-in to take part in some of our challenges which is happening on Facebook.

Keeping an open


An easy job interview – and flying So I was going to write this blog about New Year’s Resolutions but then I realised that people haven’t started either keeping to or breaking them yet. Watch this space in January if you are having trouble with the usual suspects! I thought I would instead talk about some of the less obvious uses for hypnotism that can be complete life changers. The first one is that University has just wrapped up for the year flooding the job market with newly qualified graduates. Many of these jobseekers know all the theory but have difficulty keeping their interview on course, sweaty hands, dry mouth, eyes darting around the room and stumbling over their words. This of course is the fight or flight response kicking in during a high stress situation. If the applicant was instead armed with the calm and confidence of the hypnotist’s help it can become easy to say what you mean and present easy

friendliness to the interviewers. Wouldn’t that potentially be a life changer? Anger, that irrational hot rage that sometimes bubbles up, especially during expensive holidays. It can destroy relationships, sometimes it can take lives and sometimes with an hour long session with someone like me a person can come out with all the tools they need to take back the control they so desperately want and be the calm, cool and collected person they would like to be. Also, it’s the holidays. If the reason you aren’t travelling is a fear of flying you should definitely give me a call because life is too short! If you celebrate Christmas please have a great one. See you next year!

Contact me for a no-obligation assessment 8a Penlington Place, Karori Ph. 021 203 3374

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